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  1. Updated products, only want to make sales to real players atm and not the sock vendor, so it is highly encouraged to buy some weed!
  2. hol up i gotta investigate, that drug dealer is gone
  3. Grapeseed Growing Best and only weed-growing business in Blaine county Who are we? We are a recently created small business operating in Grapeseed and Blaine County with buyers in Los Santos. Our goal is to grow marijuana and sell them at cheap prices, as well as cooking meth, cocaine, and combining drugs for the ultimate experience. What do we have? Currently at 10 Marijuana plantations and growing, we have gardening equipment, mixers, ovens, a custom van, and soon a tractor. A crack-head's heaven! How can I buy? We will begin
  4. @Qainer can confirm alongside others
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