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  1. @Astro @DarkGlasses @Sc0ttie
  2. 3 weeks ago, Craig Sweeney had started a crusade against robbers in the state of San Andreas. Especially truck robbers. He devised a plan so calculated and so outlandishly devastating to the people of Los Santos and Red County, he may have arguably done the state more harm than good, in hindsight. But others have constantly agree'd that his heart was in the right place. Craig was the victim of a double-robbery near RS Haul. What's a double-robbery in this case? Craig was robbed at the gas station and shot in his leg during it, no less. As he laid there bleeding and screaming in pain, along came the "guy on a blue dirt bike." This man seemed like he wanted to help. He stopped, assisted Craig in getting up and onto his dirtbike. As Craig thanked the man for coming along when he did, having already been helped on his bike, he noticed the man taking a wrong turn towards the woods. Of course, Craig knew what was about to happen next. Shortly after, he was pushed off the bike, another gun put in his face in the short matter of 20 minutes. This land-marked the very moment Craig Sweeney became too bitter to continue his life as a guy who lets people take advantage of him. This land-mark the beginning of the end, for all truck robbers who ever crossed paths with Craig Sweeney. Having nothing to give, and nothing to show for, but a bullet in his leg from the last robbery, another bullet was put in his other leg for not having anything to surrender to the new robber. Even after he told the robber he would go to the bank to get his money. Craig was left to die. Crawling across the field in front of RS Haul, Craig made it to the highway and was found passed out along the fence by a local. Craig woke up in the hospital with two bandages around his legs, braces on both legs, and one big fat grudge for not only Peter Holman, but for any single solitary soul that ever makes an attempt to rob people making an honest living ever, ever again.
  3. Craig Sweeney makes friends with Lou Canicatti.
  4. Here's a little treat for everyone. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT. 😁
  5. Current Members: President: Craig Sweeney (( @Townie )) Vice president: Treasurer: Spokesperson: Representatives: Members: Finances: Funded by the Ancient Order of Hibernians. Current Policies: 1-A: Members of the SAHU will be provided a radio and an earpiece to make their driving experience safer while hauling. 2-A: Every single member of the SAHU is required to pay monthly union dues of $1000. Failure to do so can result in removal from the organization. 3-A: In order to become a representative of the SAHU, the President, VP, Treasurer and Spokesperson for the union must allow for it. 4-A: Being directly involved in any robberies of any hauling trucks as a member of this organization will result in the immediate removal of any member, and also charged a $10,000 cancellation fee. However, simply leaving the union will earn any member a cancellation fee of only $500. 5-A: By sending in the application, you agree to all of the policies above, and will be charged $300 to become a member. Application: ((Send all applications to @Townie)) First Name: Last Name: Address: Phone Number: Email Address: Driver's certificate: ((Screenshot of a valid driver's license and delivery driver level.)) Send this application along with proof of payment of $300 Application Fee to [email protected] (@Townie) and we'll respond within 24 to 72 business hours with a letter of approval, or denial, based on your application. All applicants who fill out the form correctly will be accepted, so long as they have a valid driver's license, work for any hauling company, and agree to the follow the policies of the organization. Application fee payable to union president Craig Sweeney, transferred via your local Los Santos Bank branch. Signature: ((Your signature)) Date: ((Today's date.))
  6. Craig Sweeney hires a local woman by the name of Haley Brown to work in the Huntsman. He went on to describe his plans for the Ancient Order of Hibernians for the Palomino Creek area, and seemingly inspired her to get with the program in Palomino. Haley Brown became the founder of the Palomino Creek Home Owner's Association.
  7. Thanks for the criticism. I might do that. I was hoping to be able to do it in 2 separate posts on the same thread but this forum automatically merges double posts. I'll probably just make another thread for the Hibernians soon. And thank you all for the support, the likes and the luck, I hope our faction makes a positive impact on both the criminal and community sides of roleplay.
  8. Big Lou always at work.
  9. Thanks brotha. Lets letter rip! Much more content to come.
  10. Meet Craig Sweeney Craig Sweeney is a 28 year old Irish American from East Somerville Massachusetts. He was forced to leave the Boston area for spontaneously and unwittingly attempting to rob what turned out to be an off duty police officer, during a smoke break on a slow day at the deli he worked at... While he did not know the person he attempted to rob was a cop at first, he eventually found out, and had no choice but to realize the seriousness of this major, major mistake. Thankfully he managed not to hurt the officer during the scuffle, but he tried to cover his face with his shirt before the attempt, and of course his face was revealed during the skirmish, where the officer was able to get a decent enough make on him. Ultimately, Craig fled, leaving his parents and his friends behind in hopes of putting enough time and space between his fuck up long enough to establish himself as a man. Disgraced and rejected by his family, he wound up in Los Santos where he found work with RS Hauling through a group of random Russian immigrants. After the immigrants turned up dead in a quarrel with the gangs from Idlewood, Craig started busting his ass as a truck driver. Naturally, this left a bad taste in Craig's mouth. As he worked, he endured a number of his own close call robberies, and close call encounters with local gangsters he'd recognize from Idlewood as well. He was growing sick of the environment, and he had only just arrived. Certainly he thought about robbing people again too... but at this point he knew he was no robber. So he just kept working. Working his ass off for a few extra weeks, putting in an inhumane amount of overtime, he eventually earned himself enough money for a house, a few cars, and a business in Palomino Creek, on Pine street. "The Huntsman" bar now serves as a hotspot for certain small time organizations in the area, like the Palomino Creek Home Owner's Association, the Ancient Order of Hibernians and the San Andreas Hauler's Union. People in the area talk of a bright future for a safe, well rounded neighborhood for blue collar people. And Craig somehow wound up right in the middle of all these talks of a bright future.
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