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  1. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Mechanic Job What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Vehicles What is the suggestion?- To create a mechanic job. While mods would all still be purchased at the shop in Burton, it would take a person with a mechanic job active to install them. Have the script pay out some sort of labor charge to the mechanic and allow the skill to level like the others. What are the advantages?- Increase the RP in and around garages, allowing shop owners and mechanics they employ to gain income whilst RPing
  2. I was wondering if anyone else had any thoughts about a fake twitter or something set up for IC interactions. I've played other games that had fictional social accounts on other platforms. Some use facebook clones, others twitter-type networks via Mastadon. One used actual Twitter but I didn't think that worked very well. Anyone think there would be any interest or feel like there are too many drawbacks?
  3. Mirror Park Automotive - Full auto service, specializing in tires and brakes. We proudly serve Mirror Park and the Greater Los Santos area. Zip: 1313 Phone Number: 1592870292
  4. ashamar


    We have rock, and pool. But that's not all! Play pool, darts, or even a game of checkers while you enjoy the signature comfort food and craft beer, all a rock's throw from Vespucci Beach. Feed your need.
  5. Stargaze Lounge and Nightclub is open on Vinewood Blvd. (Zip 1933) One of the very best places to see and be seen in Los Santos. Whether it's specialty cocktails at the main bar, the thumping rhythms on the dance floor, or the understated luxury of our upstairs VIP area, Stargaze delivers. Come visit us for our special events like Metal Monday, Beat the Clock Shot Nights, or exclusive sets from your host DJ Asha.
  6. So angry! I work too much to ever grow my nails out. As for the spelling, Sera is short for Serafina, so my spelling is correct. I'm guessing you thought my name was Sarah, a name that's surely more common in whatever flyover state you hail from. I'm not really interested in a fistfight, so could we possibly just agree to disagree, and you just pick a truck and I will avoid that truck?
  7. Give it your best if you wanna catch these hands, boomer.
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