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  1. IMAX THEATER - APPLICATION Title: Ms Full Name:Kaylee Bail Age:30 Residential Address: Whitefield Hotel Phone Number: 814901 Role you're applying for: IMAX Employee. Why should we hire you for this role? (50 words minimum limit) The reason I am writing you this application is for the following. I need a job, I am a hardworking woman that can give amazing results no matter what the position is due to my drive, I am also a very social person so if my position would have anything to do with human interaction It would not be a problem. I had worked at a bar in Vice city where I would work as a cashier so that of my positive traits and I am confident that I can make an immediate impact on your company IMAX Do you've any former experience within this position?No. (( Out Of Character Information )) In-game username: 808LEEK Location & Timezone: Curacao & UTC/GMT -4 hours Direct link to your admin record: https://gyazo.com/da71586498a441492305e7b1d525a459
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