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  1. Might as well just dish some questions out here in the mean time to keep myself entertained through downloading although most of my important questions have already been answered by the awesome staff and community already! What sort of legal businesses are about at the moment? I assume a few clubs must already exist what about good old local pubs? Restaurants? Is there anything you guys would like to see more of on the server? Anyone know when dogs will be released? Need me a dog! Do mobile phones have a UI? What sort of economical ranges do we have on the server at the moment or is it fairly balanced? Are there tons of rich people? Tons of poor people or a bunch of each? And does the server have "faceinvader" or anything like that yet? I heard one might be in development ICly, does anyone have more info on that or like what company is looking into social media IC?
  2. Oh cool the press has a news van! Professional!!! Following this can't wait to see more!
  3. Thanks for the kind welcome guys! Got some good responses so far too although if this interests you do still give me a poke I wouldn't mind have a few family relations bobbing about. I might poke a few of you that made the offer and ask a few questions regarding the server too while my game installs... Half way!
  4. Hello! I can't wait to apply and check out the server I'm just reinstalling my GTA as I type! I'm still playing with different characters in my head and haven't settled on what type of character I'd like to play yet although I do have a few goals and aspects locked into place. I'm no stranger from GTA RP, I played samp, LSRP back in the days and I've tried a couple of the other GTA 5 servers although I've been away from GTA RP for a little while now. I am however completely brand new to this server and from an outside perspective (at the moment) I like what I see! I thought I'd make a quick post while I wait for my game to install just in case anyone in the community is interested. I wouldn't mind having family relatives active in game as players. If you catch me before my game has installed I'm really quite flexible as I said up there I have a few things I want locked in place however I've really not decided on many other aspects of my character yet so I can be very flexible. Whether you're looking for a family relative for your existing character, a new character or maybe you're like me and brand new I'm interested in relations from siblings, parents, grand parents, cousins, whatever. If you're new like me and reading this after I've been accepted into this wonderful server and if no ones yet to drag me into their family I may still be interested so do give me a poke and I'll tell you a bit about what character I ended up creating and we can discuss adding you to my family.
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