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  1. And another thing.... Perhaps considering wiping findbook and repurposing for V? To build on this, bodies should remain till scriptly moved or removed by ... whatever faction/ team you guys feel should be able to do so for ck and pk's both. That way, detectives and forensic specialists can get some work/rp in as well.
  2. Many of you have ranted and raved and asked and begged with regard to my Visual mod, their setup, and so on. Currently, all I'm running is Nvidia GTX 2070 Super on Ultra Settings in game. The visual mods I am using are as follows: Natural Vision Remastered (NVR) (Seems outdated now but may still work) ReShade PRSA Visual V (An alternative to using NVR if you'd like) along with a few tweaks using the built-in Nvidia GeForce Experience Now if you don't have a machine that's FULLY capable of running GTAV med, high, to maximum settings, I'd not even attempt to bother with any of these. HOWEVER GeForce experience will work wonders for you and it won't cause any frame loss and you can still get great visuals and color correction with brighter brights, and deeper blacks simply by adjusting a few sliders with regard to contrast, exposure, details, etc. My suggestion would simply to play around with the sliders and find a good point that looks good to you. Attempting to use NVR, ReShade, and PRSA will cause you to have major frame issues if your system is a bit of a toaster. For those of you with higher end computers wanting to push your V experience to the limit with regard to beautiful visuals, we can go that route by using the aforementioned links posted above. Most of these mods will have an included ReadMe within their download as well as there being plenty of tutorials ranging from how to install, to pre-sets you can use, to figuring how to tweak it perfectly for your visual pleasure. Therefore, don't ask me as I don't have the time or the crayons to explain it all to you. Happy Modding and don't break your game. Note: As these are simply visual mods and do not require modification of origial game files, they will NOT get you banned from playing GTAO if you so choose to. Also, remember to back your shit up! Don't come crying to me if you can't "fix" what you broke.
  3. Character/Hair I'd like to see an option to toggle hair in some way. Requirements Simply having an option, be it via command or some other way, to toggle hair. Females, for example, with long hair, upon putting a hat, or helmet on, be it for some sort of work/duty or use with a bicycle or motorcycle or any of the sort, the new long hairs clip through and you like really dumb. My suggestion would be to perhaps be able to use a command to toggle the hair into one of the bun styles, or ponytail styles. It could work in a way such as: /toghairbun /toghairbun2 /toghairpony (Retaining the hair color of course!) then to remove any of these toggled styles you could /toghairnone and go back whatever normal hair you had. I use the buns and ponytail as suggestions because it makes more since as ladies would easily be able to put their hair up in any of these styles quickly, and hats and helms work perfectly fine with those styles
  4. Clothing/Uniform I'd like to see a system to where Legal Factions can form their own uniforms. Obviously not taking them out of SOP but rather being able to piece them together themselves. Requirements Inserting an NPC similar to the clothing store guy. Call him "Quartermaster" or something. (For PD it could be a Police NPC model, for FD, a Fireman NPC model, etc) From there, we'd go on duty, then go to the NPC to pick and choose the pieces/items of clothing to form the uniform ourselves, including accessories, duty belts, radio slings, gloves, hats, pants, shirts, shoes, whatever else. Though if the faction member is togged to be on duty, obvs they'd not need to PAY for said items out of the NPC/Vendor. They should also have the ability to save specific whole outfits that way, they can "load" said outfit (again, provided they're toggled as being on duty). This would also help greatly for detectives, for example, when needing to blend in and seem like normal everyday citizens. Uniformed members would be able to Go on duty, Remove their badge (ie: drop it on the ground or some such) Choose the attire/clothing, then pick up and re-equip said badge and it'd show over top of whatever shirt they've chosen. For detectives, they could pick it back up but NOT equip since they'd not openly be wearing said badge on the outside.
  5. Sounds like you can for free at first. Subsequent visits will cost IG money. What Vub said. Though I hope plastic surgery doesn't cost real money. While I understand what you're getting at, sometimes you gotta run it a few times and see the results till you're finally happy with the look. I've had to a few times across multiple characters on another server I won't name, for example. And im glad I did. Initial creation is never perfect till unde l you've checked and triple and quad checked.
  6. The word "Freedom" keeps being thrown around but make no mistake that there is a stark difference between "freedom" and "realism".
  7. I'm in agreement with @Effect here with what he's said. Personally, I'm of the more 'heavy' variety when it comes to RP. Unfortunately, I have a hard time interacting with those who aren't so much. It's difficult to take them or their char seriously. As I am LSPD, if, for example, someone decides it'd be reasonable to evade on a simple traffic stop for what would be a minor infraction, possibly verbal warning, turning into felony evasion.
  8. Welcome new comer. Like everyone's already said, happy to have you, and glad to see new faces. Enjoy your time here on Owlgaming riding around Los Santos.
  9. Yeah, I saw that in a previous update/announcement. Good stuff
  10. Agreed here. NGL I've never even seen such a thing on any GTAV servers til coming here. I guess I can see why its- actually no, I cannot' see why it's a thing.
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