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  1. Good point. This is what I fear aswell.
  2. The title speaks pretty much for itself, it'd be nice to have a Character Panel that allows you to select animations, it's much faster than going through the process of searching for them and binding, also it'll limit the server lags that is currently occuring because of it.
  3. I agree with was is said there. When I first joined the server, all I did for 2 days was to find out ways to earn money in order for me to make payments on a car and pay rent. It took nearly 10 hours to get implicated with other players and start some meaningful RP. I'm not saying that I'm in favor of the idea or against it. You do get tokens upon starting for both a property and a vehicle and a 500$ hourly paycheck. You're free to join a faction or make your own and you might even be eligible for Faction Team starter packs and support. I think what you want is not a scripted job but rather a scripted system for your items. Ex: Get to the place, use [ITEM] obtain [MATERIAL] -> [MATERIAL] in [MACHINE] -> [NEW MATERIAL] -> [SELL]?? All that is needed is a place in the world (a mine or cave) that would grant, from the usage of an item like a pickaxe (that could be sold at a hardware store), the [MATERIAL] item (from script), then the transformation process ([MACHINE]) would have to be scripted aswell so it gives the [NEW MATERIAL], then you could sell it. The Government and Construction companies could then buy this [NEW MATERIAL] and turn it into buildings, etc. From that, all you would need would be the Factory Building itself, which wouldn't be opened to everyone and would require RP in order to access it. It's nice to own an item in a materialistic way (not fictional), if no item is added into the game, alot of people will feel that their RP options are limited. You need actual existing items introduced in the game in order to create an economy. The item will travel from hands to hands traded for cash or perhaps other items, will eventually get processed or transformed and will change into something else. And then the cycle would go on. Raw materials are the base of all economy, it has to be gathered from resources on the planet itself and will then be bought, sold or traded and transformed. We need items added into the game. Trading leads to social interaction which leads to RP situations. Money and pleasure drives people.
  4. (Click on images for better quality)
  5. (Click for better image quality)
  6. Have these been fixed? Are there more available?
  7. I'm not sure I fully understand the purpose of your idea @zoezoegigantic, could you develop on it a little more?
  8. Thread updated: 10/5/2019 Locations: [GRAPESEED] [PAWNSHOP] [PUB]
  9. Cars upgrades and personalization is something people will want access to. What are you suggesting to make this more realistic?
  10. AlAzeeth

    Snowy Maps

    So Christmas is on its way, I thought that this could be enjoyed by some people. Let me know what you want/think. it might be an issue for people roleplaying summer stuff such as riding Motorcycles.
  11. So DxRK explained me how to do this in a RP way, I'll give it a try and see how it goes. I hope that topics will be handled in a smoother way in the future. I guess we could lock this unless other people have anything else to add. I still think that it'd be a good idea, if someone can come up with something, you're free to post it over here.
  12. Can we ban this guy from the topic? His comments aren't constructive in any way. I don't see how looking at 5 videos and 3 posts would make me eligible for robbery either. I'm done with this passive/aggressive attitude of yours, you're not helping in any way. You're against it, I get it. now stay away from this topic. I'm actually suggesting things so we can improve the server's situation and EVOLVE from whatever MTA was. We managed to get a couple of good ideas until you started posting back. Stop trying so hard to limit the server's potential.
  13. Because I'm trying to find a more efficient way to do it without having to rely on anyone. And to add items to the server that would open doors to a whole bunch of other items and RP situations. I feel like you did not read through all the posts.
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