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  1. I'll just stop here, seeing you have high hopes of this working I'll leave your optimism to it.
  2. I didn't know about the voting so fair enough to that. But now, as someone who played Owl since 2015 and would want to move to GTA 5 rp on RAGEMP, give me a reason to choose Owl 5 over any other server that has same text RP and is based in LS and has same if not even way more features than Owl 5? Of course its just my opinion that the scripting/UAT shouldve sticked with country side and developed it so it would be interesting for the people playing and with that attract people who are sick of Los Santos which always turns out the same.
  3. where the blue tag at

    1. Mogs


      he passed away due to his ligma

  4. So you've literally just lost the uniqueness that Owl 5 had by being located at Paleto Bay which was awesome, but by moving to LS you're going to create even a bigger ghost town, actually make that ghost island than it was before...Have you even asked yourself why would player choose Owl 5 over any other text RP based server on RAGEMP? Whack decision Chaos zzz.
  5. Los Santos is a bad idea, literally every other server is based on Los Santos, yes it has more buildings housing and all of that, but even with 150 players on it'll still feel EMPTY considering how big it is. Give the developers a chance to get some good scripts running, get a bigger playerbase, add more housing maybe even some custom one considering GTA 5 has a lot of modding possibilities and it'll be better. And if anyone thinks that even with a playerbase of lets say 50 people, that LS is gonna work, means he is delusional. I personally find paleto bay more fun, it offers a great nature vibe with loads of potential for activities, be it offroad clubs, boat clubs, hiking anything really. You can even have bars and clubs considering it has some industrial buildings. MTA also had LV and SF off RP zone and nobody really complained? If you really think that LS is gonna be better you're wrong. It offers more buildings and it'll feel like a ghost town considering its SO BIG. Instead of LS they can slowly integrate Grapseed area and Sandy Shores and even the suburbs of Los Santoy County, wanting to play in LS will make them lose playerbase because everyone without a roleplay group will find himself driving in LS for 20 minutes before logging off because he got so bored. A lot of players dislike Owl as of now due to the lack of features, once the developers make something great, which I believe they will it'll be a completely different story. Also you're delusional.
  6. Happy early birthday

    1. DxRK


      cheers pal much love

  7. The reason which stands behind the amount of players is that Owl5 is nowhere near as amazing as MTA was. Yes, it's still in beta, yes people could interact between each other and crate relationships as it's mentioned above, but why should they can simply join a more developed server and play there? No, I'm not advertising or anything or encouraging people to leave Owl5, I'm just saying we took it for too granted of how great and stable MTA was and we thought Owl5 will be as well, well sadly not. It's also got some competition going on so unless you create something great with the features RAGEMP and GTAV has to offer I doubt Owl5 will see much activity in its early days.
  8. How do you roleplay a crash scene? You say skip or void ❤️ 



  11. Clearly you've never been in GAT if you think only QueenC is the one whose bad...don't get me wrong she used to do good work...but we ALL abused something, be it spectating people when you're not supposed to and the list goes on.
  12. I hope my comment doesn't get deleted as it usually ALWAYS did, because the people operating the forums are quite strict and don't take criticism well but here I go anyways again... Let's be honest, it all started a few years ago...each year we noticed less players...there wasn't much impact at first as the playerbase was still like 150+ on weekends, which made it really enjoyable and I had some good fun, not gonna like, as much as I dislike OwlGaming now. The first thing I'll blame is the server tokens, my god are those things simply awful? I don't know if they are still in the game as I haven't played for a year, but that really ruined the server and many of my then friends who I played with agreed...when I first joined in 2015...man was it so freaking exciting? Doing the little grindy jobs to earn that 5k to buy the car off the shop, and it felt simply AMAZING, knowing you got something...but then that was just given off as free like? Fine, we played on. Then there's the thing which UAT obviously denies and encourages to report if you find it is...being friends with admins(which I meant being biased towards one party always!)! Yay! I was an admin as well, was only a good few months, but we all did it come on...friends before other players. You accept your friends report, when he's reported for something? Of course you won't punish him, you'll act as if you're trying to make him scared so he doesn't repeat it, whilst you're both laughing on discord, knowing the guy who reported thinks he achieved something... All things take so long...remember when Franco was FT leader, and the thing took FOREVER...well I wouldn't say that much changed...everything is so hard to get...too many complicated systems...people need to put more effort into getting a faction than a job irl? Like what...You're supposed to enjoy yourself here not put more effort into opening a simple faction come on.. Then people started leaving, the ones who were actually known...be it Lewis, BusterAces, Tidemo...and people like that. Once you see the players you once looked up to leave, you really think to yourself, is everything really that bad? Especially cause players like that are former admins and actually know how BAD the system is. Which somewhat make me think of the movie DOWNFALL, which basically potraits how world war 2 was for germany, starts off great, then slowly starts losing because the fuhrer is no longer informed of how everything is and is getting lied too...interesting, right? But then in general...people who shouldn't be admins became ones, which was really funny seeing trolls and noobs having a position over you...yeah haha. The typical asslicking as well, seeing people get promoted way faster, people don't get removed for *insert reason here* and on it goessssss...boyyy... Back then, when we issued problems you didn't listen!!! You didn't listen to your ownplayer base thinking you know it all because you're the owner and you spend only a few hours per week maybe actually playing? And see where you're now. You made fun of people, and so did your UAT team when they said some things are gonna ruin the server and those people ended up being roasted...and now..on a saturday you barely reach 20 players haha. Ah ya. Much love tho xxx
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