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  1. I support this 120% Also as a possible addition, if possible to getting around to fixing the location on the map, showing other units in the field? We can only see them if in close proximity, otherwise it defaults/bugs their marker as being in a random spot in the middle of the city and unmoving.
  2. I for one would LOOOOOVE more depth with trucking. Fishing could be fun too. Hell, they could even work together somehow even.
  3. I didn't think that was really a rage thing as so much as a GTA thing hm? I mean, if it can be done, sure
  4. It's possible to have blank plate. Could just do that. Can't wait to be annoyed by this while checking up on them in my cruiser
  5. I'm not 100% sure about the trash can thing where a truck would need to pick up and etc. That means the items inside would need to be persistent. And there'd probably be a few hundred "trans cans" about the County and LS Proper. And that's IF someone ever even decides to do so. That alone would add a fair amount of load onto the server and possible stability issues with items mayhap even causing conflicts and crashing due to such a script needing to be run, and running checks on itself if it's had items added, taken away, or if a truck has picked it up. On top of needing a script for the truck to be able to interact with the trash can scripting, also, without crashing and maintaining is persistence. BUT If it CAN be done just fine, then go for it I figure. My biggest thing is being able to trade items. That's something I'd like to see. It'd enable player run stores/shops/bars/restaurants/ and simple trades to work as they should. I kinda' cringe at the thought of paying IG money for air. It also opens more RP avenues due to the fact that these player run stores/shops/restaurants/bars and such, must keep inventory/stock to hand out said items.
  6. I can understand that, totally. It was just a thought I had. If we're portraying as a realism server, it was a thought.
  7. I'd like to suggest if it to be possible to implement regular vehicle maintenance. It could work in such a way when say, vehicles hit around a certain mileage (to be chosen by Admin as they please ofc) and would need to be worked on / taken to a Shop to have work done. In the vehicle, they could have some sort of small "check engine" symbol on their screen (That only the driver sees). The shops could exist in a player aspect to promote more RP and give job to those who want to RP as mechanics, perhaps coinciding with was posted here in some way: In this option, I could see PC working at shops and when a vehicle rolls through onto a location (be it outside of the shop building, or if a shop has a garage door that opens / elevator TP point) and the mechanic who's working would get a notification. Shows the parts in need of repair ie: air filter/oil change, spark plugs & wires, exhaust leak, wheel hub, whatever. (Doesn't have to actually be specific) And the employee could RP and emote making the necessary fixes. The Vehicle's owner, on their end would have a menu open to where they could see it as well, and select the bits they want repaired based on the severity and/or cost. They select the item/part/damage from said menu and the PC working there get's paid into their bank acct. And the two would Roleplay it accordingly as they please. The other option, if no PC mechanics are online/available to where there could be locations where you could take your Vehicle to an NPC shop, They'd roll onto a spot and it'd show say...needing an air filter/oil change, spark plug replacement, timing job, exhaust leak, whatever else other random internal issues (I say random for the sake of simplifying it without having to go TOO far in depth. And show severity so the player can choose which items they'd want worked on based on said severity (and depending on price set, some folks can't afford things right away and would like to RP this mayhap, despite how much money they ACTUALLY have on them at the time). And once vehicle is fixed/repaired, it'd auto take money off of their person. (Unless some sort of debit/credit card system is to be used/implemented?). This could also work decently for factions and their fleet vehicles to again, promote more RP for others.
  8. Well the title is essentially it. If it's possible to get more hair and accessory options. Well I can't imagine why it'd NOT be possible but I guess you guys get the point. More hair options (for both males and females) is pretty self explanatory. More accessories would be items such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and so on. I feel also if these things are something that COULD be done, the inventory system would need an overhaul as with how it currently works, would be way to big and cluttered as there's no real way to organize "anything" properly, let alone adding earnings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, etc into an already cluttered and chaotic space. A way to sort and/or organize things may potentially help that if not looking to change how items are held in "pockets" as it is, however.
  9. Metal detectors as in hand items or for building entryways?
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