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  1. I would rather see an event that lasts more than a night so I guess not the concert. I love the idea of a flood. Earthquakes are a bit more tricky because they are either too small to cause any damange to modern cities or big enough to devastate the city in which case it would be unrealistic to have LS just like before after a couple of days and it would require heavy mapping to appear realitic. I love the idea of having a flood. We could also RP a mass inflation which would result in riots, etc.
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  7. Your medical knowledge sure is impressive along your story telling! Great read!
  8. Thanks man, I'm looking for more ideas and suggestions.
  9. I would love to RP with you guys! Hope we bump into each other ICly
  10. Part I The story of Daniel “Danny“ Rosato started at a winter night in 1995. He was born to Pauli and Mary Rosato both of whom were immigrants from Sicily, Italy. Danny's parents were both academics; Mary was a mathematics teacher in Los Santos High and Pauli was a violin instructor. Danny had a happy life in Los Santos growing up despite all the crimes swarming the streets. Danny grew up in a knowledgeable atmosphere and had his mind set to pursue law and become a lawyer. It was 2013 that Danny's life started to get eventful. He was accepted into San Fierro law school and moved there to do his studies. When you are an 18 year old struggling to pay for your studies and you see people around you driving exotic cars and enjoying life you develop a thirst. Danny loved his parents to pieces, he was never kept from having things he wanted but his parents weren't the richest. His dad had bad teeth and most of what he earned teaching violin was in the dentist's pockets moments after he received them. Mary was a fantastic teacher but her earnings went to supporting most of the family needs and therefore, they, as a family, always struggled for improving their life. They lived in the Jefferson area which isn't the best and his father drove an old Subaru. When Danny saw his classmate arriving in a Maserati, he started thinking. He knew as a lawyer he could make a butt load of money, but he also knew it would take years to see those days come and he was a very impatient boy. It was in the middle of October and after a lot of studies and writing a long and tedious paper, Danny wanted to chill and blow off some steam. He went to a nearby liquor store which he had passed by several times but never tried. He smoked a joint outside and went in. He was never a big drinker, he preferred marijuana as a daily mind coolant. After all you need some motivation to keep surviving in the law school and you can't really study while drunk. The bartender, or rather the owner of the shop, was Franco DeLuca. Danny sat by the bar and after having a few beers started talking to Franco. Turns out Franco was an old friend and class mate of Pauli, Danny's father and the two had many stories together, a few of which Franco explained while laughing and drinking his whiskey. Danny and Franco drank and kept chatting until dawn and Danny really connected with him. He also couldn't wait to tell his father who he has found in San Fierro. Part II The next day was probably the worst in Danny's life. His phone rang and it was Los Santos Police Department. A drive-by in the Jefferson area had some collateral damage and two civilians were shot. Pauli died instantly as a bullet hit his heart but Mary was hit with 2 bullets one in the neck and one in the shoulder but it took paramedics too long to come to the scene and Mary died on the way to the hospital due to massive blood loss and critical wounds. Danny froze. He wasn't a kid. He was one of the toughest 18-year-olds, his friends always thought his looks and manners were way more mature than his age. But at that moment he felt alone, scared and like a very young kid, defenseless. He felt a deep hatred towards the gangsters responsible for his parents' murder and the thought that he couldn't do shit to get back at them was burning him from the inside. The first place he found himself in was The Corner's Liquor along with Franco. He didn't cry, he drank and drank and made DeLuca tell him more stories about his dad and asked DeLuca why he lost contact with Pauli. Franco emptied his glass of whiskey and bumped it on the bar. “Maron! bicciuridu, my boy, Pauli was a decent boy, like you are. He wanted to earn money straight by the law. He had an argument with me about my connections that time, you may not know what I'm on about but your father didn't like it and decided to take Mary to Los Santos and have a normal, quiet life. I wanted a Ferrari, maron!“ Franco filled his glass at this point and started drinking, leaving Danny to his thoughts and sorrow for a few minutes. But the first words that came out of Danny's mouth shocked Franco; “How do I earn enough to buy a Maserati?“ Franco was not a straight shooter like Daniel's dad; He had his hands in different places all over San Andreas. Drugs, gambling, fencing, De Luca had seen them all and had his connections. He was an old mobster at the time he met Danny and was settled to tending his bar and of course acting as Adviser to the big San Fierro mob boss, Giovanni "Gio" Valentini. Part III In the summer of 2016, Daniel was a man who had no minute to waste. In less than a month after the death of his parents, Franco arranged a meeting between Johnny Castillo, a crew leader in the Valentini Crime Family and Danny managed to impress Castillo enough to start him in his crew. Danny then used his knowledge of the law to the benefit of his fellow family members and his persistence in the tasks assigned to him resulted in him becoming a made-man by Gio himself in the late 2015, two years after he learnt of the existence of the big crime family. Danny was an ice-cold person when it came to having things done, but he was always a man of books and looks. He was never a big fan of physical violence but at the work of line that he chose, physical violence was sometimes a necessity. The good thing for Danny was that his partner in crime, had no such issue. Sergio DeLuca, Franco's nephew, didn't take a liking in Daniel when they met. Sergio always wanted to have himself in the middle of things and was always trying to get on the radar of Gio. He craved a high profile for himself and at first glance, he thought of Danny as someone who might disrupt his ambitions. But Castillo put the two on the same tasks and Danny's charm got over Sergio's ambition and they developed a strong bond and they decided to go at this together and share their ambition and goals. With Daniel Rosato as the one making the decisions and Sergio Rosato as the enforcer. The duo was quickly known through the organizations for how they dealt with things in the smartest manners. Thanks to them, Castillo's crew got bigger and made a huge profile. Danny and Sergio, were making great money and had their payments to Castillo on point and more than he expected. This was one of the reasons that both of them got accepted into the family and became made after only 2 years of service. 2 years later, Johnny Castillo was shot in a SWAT attack on his club in east San Fierro. Danny and Sergio at the time were at Franco's liquor store when Gio called Danny's phone. Danny amazed seeing the Don's number, picks up the phone to hear the news of Castillo's death. The other thing that Gio wanted to say though, was for Danny to fill in Castillo's shoes, but not in San Fierro. The mob boss was afraid of their profile which had gotten huge at the time and wanted to bring in new markets without increasing the heat in San Fierro. Danny had mixed feelings about Los Santos. It was the city he grew up in, the city with a lot of good memories of his parents, but also it is the city that took Danny's parents. But it was a request from Valentini himself and it meant Danny would become a captain and lead his own crew in Los Santos. to be continued...
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