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  1. 1st Jackpot will be the 8th of December. Every other Jackpots will happen every 2 weeks. - This post is reserved to post dates of Jackpots and Jackpots size aswell as last prize winner and video of the draw. -
  2. Los Santos Lottery is a brand new lottery company that is going to operate in Downtown Los Santos. + Everybody is eligible for participation, all that is required is for you to purchase your ticket(s) and claim your prize if you happen to win. + Prize size is determined by the amount of tickets sold and money amassed. + Jackpots are going to happen every 2 weeks. + Tickets price are 350$/each. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. 2:40 AM]Daniels: We are looking into radios though, its coming after tagging update This is from General channel on Discord. They were talking about updates and custom radios, perhaps they could add a Boombox item that would play them.
  4. Trending Coffee Shop in Mirror Park - Cool Beans For a vast majority of us, the day must start with coffee. Here's a place I recently discovered. Mirror Park "Cool Beans" Coffee Shop. Mirror Park BLVD, Mirror Park, Los Santos. If you're like me, then you can't go on with your day without your morning cup of coffee. I need that extra caffeine boost to be efficient in any way and for any daily task that I'll get involved in.
  5. After the last update in which dirt levels have dropped, dirt still shows quite fast and quite often.
  6. LOS SANTOS WASTE MANAGEMENT Moving trash bags and climbing the capitalism ladder. Los Santos Waste Management's waste plant. Everyone has waste to throw away and if it wasn't for them, your front yard would look like Hobo Land's sewers. You might want to start questioning our Government's wastes infrastructures after you learn that they're having it taken care by a private company by the name of Los Santos Waste Management,
  7. Also a good way to remain anonymous, yes.
  8. Why is this pointless and why won't this lead to a solution?
  9. Hi, I didn't know where to post this so I figured here would be the place. I think it's about time someone posts about it.. so I guess this will be me. So I've been around for a little time now, over the forums and in-game and... I couldn't help but notice how toxic a part of the community is, I've already pointed some posts and members to several admins and yet this is a phenomenon that just keeps going on. I really don't know what's up with these people, is it a trend or just some kind of war between MTA and Owl V? Aren't both part of the same community? Because yes, most of thos
  10. Los Santos It is quite an important day for some of San Andreas' citizens as I could observe a great amount of people moving out of the county to reach the big city. The city of Los Santos Today seems to be the day everyone moves to Los Santos, driving on the highway and looking in the streets I couldn't help but notice the tremendous amount of rental and mover trucks all around the city. Apparently I'm not the only one m
  11. Clearly someone that hasn't been active during the last month... you're free to stay in Paleto, as it is said:
  12. Name: Okita Comment: It is part of Paleto Free Press' slogan. I guess it means that the LLC is about telling the truth and unravel the lies of people with power.
  13. MAGAZINE COVER - PALETO FREE PRESS LLC I've been asked to create a magazine cover and this is what I came up with. ((Forum is affecting the quality of the image, click on it for better quality)) Welcome to my Paleto Free Press LLC magazine cover blog post. I've come across an advertisement made by Paleto Free Press LLC from Lilian Armstrong on a media platfor
  14. I was going to bring this up... will we be refunded on our countryside purchases if this vote passes and we happen to change to RP area to LS?
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