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  1. Dear Mr Davit Simonian (( @Incredible )) We would like to inform you that we have received your Flight School application and processed it already, due to this, your application is now DENIED, these are the reasons that we denied your application for. Criminal background check Regards, Deputy Director
  2. Airport name Cayo Perico Airstrip Area Cayo Perico Services offered Fuel 100LL, JETA1 Monthly parking Aircraft maintenance Cargo Flight school Operations permitted Day/night VFR Commercial aircraft (no heavy) unless short field landing capabilities Communications 122.800 MHz
  3. Could I pretty pretty please get a subforum with the name Scheduled flights https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/2065-airport-services/
  4. Dear Mr. Simonian (( @Incredible )), If you are receiving this e-mail, it means you have been accepted and paid for your Flight School program at Los Santos International Airport! Congratulations and welcome aboard! For the theory part of training, make sure you read the chapters that belong to your license(s) in the handbook HERE. After lecturing the manual, respond to this email and inform us about your availability in order to schedule the first hands on training session. The following sessions will be discussed and agreed upon with the assigned instructor.
  5. Dear Mr. Simonian (( @Incredible )) We would like to inform you that we have received your flight school application and processed it already, due to this: Please pay the sum of your invoice below to County Air Administration. Inform us when the amount is paid. Once this is done, please wait for an instructor to send you an e-mail (( forum PM )). * Please send proof of payment. * PPL-H $10,000 IFR - $5000 Total: $15,000 Tony Carlton Deputy Director,
  6. Rat


    Los Santos Skydiving We are a Los Santos Skydiving affiliated centre. This means we operate our centre to the highest standards in safety. It is a well-known fact that to become a parachuting instructor under the American Skydiving, you have to pass the hardest instructional system in the world. After arranging your the time and date you will meet one of our friendly skydiving instructors at Los Santos International Airport for a briefing before we take to the skies in a Maibatsu Frogger helicopter. After lift off we will climb to an altitude of 4000ft / 6000ft then head up North towards
  7. Following a signal from No. 22 Group USAF, the first Air Force personnel arrived at Sandy Shores Airfield on 28 June 1940. The airfield at the time was mainly used for training in the P-40 Warhawk and the P-51 Mustang, due to Sandy Shores rugged runway it was a perfect location to mimic airfields within the Northern Africa region where the pilots of the 364th SA was going to be deployed to help the British RAF in what is now known today as Operation Torch. A fatal accident occurred on 6 September 1941 when a P-40 flown by Pilot Officer Bob Edmonds collided on landing with an army lorry. The P4
  8. Maintenance Log Engineer: Tony Carlton Assisted by: Tony Carlton Date and Time: 02/08/2020 - 03/08/2020 Type of Operation: One time in depth check Task Details: Fuel filter changed, Oil and filter changed, Full in depth examination of the exterior rivets (All rivets countersunk to 100°) Rotor blade sleeve's inspected, realigned GPS for a more accurate reading, Engine start up and shutdown readings on the RPM gauge were in the green arch, Full inspection of the engine. Equipment used: Adjustable spanner, Aeroshel
  9. Dear MR Freddie Lee (( @Qainer )), We have decided to ACCEPT your request of one time maintenance check for aircraft identified by tail number FLEE-01 and unique vehicle identification number 4336. The following sum is to be sent to County Air Administration and a proof of payment should be provided. $1125 (Employee discount applied) Please contact us via email and speak with a member of the Aircraft Engineering Team in order to schedule the maintenance process. Please bring your ID and the paperwork of the upper mentioned aircraft. Ki
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