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  1. I'm greatly excited to play this as well. Still not sure what program they plan to use for V. Either there own or one of the previous existing ones. Still happy and waiting.
  2. Short but enjoyed the RP so far.
  3. "Met someone around Little Moscow. Decided I'd hear him out." "I agreed to work with him and his pals. For now he's the only one I know about. We went down and had a Talk with...the Black Devils down the street." "Once done, we went off for a drive. I got myself some new clothes...and a haircut and trim. The Miracles of hair growth. We also got food." "After which we went our separate ways for now and I went to my house...to consider things." "Life seems to throw a lot in my way...but yeah...it's time to sleep." He closes up the Journal and puts it to rest. ((So yea I sorta write this like a Journal for the character. It fits him))
  4. "Some unwanted company moved into town. I decided to give them a message." "Should send a good message to them."
  5. Hello there! I'm Spadius. One of the newest players to the community. I was invited by a couple friends of mine and thought I'd check the place out. Currently just waiting on the usual as you know. So I thought I'd introduce myself, Been roleplaying for a good couple or so years. So I do have my experience in the nature but I also do more then RP. I play a lot of others games as well. So I hope to get along with the community here. Heard good things about it. Hope to see it's true.
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