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  1. A lot has changed for Gabriela since she moved to the island in September. From moving to the city and starting a new job with the Public Works Transportation Department, her story has just begun.
  2. WELCOME! I hope you enjoy OwlV as much as I have. Have fun!
  3. Just discovered your char story. It is awesome! Good luck.
  4. "The User would see an ad for LosSantosFreePress.com((website only exists on the forums)), upon clicking the ad, they would click the financial button. The most recent article would be displayed on the screen" The dangers of taking out too much debt Published on: 11.17.2019 By: Lillian Armstrong - Chief Editor Do you remember when you were told as a child to not play with fire? Do you remember the potential repercussions of playing with fire? If they were anything like my parents, you would be told that the fire could burn your house down, or, start an apocalyptic forest fire. Nonetheless, there is a similar similarity to taking out debt. Play around with debt, take out and buy things that you cannot afford to pay back, and you are setting yourself your assets on fire, or in financial terms, opening up the risk for you have those assets taken away or even go into bankruptcy. So, you also might be asking yourself, the purpose of this article? Well, it has come to our attention that many car dealerships and mortgage companies in the state have a system in place where you can buy cars, houses, and apartments on credit. The requirements are that you only set a minimum down payment of 5% and set your monthly payments anywhere from 1 month to 200 months. I believe that citizens should be aware of the potential risks that could happen to them financially if they do not pay back the loans. Lets start with an example, assume you have a great, well-paying, job. This job provides you with an income of 1000 dollars per month. Let’s also assume that this job has been going well for several months and you decide to take out credit on a fancy 60,000 dollar car. You pay the minimum 5% down payment and set a monthly payment plan for about 60 months. Fast forward a few months, everything is going well with the payment plan. You have not missed a payment consecutively, until, you get laid off from the job. Now, your monthly payments have exceeded your monthly income. Let's also assume you used all your savings on buying a place in Mirror Park. What is going to happen to that asset? Will it simply be taken away after missing payments? This is just one scenario of a payment plan going terribly wrong. At the end of the day, it is legally the responsibility of the consumer to know what they are signing up for. However, I do feel that the local government can assist in teaching consumers about the financial system before they sign on the dotted line. We Suggest that a simple financial guide is provided for all consumers before they sign away. In this case, consumers can learn valuable things such as how a higher down payment can help pay off credit sooner and cheaper than a lower down payment. I would like to hear from you on what you think of the credit system. Please let us know your thoughts on the taking out credit in the comment section below! I look forward to reading them! - Lillian Armstrong HELP WANTED: Hiring writers, photographers, and more! Send letters of interest to [email protected]((Forum PM: zoezoegigantic)) COMMENT SECTION: "The reader would now have the opportunity to leave a comment below after hitting the submit button." ((Format: Username: Comment:))
  5. Wishing you the best of luck!
  6. Services To Los Santos: Digital Written Journalism. Documentary Production. On-Air and Live Journalist ((Imagine Youtube Live or Twitch)). Magazine Production[COMING SOON] Indie Author Publication Services[COMING SOON] Our History: Established June 1st 1960, as Los Santos Free Press, formally Paleto Free Press, is a local media agency that has a focus on providing local and unbiased media for the citizens. Los Santos Free Press has traditionally covered news revolving around politics, finance, quality of life, and local business reviews. Los Santos Free Press was originally founded by native islander, Andretti Agumanu. He was known for his fierce personality and eagerness to discover the truth. His political posts at the time were controversial due to the harsh criticism that he would write. He managed to turn Los Santos Free Press into a well known and reputable newspaper. However, he passed away, rather sudden, on July 8th 1980 and without his leadership, Los Santos Free Press started to slowly decline. Some could say the companies decline was due to reluctance to keep up with technology, but many local citizens claim the newspaper was simply not the same without the leadership of Andretti. By 2018, Los Santos Free Press had only four paying subscribers for the newspaper and was on the brink of shut-down. A Path towards the future: Lillian Armstrong - Chief Editor - CEO - Los Santos Free Press On August 11th, 2019, Lillian Armstrong moved to Los Santos County after working as a proclaimed photo-journalist for ten years. She discovered that Los Santos Free Press was liquidating its assets. Lillian had enough money saved up to purchase the company and its printing assets in Paleto. She had always wanted to start her own media company and this was her golden opportunity. She went right to work by hiring a web designer to design the website((forums)) that will host the, now, digital newspaper. She also invested the rest of her money into buying equipment to host an upcoming radio station, and also film equipment for her documentaries and online broadcast journalism platform. It has all lead to now, November 15th 2019, when she decided that she had to leave the companies long-established headquarters in Paleto for better opportunities in the city. ((Subsequent updates will be made as thread posts below)). Work for Us: Please send letters of interest to [email protected](Forum PM: zoezoegigantic)) and/or portfolio of your work for any position listed on org chart. If no name is present than it is currently vacant. You might also occasionally see live recruitment efforts((in-game)). In this case, we will be making same-day job offers for qualified candidates. Please look out for advertisements through radio and social media. Want to guest post? We accept work from freelancers and offer upfront payment. Please send them to [Currently not accepting freelance submissions]. ---------------------OOC SECTION:----------------- Recruitment: We seek to provide quality RP as a journalism company. Therefore, we also try to keep it exciting by going out into the field, aka outside the office, and covering news. My goal is that this business faction can provide RP for anyone interested in this type of RP. I will try my best to recruit you, if , you are dedicated to this style of RP. Documentary and Broadcast Journalism Creation: I realize that not everyone may be able to record video for our documentary department. Therefore, I have devised of a plan for how they will be made. Our documentaries will be a series of pictures. They will tell a story through commentary. Online Newspaper: Our 'Online Newspaper' will be posts on the media section of the forums. We did not create an actual website for this. However, we did make a photoshop design to look like an website. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. +1 I think the number should be included and not the actual name of the person posting the ad. You can't PM that person about the ad as that is out of character chat, so I do not see the point in having the name there at all. A phone number would be a lot more realistic.
  8. What would be the name of the script(s)?- Inactive Car to Used Car Lot What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Vehicles/Inactivity Timer What is the suggestion?- As of now, inactive vehicles on the server are destroyed if they have not been driven for 14 days. My idea is to create a used car lot and/or auction lot to take inactive cars and sell them for a discounted rate to the players. This way, people can buy cars without having to pay the brand new price. I think that it would also be helpful if the discounted rates are determined by the total mileage the inactive car has been driven for. To avoid overcrowding, If the vehicle is still in the auction lot for 30 days then it will be destroyed. What are the advantages?- Players can buy used cars and motorcycles without having to pay the full price for them. What are the disadvantages?- None that I can think of. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- No. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Modifying the Inactivity Timer functionality to send cars to a auction lot somewhere on the map and determine based on the mileage of the car what the total discount will be for the vehicle by comparing it to the price it is at full-retail cost. Alternatively, prices could be done manually by admins.
  9. Oh OK. Well, that is understandable then. I guess those areas of Rancho and Grove will be better to start with then.
  10. Just curious but why was Vespucci and Del Pierro area not chosen as the hub? It is one of the first places you arrive to in the city when driving from Paleto?
  11. Honestly I am undecided. I think I am gonna keep my name, Paleto Free Press, for my faction, but maybe open an office in the city. It was never really centered only in Paleto, but more-so where it was founded at. Nonetheless, very excited for the city.
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