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  1. Title Application for Bartender Name Patrick Smith Date of Birth 07/30/1982 Sex Male Phone Number +1579244047 Email Address [email protected] Primary Home Address 37. West Mirror Park, Los Santos Job Qualifications (( huh, Isn't this supposed to be given by you? )) Experiences Been a bartender and manager in various clubs across Los Santos. When your business is down, you can count on me to run it and make it back to the top of the list. Pick the rank you are applying for Bartender/Barmaid Tell us a little about yourself Born and brought up in Los Santos, been living here since the last couple of decades doing odd jobs here and there to make a living. I am social, out-going and trustworthy. The rest you can figure out when we meet, since I am not used to bragging about myself ;) Why do you wish to work for The Vault, Nightclub? I have been working in smaller clubs, which pay good but the atmosphere is quite wild, time to move on to something bigger and "upper class" What would you do if an on duty officer comes to the bar and orders a drink? Give him a drink as a usual customer? In a club it doesn't matter who that person is... :) People come to the club for multiple reasons, and people who come to drink can come to escape from the harsh life out there, treating someone naturally will make them feel better ;) What would you do if someone starts a fight at the bar? First off, be calm and try to handle the situation myself or call for the bouncers if anyone is available. If not, then call 911 and till then try to distract their minds or stretch their arguments. What would you do if someone starts to sexually harass you, a fellow colleague or a customer? Wow. Isn't this something personal heh ? How often will you be working if you get accepted into our company? Pretty much full time, all the time, give the keys to me. Why should we accept you into The Vault, Nightclub? Because, you are simply not running as you should...Time to move on and try something new... Any further questions? No If yes, please elabroate Are you physically, mentally and psychologically fit to work efficiently? Yes If not, what makes you unfit? Have you recently undergone any medical surgery? No Do you drink alcoholic beverages? Yes If yes, how often? Depends, doesn't mean am gonna get drunk behind the bar. If yes, do you understand that you are not permitted to be on duty while under the influence? Yes Are you currently taking any prescribed medicines or drugs? No Do you have any past felonious convictions? No If yes, elaborate Do you have any past misdemeanour convictions? No If yes, elaborate Do you have any past infractions? No If yes, elaborate Are you currently subject to criminal trial and/or are a defendant of an on-going court case? No In-Game Username Annaex Forum Name Numark Discord Name Numark#7777 How active are you on Owl in general? Going close to 100 hours in my other character. What time zone and Country are you living in? GMT +7, Thailand By submitting this application, I agree and abide by the terms and policies of Trident Ltd & The Vault, Nightclub. I acknowledge that my application may or may not be denied by The Vault. I hereby authorize Trident Ltd & The Vault, Nightclub to perform a background check that may include any investigations or inquiries of my personal, criminal, educational, health or any other relative matters necessary to conclude on an employment decision. I agree that all of the information submitted is valid and including false information in the submitted application may result in immediate denial or report to local authorities.
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