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  1. Congratulations and thank you for allowing me onto the Admin Team!
  2. I certainly do agree as anything more than two factions just doesn't make sense. However, having a faction for business + job / gang makes sense , but when people are literally going into 4-5+ factions just doesn't make sense. That's always been why I hated faction + faction threads cause its ooc metagame character rosters but I won't get into that on here.
  3. Much love appreciate the feedback!
  4. Thank you and giving up on my family is not in my vision. However, I appreciate you offering some help and insight
  5. Mathers Familia The Mathers Familia was formed by Jayden Mathers in 1973 in the heart of Manhattan, New York. Where he lead the family for many years up until he was executed by his own grandson Brendan Mathers. The reason why Jayden was executed was the fact that he raped a woman as a form of payment. Brendan Mathers did not agree with this and thought that rape was highly against the rules of the family and that you should not only never rape a woman, but you should never rape a man either. And so when Brendan was eighteen years old he brought it up to the other Made Men of the M
  6. Thank you all for the warm welcoming
  7. Thank you, @JohnM I do my best. If you ever wanna role play and I run across an IC advertisement Ill hang out some time! You seem like a nice guy yourself!
  8. Of course I agree with you cant wait and I will stop by some time!
  9. Very nice to see something like this and I hope Montgomery Motorsports has some success ahead! Cant wait to hopefully attend one of the events myself!
  10. Light Role Play Little to no realism , very light with scripting, very light with needed actions to role play what you are doing and to me more sided towards a death match or stunt server. Medium Role Play Little Amounts of Role Play , typically what most servers are now due to the mass amounts of death matching and lack of knowledge on role play that people have out there and people don't take these servers that seriously and if they do they are for gang / cop death match and power hungry people. Heavy Role Play What Owl Gaming strives to be. Realis
  11. Okay, a few thoughts of mine although I haven't been playing long enough I still had a few thoughts. The main concern of mine is the staffing and sometimes I will be playing late hours where there wont be a staff member around who may of been able to help a new player with a issue in game or if someone is breaking a rule. Other than that I must say that I really love the inventory scripting; however, I noticed a small issue with the phone. This issue is sometimes the phone bugs and you can't put the phone away by pressing the up arrow you have to use your mouse and on the right side of the pho
  12. @Chaos @Daniels @Vubstersmurf Honestly, I have spoke to all of them not to much ; well, vubster a little more than the rest and over all I would like to just say I appreciate everything that all three of these admins do. Especially, Daniels who works hard with the scripting and updating of the server to make it the best it possibly can Regards, Brendan Mathers.
  13. Haha Goldshire damn that was the first place I have ever experience weird sexual role play.
  14. Greetings my name is Brendan Mathers. I've been role playing for gosh I'm embarrassed to admit but over 12-14 years starting on World of Warcraft Role Play then going into SAMP RP. I am 22 years old from United States of America and I am someone who would love to get to know people around this community and get into role play with them. Hopefully I can meet people who never role played that I can teach how to role play. Meet people who some what know how to role play and advance their skills and people who know how to roleplay even better than I do and have a wonderful time. I just wanted to s
  15. Thanks for this update; glad to see all the progress and hard work that you put into making Owl Gaming amazing for all of us!
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