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  1. Townie


    Big facts from the BIG HOMIE.
  2. I've seen this discussion transpire 101 times, it's always a cancerous discussion. BUT, for the sake of discussion, here's my views, Heavy RP - Semi realism, intricate script & intricate factions. Admins are completely uninvolved with the roleplay in which rules were not broken. IC and OOC don't mix. There are currently no English speaking heavy text based roleplay servers in RageMP. Medium RP - Semi realism, half assed script, half assed factions. There's a handful of those. Light RP - Cops and Robbers servers.
  3. So.... house/business inventory system coming sometime in 2020?
  4. Awww, are you having a bad day?
  5. Ed's angry side comes out again. ...
  6. Ed gives Anthony Cacciopolli a warm welcome.
  7. Ed gets verbally disrespected. In front of his men. He did not take it lightly.
  8. Ed & the crew pull up outside of Bahama Mamas.
  9. Ed starts connecting people.
  10. Ed & Sean buy a motel.
  11. *** Ed & Alex catch up the next night.
  12. Phil from Freemont sends down "Alex Benelli." Made guy. Ed and Alex have a short history through Phil. Alex & Ed met in New Haven while he was in the Cusamelli Crew & Phil dealt with Renzo.
  13. Ed gives out a new loan & collects his strip club "rent" from Rebekah.
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