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    The Pine st. Hoods

    We’re not wasting another day in this poor excuse for a roleplay server. Maybe one day when the staff shapes up and treats their players with respect and wants to see development insead of a bunch of inbred pigfuckin moonshiners with nightvision, we’ll be back. Until then, siyanora. Lock and archive.
  2. You told me to fuck off and you told HIM to shut up... Don’t play the victim. Your attitude needs work for someone in your position, just work on it and be a little more mature thats all. Apparently you can step on others and be fine with it. You don’t take being stepped on kindly? Neither do we. You should AT LEAST apologize.
  3. Lol, bro I'm too old to be any type of butthurt over the internet. I AM directly involved with Roy's death and I've already submitted two screenshots to prove I was with him during the time of death. I'm not twisting anything you said, it's all written how it's written bro. What favor do I have? I'm a brand new faction leader to the server, barely have shit but the people I RP with and RS Haul, lmfao. This screenshot right here (https://imgur.com/sNoMur1) shows you asking Roy Baker, "Do you know Donny?" He goes, "Yeah." You say, "So you know Donny's business, no?" Roy goes "Yeah." You don't consider that to be viable proof that he INFORMED you he did business with Donny? It's simple English. Sure, actions aren't undoable if they're valid, but nothing you did is even remotely valid in any sense of roleplay whatsoever. You shot a guy in a bush the size of the Dillimore police department... RIGHT BEHIND the police department, not to mention, really lol. You're right... I shouldn't have given you the benefit of the doubt- and it had nothing to do with you being a leader I didn't even know you killed Roy ICly or OOCly before you came out and answered this thread. I just assumed I was dealing with a roleplayer, not a metagaming, deathmatching administrator who got a little bored and decided to shoot up the first enemy nametag he sees. My character didn't come up Chilliad for heads, possibly even giving you a better reason to come kill us all. Know why? Because Roy stopped it from happening lol. So yeah, you really got your facts nice and straight there buddy. Good job. If you're not a destructive roleplayer, you'd understand how you look, typing everything you've typed out. Telling new players to fuck off, and old players to shut up, you're a real sorry excuse for an admin. Learn to be a little more courteous.
  4. So as you sit here and pretend you wanted better RP, and pretend you would've given Roy the courtesy of a misunderstanding, you're really going to pretend that YOUR ACTIONS are undoable, what happened happened, even after you offered to void the situation? You asked him for proof that he told you that he was already doing business with Donny. You said show the proof. He did. And now you're continuing to push for this pathetic excuse of a metagamed, poorly reasoned CK? I killed Russell Barlow off pure beliefs, giving YOU the benefit of the doubt that you weren't a metagamer or a destructive roleplayer, considering I was dealing with someone in an apparently official faction. If you don't want to be reasonable, that's totally on you and the handling administrator now has all of the verbal proof he needs to give us closure on your behavior. If an IC misunderstanding can't be corrected, then why did you say this? It would seem that you already are planting the seed to say things can't be undone if your entire argument was you not recalling Roy saying he was in business with Donny. He SHOWED you logs. And you said IF IT's TRUE, which it is, "We" meaning you and Roy can push to get this voided. Now... you're just being stubborn and unreasonable going back on all of these other horsehockey claims about yourself. Maybe it's best we stop talking now that the handling admin should have enough to work with here. You've said enough already, and proved nothing.
  5. You can't reel in what you say, say it was a misunderstanding, ask for proof that it was a misunderstanding, and use the reasoning of "I didn't interpret it that way" as an argument. Just do the right thing here and Re-RP it if you're serious about not wanting to fuck shit up, because Roy is certainly vital to the roleplay in the county and yet you STILL haven't listed a reason outside of you were under some conspiratorial suspicion that Roy wanted you dead. There are a hundred reasons why he could've been killed. We could've burned something down on Chilliad. We could've shot one of your men. Roy could've opened fire on you. If literally any of those things transpired, wiping out the Bandidos and Roy Baker would've been warranted. You've walked back your argument so much that not only do you look like an off-the-handle metagamer, and a liar, you look a little bit like a DMer now too. And perhaps that's not who you are as a roleplayer, I'd even be as nice as to go ahead and doubt that, but everything about your defense and your argument isn't adding up. Everything should be RP'd because this all could've went a lot different if your approach was less competitive.
  6. You started it, and you ended it. Yeah? I bet you got screenshots to back that up too. You were never told he was coming after you either. So why don't we try this again and re-RP the situation? Because the only thing the Jackals, the Bandidos and the Irish have been trying to do in the entirety of the Clifftown Mob's absence, was put together more RP for the county. It would've been GREAT to have even more roleplayers to RP criminal shit with. But your actions sparked the reaction of others. DarkGlasses STOPPED US from all ganging up on Clifftown. So maybe you didn't get the memo but you didn't seem to get the memo for a MAJORITY of this situation. Nobody started namecalling here, but we're all men, how about we cut the shit, huh? You shouldn't be pushing for a CK if you claim that you don't intend on fucking shit up. Roy wasn't gonna fuck shit up. Roy was stopping any of that from going down. And you shot him because you saw him at 2AM in a bush 15 crocadiles can have an orgy in without being noticed.
  7. You're ignoring what I'm writing. Roy didn't want Earl dead because if he did he would've went up Chilliad with me on the suicide mission. You forget that doing shit like what you did to Roy would piss off the other faction bosses... I guess the world revolves around you and the Clifftown Mob.
  8. An attitude completely disregarding of development of other players. You're not being treated poorly, and to make that claim while assuming others have an agenda is also belittling. You wanted to provide roleplay and business by shooting the guy in a bush? Trying to downplay his attitude as you sit here and say you don't care about the merger because is doesn't BENEFIT you is counterproductive to your argument that you wanted roleplay. There is evidence in the logs of Roy telling his allies to stand down against Cliff Town, and you've STILL failed to mention why you popped Roy.
  9. It's an attitude like this, displayed by an administrator none the less, that makes new players and future faction leaders like me not even want to bother making a faction. You really should square away YOUR attitude, considering you're in an official faction AND an administrator.
  10. What was even your reason for killing Roy? I'm pretty sure that still hasn't been answered yet. What was the motive? You already kidnapped him and did all this extra stuff to him... you made demands I'd guess not a few hours before you somehow figured out he was hiding in a bush in Dillimore... in nearly pitch black darkness, right? You say this with absolutely nothing backing that up, not even logs. But you refuse to acknowledge that the only other 3 groups who even know about Craig Sweeney are the Bandidos, The Italians and the Jackals. When you guys beat up and tried to punk Roy earlier in the day prior to this, how did it come up that you guys knew about Craig Sweeney? I have to admit, serious red flag for metagaming. Not to mention the fact that I gave people the benefit of the doubt that there was no metagaming, but maybe we can worry about that in another discussion. The roleplay could've turned out way better and it saddens me as a new player here that the admins in an official faction wouldnt have tried to take a more solid approach for the sake of better RP. We got all these rules on pulling out weapons and stuff but apparently it's all good to pull your car up the street from a bush and spot a guy in a bush a tenth of the size of Dillimore itself lol.
  11. Here are screenshots of the environment, as far as lighting outside goes. Sadly it doesn't show the bush but it does show Roy and Craig using precaution to try to get Russell to help us confirm our thoughts on whether or not we were sold out. I'm still very, very curious about how the mount chilliad guys got info on Craig... I wish there was more expansion on that. @Sc0ttie agrees that there is a lot of metagame surrounding this situation.
  12. Hi. I was there when Roy was killed. I just want to confirm a few things before I get started. I realize this isn't a discussion thread so I will try to be as brief and to the point as possible. And for anyone thinking that people who weren't CKd shouldn't comment, I was 100% involved. Firstly I want to confirm that I did not ICly identify who killed Roy Baker, REGARDLESS of the fact that I was with Roy an entire hour before the incident. I want to confirm that I killed Russell Barlow in retaliation to Roy's death, under the very firm and reasonable assumption that him or his crew, the Bandidos, sold out our alliance in Red County. And I do want to confirm that Craig Sweeney is 100% aware of the "Rednecks from Chilliad" who are responsible for hurting a friend of his prior to this whole mess. Now that I got that out of the way, I want to just say a few things. I discussed the kill with Russ. Russ was murdered on the grounds that his crew sold us out to these Mt Chilliad gangsters who apparently were forcing Roy out of Angel Pine. Craig was informed that his girlfriend was shot in the incident, and desperately wanted to go up Chilliad on a suicide mission and kill everyone on it, but Roy Baker stopped him. Upon our meeting, Craig asked what these Rednecks know and asked Roy if they knew about him. Roy said yes. So automatically I assumed that we were sold out, giving everyone the benefit of the doubt that there was no metagaming on the aggressor's side. Heres the problem... Russ (Sc0ttie) claims that his crew didnt sell nobody out. I have a screenshot statement from him also believing that there is MG involved. I strongly advise the handling admin to look deeply into where they got their information but we can save that for a REPORT thread if this isnt resolved right here. I'm just here to confirm that Roy was NOT on the offensive... In fact, he was the opposite of aggressive, because if anyone was going to throw their character away, completely disregarding their life, it was me. And he halted that. TLDR even though I tried to keep it brief: I was there when Roy died. I did not ICly identify who did it. Roy was not on the offensive, he was actually talking people OFF the offensive. Video and screenshot proof, if requested. Thank you.
  13. Townie

    The Pine st. Hoods

    @Astro @DarkGlasses @Sc0ttie
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