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  1. 1st Jackpot will be the 8th of December. Every other Jackpots will happen every 2 weeks. - This post is reserved to post dates of Jackpots and Jackpots size aswell as last prize winner and video of the draw. -
  2. Los Santos Lottery is a brand new lottery company that is going to operate in Downtown Los Santos. + Everybody is eligible for participation, all that is required is for you to purchase your ticket(s) and claim your prize if you happen to win. + Prize size is determined by the amount of tickets sold and money amassed. + Jackpots are going to happen every 2 weeks. + Tickets price are 350$/each. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Mister Takejiro, This is an email to inform your business license for Los Santos Lottery (Gambling) is now ACCEPTED! your business can now operate with this approved business license. Please follow the rules & regulations of the Los Santos while operating your business(s)! Department of Licensing & Permitting, Financial Operations Officer _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ((OOC Section)) Make sure you read carefully the rules and information above and below. + Keep and provide proof of purchase. This is done by taking a screenshot and sending me every wired money transfer(s) regarding the lottery to my character Okita Takejiro, do this via the forums messaging system @AlAzeeth. ((Make sure the date and time is visible on the screenshot.)) + I will keep tracks of purchases with an excel document. + Buying more tickets does increase your chance of winning, there's no limit of tickets per users. + If you are buying many tickets, make sure that you buy them at a different time. It'll be easier for me to keep track of the amount you purchased. + There is NO REFUNDS. + Winner will be determined randomly using a Random Number Generator Program. I will be filming and recording myself during the process of randomization. Feel free to give me suggestions.
  3. 2:40 AM]Daniels: We are looking into radios though, its coming after tagging update This is from General channel on Discord. They were talking about updates and custom radios, perhaps they could add a Boombox item that would play them.
  4. Trending Coffee Shop in Mirror Park - Cool Beans For a vast majority of us, the day must start with coffee. Here's a place I recently discovered. Mirror Park "Cool Beans" Coffee Shop. Mirror Park BLVD, Mirror Park, Los Santos. If you're like me, then you can't go on with your day without your morning cup of coffee. I need that extra caffeine boost to be efficient in any way and for any daily task that I'll get involved in. With myself moving to Los Santos, I've had to roam around to find myself the best coffee in town and enjoy those early morning hours, whether it is for blogging , having a chat with a friend or a colleague, or just to get some consistent and tasty breakfast, Coffee Beans is the place. About the Coffee Shop Located in Mirror Park, Coffee Beans' building stands out from the rest with his red-orange coloured exterior, floral arrangement and enjoyable terrasse. The building is on one, if not, the most frequented street of the suburb, Mirror Park BLVD. It is easily localisable, there are plenty of parking spots nearby and it is surrounded by a whole lot of little stores that are yet to fill your most intense shopping craves. The Coffee Shop has quite a diversified menu with plenty of coffee roasts from everywhere around the world, teas, juices of all kinds, cakes and the common sandwiches for your mid-day bites. There's no reasons for you to not stop at the shop if you're passing by. -Okita Takejiro Stay tuned for more content: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/1628-blog/ (all Blog posts) https://owlwebs.wixsite.com/wordsmith/blog https://deveis.com/wordsmithllc ((This form of VM is based on reactions and views))
  5. After the last update in which dirt levels have dropped, dirt still shows quite fast and quite often.
  6. LOS SANTOS WASTE MANAGEMENT Moving trash bags and climbing the capitalism ladder. Los Santos Waste Management's waste plant. Everyone has waste to throw away and if it wasn't for them, your front yard would look like Hobo Land's sewers. You might want to start questioning our Government's wastes infrastructures after you learn that they're having it taken care by a private company by the name of Los Santos Waste Management, but for now, Los Santos Waste Management are the ones to be reached for when it comes to domestic trash as they have complete monopoly over it. Mr.Turner has reached Tesoro, offering him a longtime contract in managing the vast majority of Los Santos wastes, and this is how it happened: Moving our trash, dumping our load. "The founder, Tesoro, moved to Paleto Bay from Newark, New Jersey, to start a new life. He realized that Paleto Bay did not have a trash collection service, and the citizens needed one, so he called an old business partner, Angelo, and the two of them founded Paleto Bay Waste Management. Angelo made contact with Mr. Turner, and the two of them agreed on a contract. After a few days, Angelo left Paleto Bay in a rush, and no one has seen or heard from him since, and that's where I come in. See back home, Tesoro and I had some business ventures as well. I got a phone call one afternoon a few weeks ago, Tesoro said he needed someone, as soon as possible. I told him I'd be on the next flight out. While on my flight, I E-Mailed Mr. Turner, and explained to him the situation, and that I would be taking over the operations and the contract, and would most likely need to meet in person to go over and finalize some details. When I got to Paleto Bay, the first thing I did was get ready for the meeting. Mr. Turner was very polite and understanding. I read over the existing contract, then we talked for a little bit about any needed changes, then we signed it. Within a week of me arriving, we decided to move the company to Los Santos and to re name it Los Santos Waste Management. There were many reasons for this decision, but the biggest was due to the lease on the old place doubling, and us not being able to afford it. So what we do currently, is collect garbage from Los Santos. We recycle what can be recycled and we take what can't to another location where we burn it to produce extra energy. We have multiple low maintenance scrubbers in our smokestacks to reduce the pollution and CO2 emissions, and we have systems in place so that if the emissions get above a certain level, our maintenance team is notified and gets on it as soon as possible. We have plans to expand in the future, adding a branch for construction site cleanup and construction waste recycling, and a scrapping branch, among other things." This is the story as told by Katie Rossi. -Okita Takejiro Get yourself a job now as a driver for the company! https://deveis.com/LSWMRHLLC Stay tuned for more content: https://owlwebs.wixsite.com/wordsmith/blog https://deveis.com/wordsmithllc ((This form of VM is based on reactions and views))
  7. Also a good way to remain anonymous, yes.
  8. Why is this pointless and why won't this lead to a solution?
  9. Hi, I didn't know where to post this so I figured here would be the place. I think it's about time someone posts about it.. so I guess this will be me. So I've been around for a little time now, over the forums and in-game and... I couldn't help but notice how toxic a part of the community is, I've already pointed some posts and members to several admins and yet this is a phenomenon that just keeps going on. I really don't know what's up with these people, is it a trend or just some kind of war between MTA and Owl V? Aren't both part of the same community? Because yes, most of those "toxic" members are from MTA (sorry but it seems like most of them really are). I'm really done with all the trolling, the discord's channels are, in the end, all memes channel.... People have been bashing at the admins team over the Apocalypse thread and the list goes on, all you need to do is look at the live chat on the home page of the forums really.. Can't measures be taken to stop this behavior? This "cool memers club" does nothing but go against the development of Owl in my opinion. It just takes out the seriousness out of EVERYTHING to a point where it's even affecting ingame RP. I think that this is something that should be discussed, it has reached a point where people lack respect to each others. I've never seen a community having such hateful comments about their server.. Chatbox: https://forums.owlgaming.net/bimchatbox/
  10. Los Santos It is quite an important day for some of San Andreas' citizens as I could observe a great amount of people moving out of the county to reach the big city. The city of Los Santos Today seems to be the day everyone moves to Los Santos, driving on the highway and looking in the streets I couldn't help but notice the tremendous amount of rental and mover trucks all around the city. Apparently I'm not the only one moving from the county to Los Santos. The City Being born in Japan, I am very familiar with highly populated environments, when I flew abroad to the US, I thought I'd settle in the county area for a change, just to get my mind cleared and my thoughts settled. I guess what I was seeking was a new beginning, far from all of the emotions and events that I've been through back in my mother country. And let me tell you that I am glad that I purchased this flight ticket. So I've been thinking for a while, for about a week or so.. I've been thinking of moving from Paleto to Los Santos and today, I've finally made the move. Mirror Park I've seen several ads about houses and properties in Mirror Park. Unfortunately the area isn't of my taste and doesn't quite suit myself. The suburbs just look all the same. Like a bunch of over-priced houses all lined up one next to the other, the properties have no particular character.On the other hand, it might be nice if you have a little family of your own, having a small yard for the dog, having BBQs with the neighbors that you don't like all that much. The only things that are most likely going to bring me in Mirror Park are its lake and the small café that I've recently discovered on Mirror Park BLVD. Speaking of the café, it might just end up being the place where I'll spend my free and lonely mornings, trying to have some work done and of course blogging. Their high quality coffee is sure to grant me the needed amount of caffeine to get me through the day. Downtown I managed to get myself a small apartment, in a, what seems to be, decent neighborhood. Hopefully this area won't end up like the ghettos located further south in Los Santos. I guess this is another new start if I can say. The city will most definitely have more opportunities for me career wise, so I'm looking forward to living here and moving on with my life. The best is yet to come. Side Note Make sure to stay updated on my blog, I've got some new content ideas for the next posts. Feel free to send me your suggestions and requests, be it a particular or a business/company. -Okita Takejiro https://owlwebs.wixsite.com/wordsmith/blog https://deveis.com/wordsmithllc ((This form of VM is based on reactions and views))
  11. Clearly someone that hasn't been active during the last month... you're free to stay in Paleto, as it is said:
  12. Name: Okita Comment: It is part of Paleto Free Press' slogan. I guess it means that the LLC is about telling the truth and unravel the lies of people with power.
  13. MAGAZINE COVER - PALETO FREE PRESS LLC I've been asked to create a magazine cover and this is what I came up with. ((Forum is affecting the quality of the image, click on it for better quality)) Welcome to my Paleto Free Press LLC magazine cover blog post. I've come across an advertisement made by Paleto Free Press LLC from Lilian Armstrong on a media platform known as Deveis. Paleto Free Press LLC, a Freelance company aims to reach to the Paleto audience in quite an unusual way, instead of getting and gathering content the way most media company would do, they invite their readers to send their own content and that is to make sure that what they publish is actually relevant to the reader. Content made by the audience is sure to be read by the audience as well is what they think. The Deveis advertisement. This is the advertisement that has been posted on Deveis.com by Lilian Armstrong. You can find Paleto Free Press LLC's page here. The making. This seemed like a nice starter opportunity for a new Freelance Writer like myself. Right after reading the advertisement on Paleto Free Press LLC's, I contacted Ms.Armstrong to get involved as soon as I could with her idea and magazine. Creating content when you begin in this field of work is not easy, especially if you've got to find yourself projects to work on. So I thought of this call for content as a good way to build my Portfolio and hopefully to reach out for more customers for future work. If Lilian's satisfied with my work, I am more than willing to keep our professional relation going and I am definitely interested to get involved in more of her projects. With some ideas on my mind, I opened photoshop and made a quick sketch of what I thought Lilian would be interested in and with some content inspired from her current page and logo. I've made a total of 3 designs with different backgrounds and writing styles and this is the one that got selected. Perhaps not my best work, but I'm quite satisfied with it, taking in consideration the amount of time I've spent on it and the fact that I didn't get paid to take on this work, I'm quite happy with it. Feel free to contact me for work inquiries, reviews of my work or just to share your content ideas. Stay tuned for more content: https://owlwebs.wixsite.com/wordsmith/blog https://deveis.com/wordsmithllc -Okita Takejiro ((This form of VM is based on reactions and views))
  14. I was going to bring this up... will we be refunded on our countryside purchases if this vote passes and we happen to change to RP area to LS?
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