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  1. Thanks for clarifying! Although, instead of writing "tokens" or etc, you could've clarified it way better by saying "Legacy Characters will be given one free use, before needing to pay IC money for each subsequent use of a service."
  2. Again, Owl was the only good RP server. Stop looking at other servers. GTA:W is what Owl could've been if it wasn't Paleto only.
  3. It's just that the community used to be way more active before. Server used to be one of the biggest servers in MTA, remember that? Falling so hard into having less than 20 is sad. Sure, 15 players is enough, but for a server with 1024 slots that used to have a 100 players per day?
  4. They were good times. But guess what ruined it? Abandoning the only thing that brought in players, lack of actually good admins, who cared. I once had to wait 3 hours for my character to be CK'd. Very good administration there. Everyone i know who's played on Owl has said that they left due to the admins being retards. How can you fucking respond to that?
  5. Remember when it used to have 50+ at most times tho?
  6. Anarchy roleplay will be the only way Owl could be revived. Look at your playerbase and what they want. Stop being such stubborn pricks about it, and face reality. No one with active braincells would want the same shit, same management forever. Owl turned to shit lately, and it sucks, it really does. You're literally seeing people be voting for something that will be better for both your PB and the server itself. You're wasting money running a server that barely even gets 20 people. It being unrealistic rp? RP Can be whatever you want. I don't remember D&D being realistic in the slightest.
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