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  1. Yeah sad, same came in like 2018 but then went active on 2019
  2. Ye i did that before apocalypse thing got approved
  3. already bro, everyone is now rping it check new rules and new stuffs posted by chaos.
  4. Since the apocalypse is now approved, i would like to give some ideas so that we can enjoy this new experience, Some already montioned by other players and some aren't. 1- Rping at night would be great for mta. 2- Removing Fuel Npcs, Shops, Pizza npcs, Toll npcs. 3- Giving Value to Fuel, tools, food, guns, ammo, cars, batteries... 4- Adding new rules, removing safe zones, no need for Pd or Fd to be online for some robberies... 5- New scripts such as batteries for phones. 6- crafting system ( no need for new script just generic box) which would give players
  5. Apocalypse Idea is the only way to revive MTA, if UAT wont approve it, they'll sign the end of MTA.
  6. Looking forwards to rp with you guys good work man
  7. #MakeMtaGreatAgain! donate gc please? ( stewie2k )
  8. is it possible to unban every single player in mta just to give them a chance so that we can revive mta?
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