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  1. I use Reshade and Redux but might try Natural Vision soon.
  2. Interior Decorators finish renovating La Linterna Cantina, and Gaviota Corporation begins plans for staffing, advertising, and the tentative grand opening event.
  3. Captain Jaheim Higgins ((Yes, I know his shirt is messed up. Only screen I had before logging out.)) Age: 48 Country of Origin: Jamaica Occupation: Fisherman Jaheim is captain of 'The Jamrock' fishing vessel. A big title for a 2 person boat. He has been fishing for years all around the Caribbean. When he is not out fishing, you will find him around various spots in South LS or other parts of the city.
  4. I agree with the above on reworking scripted job. The scripted job that I have come to really enjoy is the fishing job and it is also great to roleplay with others in that job. I think jobs like that where they are still scripted but allow for more interaction with other players is going in a good direction. ^ I also like what Effect wrote above and that might make it more interesting. It would be cool if there were a few different routes that are randomly assigned every time you do the GoPostal job so you are not always doing the same route each time you do GoPostal/etc.
  5. The South Los Santos Community South Los Santos[Rancho, Davis, Strawberry], has a reputation for being a bit more of a "dangerous" side of the city. Despite these rumors, South Los Santos also has many working citizens just trying to make it out alive. The purpose of this thread is to showcase the everyday lives of the people that call South Los Santos home regardless if they are legal, criminal, or government. This thread is for anyone and everyone that has a character that lives in South Los Santos. There is a lot of opportunities in this area and a ton of vacant houses, apartments, and more if you want to move-in and roleplay around here! If you have a character that lives in this area then you are welcome to post screenshots below with no restrictions. This thread is not a faction. Feel free to post your screenshots if you live in this area and want to show your characters story! -> Just please don't post obviously trollish comments and screenshots as I will ask for them to be removed.
  6. I think more events need to be held just to get people in and engaged. People are typically here to roleplay and I think people get bored easily as they can't find other players and endlessly grinding script jobs like GoPostal, as there is nothing really else to do when 1-2 people are on, gets boring very fast for a lot of people. Now, I am not talking necessarily admin-made events but just events in general such as player-owned night clubs, restaurants, and lounges opening up. Last weekend someone opened up a place called 'The Banjo String' and there was about 8 people in-game then and this was at a time usually when it is 1 or 2 on at 10AM UTC. So, I think if people start hosting events such as car meets, house clubs, bar openings, and night club openings then people will come. I've been busy with school and live in a US time zone so I don't always make it during "peak" server times. However, I am working on decorating my cantina and plan to open it a lot even when only 5 people are on to get them something to do. Would encourage other business owners to give that a try too if you own a place and only see 3 people on. Place an ad and see if anyone shows up. Maybe more people will log-in.
  7. Awesome idea! Take it far! You got this!
  8. Amazing thread. Best of luck!
  9. Our job openings for various businesses in Gaviota Trading Co will be listed below: La Linterna Cantina Hiring staff members for the upcoming grand opening of La Linterna Cantina in early March 2020! Who we are: La Linterna Cantina is a upcoming lounge in the Vinewood, San Andreas area. We seek to provide a relaxing adult atmosphere for our patrons. Enjoy great tasting alcoholic beverages, Authentic Central American and Tex-Mex dishes, and entertainment! We plan to host numerous events such as karaoke night, trivia nights, live-bands, and so much more! Our grand opening is just a few days away and we are looking for staff to assist with the opening(s). Positions: Assistant Manager: VACANT Job Duties Assist the General Manager in ensuring the cantina is running smoothly. Checking the beverage and food stock of the Cantina and buying more when needed. Ensure operational security and appropriate number of staff members are present before opening. Eventually, you may be given keys to open and close the business. Generous Hourly Salary Head of Security: FILLED. Bartender - VACANT Job Duties Will be assigned to the lounge bar or VIP bar based on need. Must be experienced in serving and mixing drinks. Generous salary AND you keep all the tips. Send Applications in the format below to [email protected]((FORUM PM: zoezoegigantic)) First Name: Last Name: Position Applying For: Describe your experience in this position: Contact Details : ((Comments will be ignored as this is IC))
  10. The Cartels Cantina/Restaurant begins its renovation plans. ((The more exciting screens are coming soon within this next week!))
  11. I have had a blast on OwlV so far. Excited for the future!
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