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  1. Name: Gabriela Ramirez Comment: Exciting! Never been on a yacht before!
  2. The work continues even at home Another day passes and the article is finally ready to be released.
  3. The Konig Capital Interview A day later......
  4. Author: Lillian Armstrong Published on January 13th, 2020 An Interview with the Konig Capital executive team From Left to Right: Mr.Ed Grey, Mr.Gunther Konig, Ms. Anna Do you want to start a company but lack the appropriate funds to make this dream come true? Fear not for there is a company right here in Los Santos that can help you! This company is Konig Capital that is located downtown in the iconic Penris building. On January 11th, 2019, Los Santos Free Press editor, Lillian Armstrong, got to tour their beautiful building and also learn about what Konig Capital is all about. Also, she had the chance to meet with several notable executives of Konig Capital such as the chief executive officer, Mr.Gunther Konig, and his innovation manager, Mr Ed Grey, along with Human Resource Manager, Ms. Anna. This interview is transcribed below along with notes about the tour and interview from Lillian Armstrong. The Building Review Remarks by Lillian Armstrong I was awestruck about the beauty of the Penris Building. Upon entering, we were greeted with a beautiful lobby area. Upon going through metal detectors we traveled upstairs to the main floor of the Konig Capital complex. This area was completely marvelous with plenty of office space and meeting rooms to be expected of a company of this size. I thought then that this would be the end of their suite. However, I was wrong. Mr. Konig surprised me by taking us up to the top floor which ended up being his office suite. Overall, the building was top-class and I honestly did not expect anything less. The People Review Remarks by Lillian Armstrong From Left to Right: Ed Grey, Gunther Konig, Anna I was greeted warmly first by Mr.Gunther Konig and Mr.Ed Grey. These two individuals were very nice. Unfortunately, I was unable to meet the entire team such as the Chief Operations Officer. There is honestly nothing that I can say bad about Mr. Konig and Mr.Grey. Both individuals exemplified professional character throughout the interview and tour process. Later during the interview, Mr.Ed Grey returned with another individual, Ms.Anna(I was not able to catch her last name). Anna also showed above average professionalism and politeness throughout the interview process. To sum it up, this team was professional and seemed to have fantastic chemistry. We also learned that Mr.Gunther Konig is running for District 1 in the upcoming elections. Taken the successful that he has going on at Konig Capital I can see him as a very good choice for that position. Mr.Gunther Konig poses in front of a window in his executive suite. Interview Transcription (Transcription Process: Intelligent Verbatim) Interviewer: Lillian Armstrong Interviewees: Gunther Konig, Ed Grey, Anna Lillian: So, tell us about yourself Mr.Konig? What is your education, background, and motivations? Gunther: Well Lillian, I was born here in Los Santos. My parents are immigrants from Germany. Hence, my German name. I joined the military when I was eighteen. After those five years, I had enough of being apart of something that big, and I wanted to stand closer to my community. So, I applied to work for the federal government in the security sentinel division. Gunther: I was in the security sentinel division for a bit and eventually got up to Senior Security Sentinel. After that, I was offered the position of Commissioner of Defense. This leads us to where I am at now as the CEO and founder of Konig Capital. Gunther: Oh, and I forgot to add, in between of everything, I actually had the time to study law but never took the bar exam to allow me to practice law. Lillian: That is fantastic. So, you are not only a CEO but also an veteran? That is admirable. On to our next question, where would you like Konig Capital to be in five years from now? Gunther: I hope that Konig Capital will be the biggest investment company around. Presently, we are supporting a big amount of companies. We are investing large sums of money into them to get them all set up to get their businesses going. Konig: This guy got my company to another level. I have a lot to thank to Mr.Ed Grey. [Gunther would point to Ed after the remark above] Gunther: Alright so. Gunther: Besides the fact that we are going to be the biggest in the game. We are also the most stable one. We are expanding to many branches to ensure all markets are covered by us. By doing this, we will be able to make sure all the markets are fair if you deal with us. Lillian: I see. Well that is quite noble and works right along with our next question. Let's say you have an entrepreneur that wishes to start a company in the city. In addition, this individual does not have the money to start it on their own. How would this individual go about acquiring a loan or investment from Konig Capital? Gunther: It’s really really easy with us. Gunther: The person in question can contact me or my innovation manager by email. Gunther: We will look into the business and see how much a person needs from us. Gunther: Let’s say the person needs $300,000 to start this business. Gunther: We will transfer the money to the individual within 2 to 3 business days and we will have an agreement of the repayment period. This can be repaid either with stocks or by paying the amount of money back with a bit of interest. Lillian: Great Answer. So, onto our next question. What would you say is the most difficult aspect of your job within this company? Gunther: It’s probably time management. I have so much stuff to do every-day. Sometimes, I tend to forget some small things. Lillian: Now that we talked about the most difficult part, let's talk about the most rewarding aspect of the job for you at Konig Capital? Gunther: Great Question. The most rewarding aspect of the job is when you see the smile of the faces of the people you help. It’s the most pure and honest thing that I love about my job. There is nothing better than a good old smile, if you ask me. Lillian: Wonderful! So, what would make Konig Capital the most different from competitor investment firms? Gunther: The difference is the love for the job. I have been setting up this company for a few years and it’s finally growing to a level where I am actually profiting from it. The love I am putting into this company is more than anyone else would do. I’m pretty sure Ed can confirm. Ed: I can confirm that. Nobody cares like Gunther Konig cares. He is a true American. He loves this city like he loves his country and he loves his business like he loves his family. Lillian: Great. I just got one more question to ask you, Mr.Konig, before we conclude this interview. Gunther: Of course. Lillian: What would you say is your biggest investment so far that has turned out well? Gunther: We can’t say due to some being under a Non-disclosure agreement. Let’s just say that my most profitable investment was when I bought some cheap stocks. These stocks finally grew over the years so greatly that I was able to use the money to finally fulfill my dream of buying a building. Gunther: And..so I did. Lillian: I understand. I was hoping that potential entrepreneurs reading this article might see some investments you had made over the years which might excite them to enquire with you. However, I understand that these cannot be made public yet due to NDA disclosures. Ed: We’ve invested in the restaurant business- Wigwam on Palomino Avenue. Lillian: Oh a restaurant? Neat. Ed: Yeah, well-more like a burger joint. A burger joint with a little class! Ed: You know? Where they got the buns all toasted and the amount of meat just right. Gunther: I should add, the chicken sandwich is the best. Ed: You can get a big fat juicy burger or a low-fat guy-on-a-diet burger. Lillian: That is a great example of an investment that your company has made it seems.Let’s hope the reader will see this successful example and be much more likely to call or email Konig Capital for future opportunities. Anna: Ed’s right and about your previous question, I will explain to you in a bit more detail. He’s a man of fewer words, all great people are. What makes Konig Capital different is that they help new entrepreneurs by lending them money. Anna: They are also very fast, unlike other companies who call you to their office 10 times, do a lot of paperwork, and then say “Sorry, we cannot work with you”. Ed: In other words, the guy don’t like wasting time, and I think that’s why him and I clicked so good. Lillian: That concludes our interview and I sincerely appreciate you and your companies time. Ed: Thank you very much. [Interview Concludes] Los Santos Free Press is gracious to have had the opportunity to tour the Konig Capital facility along with interviewing the professional team that Gunther Konig has selected. We truly believe that this business has the potential to help revolutionize the business scene in Los Santos. If you are looking to start a business and might need some help with funding to get it started then Konig Capital should be one of the first place that you should consider! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you want your business to receive some free publication? We provide HONEST reviews and interviews free of charge for all business owners in Los Santos. Let us help you gain the publicity that you deserve.[Note: We never accept payment for reviews. In return, you allow us to write a very blunt and accurate review that will be very beneficial for your establishment] Please send an email to [email protected]((Forum PM: zoezoegigantic)) for consideration. Want a job as a journalist? We are hiring several junior journalists. At Los Santos Free Press, we give you the FREEDOM to choose and write your own articles centered around the people of Los Santos. Great salary and a energetic team! Please send letters of inquiry to (([email protected]((Forum PM: zoezoegigantic)) Los Santos Free Press is in-need of one IT technician with web-development knowledge to manage and format our publications along with managing our servers for our digital newspaper.((aka, the IC forum internet)) Great salary along with energetic staff! Please send letters of inquiry to [email protected]((Forum PM:zoezoegigantic))
  5. Auction results in no winner as no suitable bid was placed at minimum of $13,000 asking price. This auction has now concluded. ((L&A, if you want.)).
  6. Bidding will close at 11:59PM((server time)) on January 9th 2020! This tow truck is perfect for any entrepreneur who wants to start a towing company or perhaps a car enthusiast who wants to tow their precious vehicle to car shows or legal racing events! Bidding currently starts at $13,000 which is a whooping $4,244 below dealership costs!
  7. Los Santos Auction House - Vapid Tow Truck - Small Version https://i.imgur.com/FL9X2Z3.png Item Name Vapid Tow Truck - Small Version {field_name_1025} {field_value_1025} Starting Bid 13,000 Minimum Increase 500 Buyout 17,244 Auction Ends January 9th 2020 Contact Information Given to winner Vehicle Info: This is a Vapid Two Truck that I bought from the dealership. It has ~103 miles and drives well. The dealership price is $17,244 but I will start the auction at $13,000 with the buyout price at dealership price. I have driven it from Paleto to Pillbox Hill with no problems. I need a slightly more powerful tow truck which is why I am selling this one. Happy bidding!
  8. By Lillian Armstrong 12/14/2019 Snow continues to fall throughout Los Santos! Snow! If you have been in Los Santos over the last week you would have noticed that we are experiencing quite a phenomenal weather event. There have been reports of snow spanning from Mirror Park, in Los Santos, to Sandy Shores in the county. Also, the snow could not come at a better time, as the city has recently just put up its giant Christmas tree in downtown Los Santos! We would highly recommend that you head to Pillbox Hill to see the magnificent work the city has done to put Los Santos into the Christmas spirit! As seen in the photo below, the Christmas tree is huge and well decorated. Also, Santa Claus and his lovely reindeer are here greeting everyone that stops by. Finally, you will find a ton of wonderful Christmas music being played in Pillbox Hill at all hours. Los Santos is truly an international city. Therefore, this might be the first time someone has experienced snow. Therefore, we have wrote up some safety tips in the event you have to drive in this snow. First, wear your seat-belt. Second, ensure your vehicle has good tires that are for driving in the winter. Third, take your time to arrive at your destination. Fourth, be very careful driving over bridges as they can ice faster than a regular road. Finally, ensure you have a safety plan in place if you are travelling. It might be save your life to have a phone with you, spare battery, safety vest, and perhaps some safety cones in the event your vehicle is to get stuck in the snow when travelling or you skid off the road. From all at Los Santos Free Press, Happy Holidays! Los Santos Free Press is hiring aspiring and experienced writers for staff reporter,blogger, and editor positions. Apply today! [email protected]((zoezoegigantic)) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ What do you think about the snow event that Los Santos has been experiencing the past few days? We would love to hear your thoughts below! Username: Comment: SUBMIT
  9. Hi! I need C.A.A perm to access ground crew sub-forum :) Thanks!
  10. Love the Mirror Park area and it is where I have seen the most people. I will be a lot more active after tomorrow when I complete my final exam before winter break! So, you will def see one of my chars in that area.
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