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  1. *Removed due to issues*
  2. Unwanted memories:
  3. The Brotherhood Twisted Knights Motorcycle club are a brotherhood who love the open road, the roar of the bikes but they're not exclusively devoted to that. It goes deeper than that, Its a brotherhood who live and die for the patch as well as watch each others backs when needed. Influenced by rock and heavy metal and an IDGAF attitude, the two men set out to make the dream become a reality and to keep the core values of BROTHERHOOD and FREEDOM. The Story So Far In the early days Stephen and Dante were brothers under a club named Sinful Kings until the patch over that is.
  4. The cash box idea does sound decent, maybe you can delegate who has access to it? so like treasurer in an MC case as he keeps track of ALL funds in and out.
  5. Yeah i recently found out about that after taking a quick glance through the commands list so all good on that front, that suggestion can be ruled out. There is another one i was curious about though, a bank for treasurers in an MC to access or maybe a cash box that they use to store club funds. I just think personally that a treasurer would never keep the club funds in his own account due to possible withdrawals for say drugs or guns which then makes say the police department suspicious, wouldn't they want to keep the money away where they could withdraw and take it out freely without worry a
  7. Making friends and setting up: NEW LIFE:
  8. I did actually see the road map and i can see there are some pretty good updates on the way honestly. I dunno if it would be okay but maybe instead of making different topics for each suggestion, maybe i could just post replies here with my suggestions that way they're easier to find by just looking for my thread and scrolling through it? :).
  9. Name: Stephen Hodgetts D.O.B: 12/01/1988 Weight: 175LBS Height: 6'2 Build: Muscular Back story: Stephen Hodgetts was born on the date of January 12th 1988 in Vice City Ocean View hospital. His parents were hard working folk, father always pulling late shifts at the factory whilst his mother was mostly a stay at home mom. At an early age he became obsessed with motorcycles, even one that passed on the street he would admire the beauty and loved the roar of the engine when it would get fired up by local riders. He went to school like any other kid even thou
  10. I have never played MTA honestly sorry, I had no idea about that system but it's nice to hear that things are in the pipeline. I honestly have a ton that i can think of which are from a server i've played that I will not mention the name as that will look like advertising, Fitting what you'd like to suggest when you have so many is hard without spamming haha. I'd also like to add to the suggestions above of, a character application. I know it sounds silly but if players can just create an account then verify and log into game, it allows people to just join and just be complete idio
  11. Hi, My suggestion is to add the /examine command which allows players to add a more detailed description of their character for example something like: Stephen would be roughly in his early thirties and stands at 6'1, his hair would be strawberry blonde and has deep blue eyes. If wearing a kutte the following would be displayed: Back: [BLACK WIDOW MC] [PALETO BAY] Front: [PRESIDENT] Side: [Whatever would be here] So when setting up a description something like this could be used to make it easier: https://imgur.com/P3edAYA Then when you /exami
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