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  1. Ed gives Anthony Cacciopolli a warm welcome.
  2. Ed gets verbally disrespected. In front of his men. He did not take it lightly.
  3. Ed & the crew pull up outside of Bahama Mamas.
  4. Ed starts connecting people.
  5. *** Ed & Alex catch up the next night.
  6. Phil from Freemont sends down "Alex Benelli." Made guy. Ed and Alex have a short history through Phil. Alex & Ed met in New Haven while he was in the Cusamelli Crew & Phil dealt with Renzo.
  7. Ed gives out a new loan & collects his strip club "rent" from Rebekah.
  8. Jake makes a gay joke towards Ed. Ed warns Jake about his jokes.
  9. Sean meets with the crew.
  10. The government should only ever receive no more than what they receive from the paychecks. 15% federal tax. 10% state tax. On any revenue, be it from gas, be it from clothes, furniture, imports, whatever business anyone starts, the profit margin should be higher and they should be taxed the same as the side jobs if they want it to be realistic. I also think side jobs should pay less and VMs should pay more if the staff wants people to roleplay more instead of grind. I'm not saying VMs should make people rich, they shouldn't. Hard work should make you rich. But side jobs overpay, passive income in legal businesses are unwarranted & VM's don't pay enough. So with that said in regards to this, revenue generated should be left in the hands of the gas station owner, and they should pay taxes, if we're looking for realism.
  11. Harry's new associate.
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