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  1. To add to this within the realm of transporting things, perhaps a bit more to do on the criminal side. Similar to deliveries but it'd be more like smuggling? Or transporter. Where you'd smuggle and /or transport "hot" items perhaps to which maybe the NPC would spawn you a vehicle at random for you to use, transport the item, then turn back in. This particular job could have cool down on it however, so you can't grind it as often/hard as you would grind one of the legit delivery jobs, but with a larger payout due to the fact that PD could potentially stop you and you could get busted.
  2. Since making my way to this place, Los Santos, I have decided to make my own way. I do not feel the need to do what it is that my father expects or wants...really, to hell with him, as they say. I can do as I please, right? The land of freedom and opportunity. I can finally be myself and with that, I have decided to make a large change. To be more...me. Working on the outside, inward. Anyway, I have also decided enough with hotels and to find a place to live. I think this place should suffice. At least that was my thought process until "to hell with my father" came back
  3. Sabre Logistics - Employment Application Personal Details: Title: Ms. Full Name: Syn DeMarco Gender: Female Date of Birth: 02/03/1993. Phone Number: 1606971779 Email: [email protected] Licenses in possession: Driver License [X] - Heavy Trucks License [X] - Motorcycle License [ ] - None [ ] Background: School Attended: Fullerton College Level of Education: Associate's Degree in Humanities Do you have any recent traffic infractions? Yes[ ] | No[X] If yes, please elaborate: Answer Do you ha
  4. Yokoso, my name is Akasuki Mitsurugi and I am 25 years old and I come from Shibuya City, a ward in Tokyo, Japan. I have finally graduated from Kokugakuin University a week ago and was almost immediately sent to America, the land of opportunity, or so they say. Apparently my father has "high hopes" for me, though I also know there is resentment in his heart in the fact that I was not born a male. I also know he sent me here only to slow the process of taking any leadership position within his company, although I do not want any part of it. I know what he does and I know that he is aware tha
  5. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Ltl shotgun for PD What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Items What is the suggestion?- Less than Lethal Shotgun/Beanbag rounds. They rounds, when fired upon a person, could cause them to knockback and/or fall over. The firearm would be able to maintain a decent range (as a slug would) and be more effective at said range than a taser could be as well as having the ability to have a better fire rate than that of a taser. What are the advantages?- The ability to subdue suspects
  6. I know it can be done client side in options. Not sure about server side, but if so, go for it. It'll force one to have actual skill instead of easy headshots all the time I figure.
  7. Other servers already have this so that shows that it /is/ do-able. I think it "may" be something in the works here, or at least down the line. Which may or may not be soon, but I do recall it being touched on briefly at some point or another. I do like the idea myself though.
  8. Tis the nature of custom V servers. Gotta Crack a few eggs to make an omelet. Plus, it's a one time thing. You wanna play vanilla single player or you want a hype experience that looks great? When your char looks the way you want it to, better and different from other servers, it makes you enjoy that char more. Which makes you want to play them more. Equals more logins. Give people a reason.
  9. I'm all for this 100000% Been screaming about this since I've been here. Otherwise we'd play Single player lol
  10. Hey there, it's me again... Some of you may be interested in a street map mod that I use. What does it do exactly? Essentially, it shows the map (the big map when you hit escape) with all of the street names. Very helpful if ICly giving directions as well as Legal Factions when handling situations and so on. And it's just a nice QoL feature to have. Download the mod file here: Modded Street Map To install, all you'll have to do is navitage to your main GTAV folder and simply drop it into said main directory, overwriting when it asks you to do so
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