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  1. ben sign my  profile?

    1. ResidentPeach


      ruined your chances by having blocked status' on your profile

  2. Happy birthday Meh.

  3. #MakeMtaGreatAgain! donate gc please? ( stewie2k )
  4. TenZz

    Vehicles IRL?

    we are waiting
  5. is it possible to unban every single player in mta just to give them a chance so that we can revive mta?
  6. Good luck bro we hope we can make Mta a thing once again.
  7. One of our best builds, Sadly sold just to improve our company and upgrade some other things on it.
  8. About Us: Boost Addiction is a small company opened in July of 2019 by Alex Harold. Alex never had a goal to open a company but after the build of his nismo, he got enough experience to do so that's why he decided to introduce for the first time in his life a company made by him. Boost Addiction based in Dilimore, we provide one of the best services for Nissan R35 all editions only ( black edition, premium, track edition, nismo). We make sure to build on of the best r35 in the city specialy runing with our parts on it. Our Services Detailed: Vehicle Repairs Vehicle Service Bodywork, Tints & Custom Wraps Grip Tires, Drift Tires Exhausts Brakes Suspension Fuel System Diagnostics & ECU Drive Train Air intake, air filters Safety Equipments 4.3L VR38 Engines Turbo Charger kits Cooling Kits Our Projects: 2012 GT-R Track Edition ( 800hp Track Build ) 2014 GT-R Black Edition ( 4.3L 1600hp Build ) Contact Informations: Email: [email protected] (( Forum PM! )) Phone Number: 766-730 (( Sadly Mta Owl gaming Died, let's hop it'll reborn again so we can have fun again ))
  9. (( server dead comeon hit me with ur things)).
  10. Good luck bro, nice one.
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