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  1. Seems good, good luck tho gonna be there for sure.
  2. Good one Fokusss my pakis man.
  3. 10/08/2019 Alex Just imported his new project car 2016 Nissan GT-R Nismo because he is a huge fan and lover of the jdm cars even if some stupid fucks keep calling jdms ricers. Alex decided to tune this thing to get more power and better acceleration and preparing it for the next build ( at the moment all done to it accesport, high quality coils. ) . ** You'de be able to notice that the car is lowered more than the first picture. ** Next Step of the build coming soon. (( TOP 260 not 259 ))
  4. not that hard to get faction, just be active for a month and you can get it
  5. they probably wont accept it even because there is a faction system for your suggestion.
  6. for mechanic shop, you can acutally get faction, just post thread and be active for 30days and easy faction.
  7. i think this could be done trought faction, you have banking there and everything you said.
  8. https://cars.trovit.com/listing/for-sale-1967-chevy-impala.1x1C1S1s1v1n-1R
  9. SpeedYY

    Happy Eid

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