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  1. Congrats and good luck to the new ones!
  2. I'm for an application process without a doubt. But I do not believe it's the right move to make as of now. As Chaos stated it's currently disabled to encourage anyone to play without a barrier to entry. which I think is wise for now, the player base should be bigger and more active to do this.
  3. Ha! I understand your point of view, unfortunately, you and I aren't on the same page. I appreciated the feedback you've been giving. let's leave this open for discussion for others.
  4. I'm not quite sure you have read my suggestion right. I haven't mentioned anything about receiving a gun after just one successful delivery, I've only mentioned gun-parts. Let's take a Glock 17 for an example this gun consist of 37 parts to assemble divided into 5 main groups, the barrel, slide, frame, magazine, and recoil-spring assembly. If a player successfully delivers an illegal shipment to the designated location the player can be rewarded with one part within one of the 5 main groups. if the player has all five groups complete the player can then assembly the gun. The payout for gun parts can be randomized in order to keep it interesting. Also, this will create a whole other level of roleplay when I'm thinking about it.
  5. I strongly believe this will only Improve the roleplay in general meaning. Having this as an extra job will give factions, such as LSPD an extra thing to do on a daily basis, performing car stops and searching the inventory of the vehicle for possible illegal goods, checking licenses, etc. You can also perhaps in the future of the script make it so that illegal shipments can only be dropped of at points controlled by a mafia faction, giving them materials after a successful delivery in order to assemble guns. You also mentioned "griding for cash" I'm not saying payouts need to be extreme, all I said was that it should be worth your while. I believe there are options without breaking the economy, and still make it profitable. If a player wants to develop his character in a legal way, it isn't smart to do these kinds of deliveries. If they get caught by the PD then they would have a record. Hench, there are people doing legal work in real life doing not so legal things as a side hustle. You should elaborate more on this. not sure how one single FT event can generate more roleplay on a daily basis. Not the kind of input I expected. Also not sure how this will affect the soul purpose of the server.
  6. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Illegal trucker What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- Since we already have a postal job I toughed it would be fun to add a little excitement to it. I'm suggesting an Illegal trucking job (delivery job) The Illegal trucker job allows you to transport different illegal cargo around the map to earn money. You buy cargo from a TBD location and at the end of the route, the person driving the truck will receive a payout in either Cash, Gun parts, Drugs. depending on what shipment the player has chosen. Once you get in the truck you will be prompted with a message which allows you to chose what kind of shipment you want to do. ex. Gun run or a drug run. You then start driving to a designated location (which can be random at all times to prevent cops from staking out one location) where you pick-up your illegal goods. You then start delivering the chosen goods to a random location at the end of the route you will be rewarded in Cash & Materials let's say gun parts (to assembly a gun when you have the required parts) or in drugs, depending on the chosen run. What are the advantages?- This will create more roleplay with delivery trucks and cops. Since one can be a legal delivery and the other one might contain some illegal goods. It also adds more excitement while doing a delivery run. It can create more faction roleplay. What are the disadvantages?- When the locations are publicly known, it can be used for OOC purposes. Ex hijackers, cops, etc. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- I do not. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Hoping that the development has a few tricks up their sleeves.
  7. Taking care of the bike is a must!
  8. This is Awsome! by any chance is that Vel The Wonder on the second picture? if not it sure does remind me of her!
  9. The updates are dope! keep them coming :)
  10. “Heroes are remembered. Legends never die. I ain’t dyin’ any time soon.” – After the retirement of the Los Santos Vagos old council, all members decided to go their own way, with some choosing to enjoy their retirements by spending their illegally gained money on luxury islands drinking by the beach to celebrate their fortune, and the rest going back to Mexico to reunite with old friends and family. A couple of years later, two brothers of the old council heard rumours that their family was struggling with recent uprisings which the new council had chosen to ignore, instead, they focused their minds on continuing the drug trade and not bothering to protect those under them. Deciding to check out for themselves how bad things were, the Hood brothers decided to visit Los Santos to see their comrades with the intention of joining them once more and get back into the game. Yet upon arriving discovered there was nothing left of the brotherhood they were once apart of, old members were found to be serving life sentences behind bars, whilst others the brothers found had been killed off one by one by previous enemies. Lost and more importantly angry, Juan and Daniel went to drink their sorrows away in a small dingy bar in Los Santos, working out their next steps to try bring back the old days of the Los Santos Vagos and seek retribution for those members that were lost. However, times had changed and after several attempts to bring their Familia back, Daniel and Juan found themselves hitting the wall. What was left of their home was taken over by several black gangs who were continuously growing their numbers, choosing to use violence on those who didn't belong in the 'hood' as well as bringing a lot of heat from the Police Department seeking to stamp out any threat to the community. After attending a Car meet, the brothers came across the Vikings MC who reminded them what brotherhood was truly like. As events transpired, landing not only the brothers but also members of the MC in hospital after an altercation involving another gang, the brothers decided that it was time for them to go down a different path in order to not only survive but also to go back to being apart of something bigger. Respect means everything to the Hood brothers, and they decided to discuss with Rico the Vikings President on the idea of them joining the club as well as seeking advice on how to get past their current troubles.
  11. A cada cerdo le llega su San Martín. (What goes around comes around.)
  12. JustJeff


    Welcome back I guess! I haven't been part of the MTA since I played on SAMP, but I can tell you the GTAV server fairly active with some cool features in it. definitely worth checking out!
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