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  1. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Hair Tie What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- Ability to /hairtie ponytail 0-3,longponytail 0-3,hairbun 0-3,braids 0-3 on a female or male character when you not all of the time is necessary to always go at the barbershop and have to constantly pay for a new haircut, all the time What are the advantages?- Being able to have your hair tied in a ponytail and or hair buns whenever the time and place. What are the disadvantages?- None of which I can see there is. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Not really, no How would you go about implementing this idea?- I'm no scripter but I just wanted to have it suggested and make things easier for future use
  2. My Life... wasn't an ordinary one, far from it even, considering I was born in a crime family, but not that much that delved into much of the Yakuza Inner circle My dad Kiro Shigimoto, actually had quarrels with the Yakuza, eliminated a the Inagawa-Kai leader, took control for himself during the 80s in Japan, he reinstated it as the Shigimoto Clan in the name of our clan and family name, I had brothers,sisters, we all helped one another even the people in Osaka those who couldn't fend for themselves, illegal Vigilantianism or just outright anti-law prospects, tradition was important for the greater good, we all helped and did our best to make the community feel comforted and not in fear, drugs and narcotic selling wasn't my dad's ideal goal but income had to come from somewhere but not in large quantities, Mostly Weed and Coke on the Market, I was a street racer, almost had some money won here and there in first place, sometimes I even beat my siblings and my old man, I miss them every day..I miss the clan, I miss having to live in peace together with my family, 6 years of my life from no, I wish i could just go back and kill those responsible for my Family's Murder and the District we all lived in, wrath or not it'd be justice not only for me but for everyone that suffered in a particual district of Osaka during the massacre 6 years ago,all over the asian news networks.. I could have saved more people back then.. I was weak.. breaking, I guess that's what dad felt he lost her to me and Aito after we were born, just like Padme from Revenge of the Sith or in more normal terms Maternal Death, I don't know what god or force has in store in me but i hope it's for the best, and i hope it never sways me away from my code of honor, it's all i have and my new family in Los Santos,I'd do anything for them, even if it means my life on the line, I just want to make it worth the sacrifice if the time ever comes to it, I'm thankful of my new life, i just hope it doesn't come to killing someone like I've done when it came to it in my last hours of my clan's death or to have seen dad and his loyalists from the clan do a hundred times, only that this time that i might hold the gun and take someone's life away, but if it's for my closest of friends and new family, I'd do it, im am free for those in need,like my dad and the rest thought me, I'll be ready for whatever pops out. Here I am in Los Santos for about half a Year at least, Negatives and Positives come and go, won't be leaving soon.
  3. The Inagawa-Kai (稲川会) The Inagawa-kai was founded in Atami Shizouka in 1949 as the Inagawa-gumi (稲川組) by Kakuji Inagawa. Most of its members were drawn from the bakuto (traditional gamblers), and Illegal Gambling has long been the clan's main source of income. It has also expanded into such fields as drug trafficking, Blackmaill, Extortion, and Prostitution. The Inagawa-gumi was renamed the Inagawa-kai in 1972. After Kakuji Inagawa, the gang was led by Susumi Ishii, who led it to unprecedented financial prosperity during the 1980s Japanese Bubble Economy. At one point the clan's assets were estimated to be over $1.5 billion. After Ishii's death in 1990, Inagawa's son Toi Inagawa took over as Kumicho and led the clan until his death in May 2005. Yoshio Tsunoda took up the mantle in 2006, heading the clan until his death in February 2010. Kazuo Uchibori may be next in line to lead the clan, but his status as a Kyodaibun (blood brother) to Takeuchi Teruaki, a senior member of the Yamaguchi-Gumi, may complicate things. February 2009 saw the Inagawa-kai 'Honbu' (Head Office) relocate from the Roppongi district of Tokyo to Akasaka. There is currently strong resistance from the local political groups and residents of Akasaka meaning that the location of the new Honbu may change yet again. The Inagawa-kai quietly helped to provide relief in the wake of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake by sending supplies to affected areas. As a whole, the group shipped over 100 tons of supplies, including Instant Ramen, bean sprouts, paper diapers, batteries, flashlights, tea and drinking water, to the Tohoku region 2014 Was The Last year of The Inagawa-Kai Clan in Japan, After the Korean Khangpae had Intervened between them and the Chinese Triads at an arms deal, Having both Triads and Inagawa-kai members irradicated in Osaka, only Asian News Stations would have broadcasted the aftermath of the Osaka massacare, The only Surviving Member of them being Honoka Shigimoto, Daugthter of The Former and now deceased Oyabun of The Inagawa-Kai Clan Kiro Shigimoto along with 50 members of his family Leading And Founding Member (Oyabun) of it in Los Santos Honoka Shigimoto
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