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  1. The game is still in Closed Beta (everyone can join for free). Pros : Crafting, PvP and city building are fun, performances improved, passive training got replaced by item-based progression Cons : Still needs some optimization in large-scale battles, gruesome elements (necromancy, decapathons, frankenstein-like mechanics)
  2. Have you guys heard about Crowfall? It's an upcoming MMORPG that is all about strategy, survival and conquest. Players join a campaign and gather resources from monsters and the environment, then they craft weapons and equipment to defeat other players, and build trebuchets and catapults to siege enemies' forts. Victors bring back spoil of war to their Eternal Kingdom (a world managed and ruled by the players) and prepare for the next campaign.
  3. Script I can't stop watching the gif in your signature
  4. Not watching anything right now but last TV series I've watched was Léo, a french Canadian TV series.
  5. Pierce Brosnan was the best of all imo. I watched the video til 3:30
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