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  1. Jashari Architecture - Generic Pawnshop Blueprint and floor plan. 1 Story. - Free Description: This floor plan is free for the general public when purchasing our design package. ((The in-game RP would be taking measurements and RP the renovation of the existing interior which would be done in a few days and not in one hour, then, you could upload this design to your business once that RP is done. We do research on actual costs that you would incur IRL. Of course, you may RP the floor plan how you wish. I will also add this floor plan free to Owl after some
  2. *Portfolio updated on thread* *Pawnshop floor-plan nearing completion.*
  3. Project Bidding concluded for this construction project shown below.
  4. ZandO

    [HIRING] ((L&A))

  5. Procurement Office: Posted below will be construction opportunities through Jashari Holding and Architecture Firm.
  6. Press Release - November 1st 2020 Logo Reveal: Thank you to Sabre Designs for creating our official logo! We look forward to working with them again in future graphic design work! Interior Design: We will begin accepting customer proposals for small architecture project very soon. The projects that we are looking to work on are small apartments, houses, and businesses of one story. In addition, we will also begin accepting bids from construction firms to help build the designs when they are ready to be implemented. Please check our website for the off
  7. Jashari Architecture and Realty Jashari Architecture and Realty is the largest branch among the company. We create beautiful interior designs for the residents of the island. If you have a vision, we can likely create it! Our interior designs are both affordable and quick. Jashari Architecture and Realty is also working on several rental properties for short or long-term stays. Our portfolio: Pawnshop: Club Bathroom - Released for Free.
  8. D.B.A[Doing.Business.As] Jashari Holdings, Jashari Architecture, Jashari Real-estate, and Jashari LLC Company CEO: Diellza Jashari Architecture President: Diellza Jashari Holdings President: Vacant Jashari Holdings: Holdings President: Vacant Jashari Holdings is comprised of our flagship 'Lule Tobacco Lounge' commercial property while expansion of the holdings branch is temporarily suspended until more core members are hired. Lule Tobacco Lounge and store. This property is currently managed by Jashari Holdings and not for l
  9. * An pop-up advertisement would show up while you are browsing the internet*
  10. ((IC Replies may be sent in using the following format. @Your_Fictional_Twitter_Username | Replying to @AlexLSNoodles || YOUR_COMMENT_HERE || )))
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