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      May be sooner than one may think..on and off but still!

  3. I'm on my phone so excuse the misspelling of some things. As for the competition there is no denying World has more players but in my mind, having many players doesn't mean a better server. I've played World for a long time since 2017/2018 and met and made some of the greatest friends I've had online but we eventually quit due to the overwhelming toxicity and staff bias on that server and I can give an example of this from just one player but there is much more toxicity out there on the server, the one friend I met on world's wife being called a Paedophile because she's a couple years older than her husband(not underage). The toxicity has been there for a long time and no number of players is going to stop that. I'll admit they do have fleshed out scripts and what not but Owl will and are getting there slowly which is nice to see. I wouldn't say it isn't taking off and I know 17-20 players doesn't seem a lot but let me put it this way, despite my dislike for World, back when I started there was only a max of 20-40 players, so it took them some time to start building a player base themselves and honestly if Owl does it right with the scripts and the way things are run then I think the server can gain more than what we see currently. Starting fresh on this server isn't exactly difficult at least to me, since you get a FREE property that's around 50K I believe? and a vehicle token, so you basically kind of get setup in terms of owning a property and having a vehicle to get around in and maybe drive to an event to meet other role-players. The staff shouldn't call it quits just because the player numbers are not what they'd maybe hope for them to be, player numbers are growing albeit slowly but it shows that there is some interest there and as i said before, if the staff continue to listen to the community and push out some good updates then you never know what could happen.
  4. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Faction Bank What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Faction What is the suggestion?- A proper faction bank for storing money in and withdrawing, as someone running an MC faction despite just being me as of now, realistically MC members pay something called dues which go towards the running of the club for things like guns,drugs ect. Since there is no where to currently store the money, realistically the president or VP wouldn't hold onto that money due to it being a lot, my suggestion is to add maybe add commands such as: /fdeposit (enter amount) and /fwithdraw (enter amount) as well as /fbalance also to help keep track of funds. What are the advantages?- Once place for factions to store money without all the messing around and getting the faction money mixed in with said persons personal cash stack. I don't know if maybe allowing certain members have access to the command/bank would also be a good idea. What are the disadvantages?- None, this would mean factions would have to keep note of how much is going in/out of the faction bank hence it makes use of the treasurer who looks after all funds and would be looking after the fbank funds. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- I do not but as said above simple commands like that could do the job. If anything a UCP for it could be useful also. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Idk since i am not a scripter lol.
  5. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Property Furnishing What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Properties What is the suggestion?- A rework on the furnishing system where the player maybe has the option to choose the interior for an extra 1k or something but it must match the property dimensions ect OR give the player a blank canvas(just walls and roof) and let them furnish it how they want. I also think the current way of removing props from the property may need a rework due to not always working 100% of time and is a little janky. What are the advantages?- This allows players to have the freedom of choice whether they want a property with all the furnishing there for them or let them spend the time to map it how they would like it. If furnished themselves it would give the player a chance to put their own stamp on the property. What are the disadvantages?- If given the option to pay a little more to pick an interior, there is a chance a player will choose the best looking one like a mansion when the property might only be a flat or something that doesn't really fit and might not fit their back story. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- I'm not saying to copy Gta.worlds system but maybe do something a long those lines with an Owl spin on it. How would you go about implementing this idea?- I'm not a scripter so i wouldn't know tbh.
  6. I'm okay with that, It's good to know later down the line if and when the player base grows larger that it will be added.
  7. Exactly. The application would help weed out the people who are not fit for the server or as you said can communicate in basic English. Too many times have i seen applications go through however, where said person was unfit for the server but that happens. I would prefer knowing there is something in place to try and weed those trolls ect out from playing on the server than allowing them in just to cause trouble and ruin everything for others.
  8. I know this has probably been suggested quite a few times and I had to post it here as i couldn't find the suggestions section on the forums weirdly. I believe applications should be a thing on this server for role-play quality control, for example the other day a guy escalated a "fight" when there was no need to i won't go into too much detail but, things like that will keep happening as long as people are able to just register. I personally think even a short application process asking the usual questions would help keep the server to the standard needed. This isn't a rant it's just my thoughts, because as long as people are able to register and just join the server players that are probably not fit to be here or are just here to troll and cause trouble will lower the quality in my opinion. Thanks
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