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  1. Dear Mr Bankfield, We'd like to thank you for applying for the Security Officer Position. After conducting your interview, we have come to the decision to ACCEPT you as an Security Officer I. On behalf of Sabre Ltd, we would like to welcome you into our company. Do not hesitate to contact your superior Walter Williams if you have any further questions. In addition, make sure to fill out and sign your employee record under the Global Access section of our website. Please do this within 48 hours of being hired or you could risk being suspended and / or fired.Sincerely, Security Manager Walter Williams, On behalf of Sabre Ltd.
  2. Dear Mr Bankfield, Thank you for applying for the position of Security Officer. We are hereby informing you that we have reviewed your application and are excited to invite you for an INTERVIEW! You may contact us through an e-mail to schedule your interview. You have forty-eight (48) hours to have the interview conducted or your application will be declined. Hopefully we will meet soon! Sincerely, Security Manager Walter Williams, On behalf of Sabre Ltd.
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