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  1. The only disadvantage would be if it's scripted so that if you are downed from anything e.g. falling off of a building or getting shot, and you could just /getup from those. But there's definitely a workaround so +1 from me.
  2. shit bro i mean like cool and all but like i didnt fucking ask


  3. Since immigration, the races of America fought one another on the basis of skin colour and culture. Many have lost their lives over ragging, going to a different school, or hanging around another crowd. Whether you were of the same blood or just friends, it could be anyone to put a knife in your back. The most important thing on these people’s minds is how to make it out and survive. These are the troubles of Rancho and it’s residents, both young and old. South Side Rancho 13 (also South Side Trece or Rancho X3) is a predominantly Hispanic-American street gang which formed itself i
  4. whippit


    yo just checking in hows owl going its been a long time since MTA
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