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  1. After the last update in which dirt levels have dropped, dirt still shows quite fast and quite often.
  2. Also a good way to remain anonymous, yes.
  3. × Guides and Tutorials × Menyoo https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/menyoo-pc-sp Menyoo Installation Guide https://www86.zippyshare.com/v/Hd4ThJN6/file.html (Download and open HTML file.) (Credits to jessica) Codewalker https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/codewalker-gtav-interactive-3d-map × Codewalker Tutorials (Full Youtube Playlist (11 videos)) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3KgAhmoIEOU540c5hydM5KaVXeJcYiPF Codewalker: Duplicate House Interiors Guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMd2m7ptgdc
  4. So I've been trying Menyoo from @DrJoseEviI's post. And it is quite hard to work with, the controls are just meh.. Please share your work and programs that you guys use. After quickly speaking with Daniels, he told me that he uses Codewalker for mapping. I did find some youtube videos and I was wondering if someone was willing to make tutorials so we can use it to improve the game and create interiors for our properties, same goes for Menyoo, if you feel like it. I found these videos which seemed to be interesting, unfortunately I can understand so litt
  5. How will the inactivity scanner behave? Just so we can avoid having our assets deleted...
  6. I've wondered if we would see this in an upcoming update, I think that most people would want to see this as it creates more diversity when it comes to character personnalisation. It's a bit superficial but a nice feature that we could have.
  7. The title speaks pretty much for itself, it'd be nice to have a Character Panel that allows you to select animations, it's much faster than going through the process of searching for them and binding, also it'll limit the server lags that is currently occuring because of it.
  8. I agree with was is said there. When I first joined the server, all I did for 2 days was to find out ways to earn money in order for me to make payments on a car and pay rent. It took nearly 10 hours to get implicated with other players and start some meaningful RP. I'm not saying that I'm in favor of the idea or against it. You do get tokens upon starting for both a property and a vehicle and a 500$ hourly paycheck. You're free to join a faction or make your own and you might even be eligible for Faction Team starter packs and support. I think what you want is
  9. Have these been fixed? Are there more available?
  10. I'm not sure I fully understand the purpose of your idea @zoezoegigantic, could you develop on it a little more?
  11. Cars upgrades and personalization is something people will want access to. What are you suggesting to make this more realistic?
  12. We're planning on having customized interiors for most of our businesses and I'd like customized music for them. To set a vibe and differ ourselves from similar businesses.
  13. Don't say script too many times, they won't like it ?
  14. AlAzeeth

    Mechanic Job

    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Mechanic Job What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Car tuning and repairs. What is the suggestion?- I'm suggesting that this job gets implemented, I think that alot of players are willing to see this job in game and would like to have their cars tuned. It would require a Garage in order to be able to work on vehicles. What are the advantages?- More RP jobs available, increased flow of economy. Better cars. What are the disadvantages?
  15. I believe that most store owners need this. I'll be holding quite a few items in my inventory and my car just can't serve as a stash anymore. I came across scripts that were similar to what's suggested, they're called "property inventory". The inventory itself isn't physical, but I'm pretty sure we can find something that acts event more as a safe over the internet. Totally in favor of the idea.
  16. AlAzeeth

    Rent System

    So, I've been thinking it would be nice to be available to purchase properties and rent them out, of course this could be handled in a RP way (landing keys and collecting rents), but then the cons side of things would be to rent your property to someone who gets inactive. I think that someone brought up a quite valid argument against this and it was something similar to: Having such a system would limit possible RP situation such as: -Evicting tenants -Getting the police involved -etc. I don't know if you guys wanna RP those, I'm way more in favor of the idea of
  17. You're probably working on this, but if not, then this is the reason why I'm creating this topic. I think it pretty much explains itself, holding my stores inventory in my cars' trunks is... not quite the easiest and most useful way... If this isn't an idea that have been brought already, then I'm suggesting we add it.
  18. I'm with @WonderPlukkie on this one. I don't think that my pc would suffer from this improvement in mapping. So all I see are pros concerning myself.
  19. I've tested the first animation and Spacebar doesn't cancel the animation..
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