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  1. I would rather see an event that lasts more than a night so I guess not the concert. I love the idea of a flood. Earthquakes are a bit more tricky because they are either too small to cause any damange to modern cities or big enough to devastate the city in which case it would be unrealistic to have LS just like before after a couple of days and it would require heavy mapping to appear realitic. I love the idea of having a flood. We could also RP a mass inflation which would result in riots, etc.
  2. Ya'all speaking Dotheraki here?
  3. Good luck guys! Take it far!
  4. Hey there, welcome!
  5. Hi there, and welcome to the community.
  6. Your medical knowledge sure is impressive along your story telling! Great read!
  7. Thanks man, I'm looking for more ideas and suggestions.
  8. I would love to RP with you guys! Hope we bump into each other ICly
  9. Part I The story of Daniel “Danny“ Rosato started at a winter night in 1995. He was born to Pauli and Mary Rosato both of whom were immigrants from Sicily, Italy. Danny's parents were both academics; Mary was a mathematics teacher in Los Santos High and Pauli was a violin instructor. Danny had a happy life in Los Santos growing up despite all the crimes swarming the streets. Danny grew up in a knowledgeable atmosphere and had his mind set to pursue law and become a lawyer. It was 2013 that Danny's life started to get eventful. He was accepted into San Fierro law school and mo
  10. Mdino


    Welcome! I wish I bump into you soon IG so we can RP. >.>
  11. Good luck, can't wait to RP with you guys.
  12. Thanks for the clarification, and I will do my best because I came here roleplay and of I dont find any I will do my best to ceeate some. Plus I love the functions available here, no SAMP server was ever or can ever have most of these stuff. I will need to learn about the script tho because right now Im not entirely comfortable with commands and such.
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome, any of you could tell me whats all the fuss about illegal RP that I saw around.
  14. Hello there everyone, I am Dino, and I'm new here. I'm a veteran roleplayer, I have spent a few thousands of hours roleplying in my old days in SAMP and WoW, but for the past 1~2 years I have been away from RP and have been aching to find a new community to call home. I came across your community recently and decided to give it a go. I already am liking the features here which are amazingly different from SAMP servers which I used to run and manage. Anyways, if you want to know more about me, I'm almost 25 years old, I live in Iran ( ?) and I have spent most of my GT
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