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  1. that's what i mean this is a meme
  2. You have a McLaren MP4-12C for 120,000$
  3. Name: Kazuya Comment: I have 2 McLarens for this price LOL
  4. Good idea but if you would make such scripts a loan function would be highly appreciated. And if you do not pay the loan off on the certain time you have received, property is being claimed and deleted/placed on the Bank of LS faction.
  5. The Gargoyles - A group founded on May 10 of 2019, is a group of friends from the past. Most of them once participated in not entirely legal undertakings, such as car theft or smuggling of parts. Most people in this group have a rich past in the underground and focus their interests around exotic, expensive vehicles. One of their main activities is, of course, constantly charging money to modify their four wheels and improve their performance. A group of adventurers, appearing at every possible event, to shine either with your vehicle or skills behind the wheel. These people are often associated with crazy actions or reckless behavior, often they do first and then think. They are not fully aware of the future consequences of their actions. They mainly bet on cars imported from Asia. But there are exceptions for European or American vehicles - cars are imported and modified under each individual. As you know, each of us is different - one loves speed and the other is controlled sideways - that's why one needs a new turbocharger, and in another one a changed car drive, to make it easier for him to master the ride. Everyone knows what is going to do with it, if the car is made for the maximum speed. It's logical that it will be a vehicle for illegal races, where it will earn a lot of money or lose it - it is precisely this risk and adrenaline, either you win and you have a life or you lose all your pay in one fucking night. Once you meet us on the road at night and lose with one of us a pile of a doll, and the next day you go to the workshop and meet him in his daily work. How do you react? Probably big eyes, shock and disbelief that an ordinary mechanic was able to cut you down for twenty thousand.
  6. i5-8600k 1070ti 16GB ram (2x8) 256gb ssd 1tb hdd idk how much MHZ or some stuff, to lazy to search it all up
  7. shit here we go again
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