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  1. Just tried to jump back in game and start getting active again now there's more than 0 players online in an evening (Congrats on that improvement by the way) and it likely won't be popular but it's valid feedback. The experience of a returning player is very poor and I'm afraid it's demotivated me and I've decided to move onto other things. Which isn't a bash this is just feedback you might wanna evaluate for future players. So obviously I've lost everything apparently the rule has been in place for quite some time 14 days is your inactivity rule, how ever long it's been like that I was in hospital longer than 14 days so again as a returning player that's something that demotivates you. My issue isn't I was in hospital, it's that 14 days is nothing I could easily be in hospital for that length of time again or maybe even a holiday. But it wasn't the straw that broke my camels back. I was told I should've paid for credits and could've then protected my assets with those credits, this is kinda what did it for me. So there are things to buy with in game cash although it's limited really, from my perspective all the cool things and the only things I want and now NEED with the ability to protect your assets with real world money are all credit items and if you continue to add to that donator experience without adding anything cool to the "base game" you can buy with in game cash then I think it's really gonna hurt you in the long run. You need money or whatever but if a balance isn't found you'll lose much more than you'll gain. I am giving feedback, although my experience has led me to other things I do still genuinely want the server to do well, some of the scripts you have are very unique and cool. My suggestion would be you start adding to the "base experience" it's an easy example to use so I'll use pets. Look at other games in the pet example usually you'd have maybe one pet or pet appearance you can buy with in game cash and then they'd have "skins" or variations on their store you can buy so the cool thing is still in the game but other variations are on their store, it's a balance. With protecting you assets with credits or however that works maybe you can protect one asset without paying real life money and then additional "protections" would cost credits. In many games they offer a couple of character slots and then you buy additional character slots you may want in their "store" with real currency. That should get my point across a balance, because from my experience whether it's popular or not all the things I now want are obtained with credits and that doesn't make me want to give you my money, that makes me want to not play at all. My feedbacks are always long as hell but to finish it off I'll use Archeage as an example. I paid over 100 pound to get into the alpha back in the dayz so for a game I feel is worthy of my money I'll throw money at it. But upon launch they made many chances (it shouldn't of been a surprise to anyone) making it pay to win (All the stuff you are made to feel like you need was on the store) so instead of paying for that "cool" stuff many people just stopped playing. I really hope you take and read over this feedback for what it is and don't get too defensive about it, if I feel like I did (And explained) in the starting chapter then there will be other people who also think as I do. As I've tried to explain in the Archeage example. Also I think you should consider new features that make returning players feel less gimped, I actually do agree with the inactivity rule just not how you implement it. If you look at LSRP with their rule they have a balance don't they. Lose your property but your car. Not saying do it how they do it but you should think about finding a balance with all the features I've mentioned above. Good luck and sorry for the books but I really want you to eventually get this server thriving.
  2. If you were to ask me personally what I would want to be more active. It's simple I want access to pets, a dog without having to bypass a real paywall. Now keep in mind I've said this is a personal thing I do understand why it's a donator perk and it is very lovely that here once you buy it, you keep it rather than having to pay a subscription. However.... I can also morph this personal desire into a fantastic idea that would benefit the server. Now it was said to me you can obtain credits by obtaining achievements however I'm no so sure you can get enough credits via this method. I have also observed you are starting to do staff run events (aswell as promoting player run events) which is great! Although I saw in this fishing event the prize was $20,000. Now assuming this is a staff run event like I hear you're doing now.... This prize is rubbish with all due respect. With the current state of the server and at least when I was active most of what I'd do is farm script jobs and money while I wait for people to log in so I can try to find RP. So this money is useless to me and isn't a motivation to log in (The RP of the event however is a motivation I will admit) and I may be wrong but it's likely useless to anyone who's not a new player or even new players. I think you can afford to create more enticing prizes to encourage people to log in. So one idea would be offering prizes for events that are normally donator perks or hard to obtain. Another idea are competitions that may achieve credits although I'm not sure to what extent the server would be comfortable doing OOC competitions (Example share a screenshot of your RP, best one gets the prize) The reason I bring up OOC competitions on top of IC ones is because credits as a reward is an OOC thing. However as mentioned above a pet could be an IC reward easily (I don't know what other donator perks you offer) And finally my master feedback / suggestion. Events are great! However we're thinking about encouraging people to be more active in general right? Over the long haul not just one hour of one specific day. And many people might not be able to attend that event even if they wanted to. So week long competitions might be something you'd want to consider, off the top of my head just a random idea and example but to give you an idea would be: You are allowed to submit one photograph a day, 3 entries will be awarded points per day (Or may per two days and you don't HAVE to submit every day keep in mind) at the end of the week the people with the most points win the competition and win prizes that people actually want and will actually be motivated to log in for..... So not 20k when in this climate I doubt people have a need for that 20k. So to drive home my point competitions like this might encourage people to log in throughout the week, they might log in for that prize they want but oh shucks! This might encourage multiple people to log in so the opportunity to find RP increases! And to get the most points you're gonna wanna find RP to get the best in this case photograph! So you log in to get the competition done and maybe stay logged in for the RP! Win for you, win for players, win for whoever wins the competition assuming you're providing a worthy prize of which you can afford to give out. You don't have to give everyone a super good prize (Example dog) but having a chance maybe per month? Per few weeks to grab something really nice you wouldn't otherwise be able to get might really help activity.
  3. Might as well just dish some questions out here in the mean time to keep myself entertained through downloading although most of my important questions have already been answered by the awesome staff and community already! What sort of legal businesses are about at the moment? I assume a few clubs must already exist what about good old local pubs? Restaurants? Is there anything you guys would like to see more of on the server? Anyone know when dogs will be released? Need me a dog! Do mobile phones have a UI? What sort of economical ranges do we have on the server at the moment or is it fairly balanced? Are there tons of rich people? Tons of poor people or a bunch of each? And does the server have "faceinvader" or anything like that yet? I heard one might be in development ICly, does anyone have more info on that or like what company is looking into social media IC?
  4. Oh cool the press has a news van! Professional!!! Following this can't wait to see more!
  5. Thanks for the kind welcome guys! Got some good responses so far too although if this interests you do still give me a poke I wouldn't mind have a few family relations bobbing about. I might poke a few of you that made the offer and ask a few questions regarding the server too while my game installs... Half way!
  6. Hello! I can't wait to apply and check out the server I'm just reinstalling my GTA as I type! I'm still playing with different characters in my head and haven't settled on what type of character I'd like to play yet although I do have a few goals and aspects locked into place. I'm no stranger from GTA RP, I played samp, LSRP back in the days and I've tried a couple of the other GTA 5 servers although I've been away from GTA RP for a little while now. I am however completely brand new to this server and from an outside perspective (at the moment) I like what I see! I thought I'd make a quick post while I wait for my game to install just in case anyone in the community is interested. I wouldn't mind having family relatives active in game as players. If you catch me before my game has installed I'm really quite flexible as I said up there I have a few things I want locked in place however I've really not decided on many other aspects of my character yet so I can be very flexible. Whether you're looking for a family relative for your existing character, a new character or maybe you're like me and brand new I'm interested in relations from siblings, parents, grand parents, cousins, whatever. If you're new like me and reading this after I've been accepted into this wonderful server and if no ones yet to drag me into their family I may still be interested so do give me a poke and I'll tell you a bit about what character I ended up creating and we can discuss adding you to my family.
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