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  1. (Rafael, circa 2018) Early Childhood: Rafael was born to Portuguese descents, Fausto and Júlia Vieyra in the Brazilian city of São Paulo on April 5, 1995. He and his parents all lived together in an inner city apartment that was slowly falling apart and was in a neighborhood that was getting more dangerous by the day. His father was often away working as a butcher while his mother stayed at home to take care of him. Due to the crime in his neighborhood, Rafael was never let outside alone unless his mother was watching him. At the age of 6, Rafael's father was stabbed and almost killed in an botched robbery while working at the butcher shop. Fearing for Rafael's well being, his parents made the final decision to immigrate to the United States in June of 2001. Fresh start in the United States: Rafael and his parents eventually land in El Paso, Texas where they find themselves a cheap apartment to stay in. Rafael begins to attend Elementary school but he quickly became an social outcast due to his lack of understand of English. His parents also didn't understand as well which made them unable to find a job. They all knew that if they wanted to get somewhere in the new country, they would have to learn English. Rafael didn't become fluent in English until he was 9. Still, he was still experiencing bullying in school mainly due to his accent. High School years: Rafael started High School in September of 2009 at El Paso High. The bullying towards him would only become worse as he was one of the few white kids in school. Often times in and out of school, he was harassed by Mexican street gangs that would follow him as he walked home and would sometimes jump and rob him. Rafael became too afraid to go to school due to the fear of getting beat up and robbed by the gangs. Eventually, Rafael would begin to learn how to defend himself and win a fight against a bully. After his graduation in 2013, Rafael decided to go to LSU for College. College and Present: Rafael attend LSU for 4 years before eventually graduating with a bachelors degree in Web Design. After College, Rafael tried to find a job relating to his major but couldn't due to the lack of job offers. Currently, Rafael works constantly during the day to hopefully achieve the full American Dream.
  2. Vincent Fararra "Life is no joke. You only get one shot at it so don't mess it up" Vincent was born to Greta and Marco Fararra in Boston's Back Bay district on November 13, 1997, two years after his sister Lacy. His father Marco owned a pizzeria in Downtown Boston which was struggling financially because of the constant raising of taxes of small business in Boston. His mother Greta worked as a secretary for a record company. When Vincent was 6, his father had his pizzeria foreclosed because he couldn't pay the ever increasing taxes. As a result, Greta filed for divorce because she felt that Marco wasn't gonna contribute anything to the family and left both Vincent and Lacy with their father. Throughout his Elementary and Middle school life Vincent was a social outcast mainly due to his intelligence which made his peers assume he was a bummer. His sister on the other hand, was a social butterfly and was popular in school. However, she didn't get as good grades as Vincent did and mostly got C's in her class which got her scolded at by her father. When Vincent got to High School, he noticed that he was having people like him instead of making him a social outcast and he liked it very much. Lacy still was a social butterfly and still was popular but Vincent was catching up to her status. Shortly after graduating High School in 2015, Vincent decided to attend college in Los Santos for his marketing degree. Upon arriving in Los Santos, Vincent had to take up an job at an supermarket to help pay for his tuition for college. By his second year, Vincent had lost a lot of motivation for college and finally decided to drop out of college in the Summer of 2019. From there, Vincent struggled to find a better paying job since no one would hire him since he was a college dropout. It won't be until December of 2019 that his luck changes around. Vincent meets Edward Palerusso who then offers him to work for him in which he agrees to do so. From that point on, Vinny would be indirectly brought into the affairs of The Palerusso Crew.
  3. General info Full name: Dylan James Mercer Date of Birth: 19/03/1997 Age: 22 Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland Nationality: American Features Height: 6'2" Weight: 151lbs Eye color: Brown Hair color: Black Race: Caucasian Family Father - Gabriel Mercer (Age 61) Mother- Anna Mercer (Age 55) Brother- Daniel Mercer (Age 27) Notes - Likes to listen to Hip Hop, Dubstep, EDM and Trap - Is a guns right supporter - Enjoys taking walks - Is known to be frugal Backstory Dylan was born to a working class family of 3 in Baltimore's Broadway East neighborhood in March of 1997. He lived with his older brother Daniel, his mother and father in a rowhouse that was run down the family couldn't afford to move out from due to their low income. Dylan's father worked as a butcher for a meat ship while his mother worked as a waitress for a restaurant. Growing up wasn't very easy for Dylan. The neighborhood he lived in was crime ridden and his parents feared for him and Daniel's safety since they were prone to becoming a victim of a crime. Dylan already had lost several of his relatives and a close friend of his to homicide by the age of 7. He went to one of the worst schools in Baltimore where he got bullied for being a student who got very good grades and for rejecting thug culture. To escape his harsh reality, he would play video games with his brother after school and read comics. At one point in middle school, Dylan got jumped and robbed by a gang of kids that followed him after school. This forced his father to teach Dylan self defense. Since his father was a guns right activist, he began to take Dylan to a gun range and teach him how to shoot guns. He also taught Dylan how to fight in case he couldn't use a gun. In high school Dylan got bullied less often but was still made a target by gangs. The constant picking on by the gangs got so bad to the point where Dylan snapped one day and found the leader of a gang that targeted him and started to beat on him in class. This got Dylan suspended from High School for a week. Little did he know that there would be more to come. One day when Dylan and Daniel were walking in a park and the same gang leader Dylan beat up pulled up on them with his crew and started to jump them. One of the gang members pulled out a knife and stabbed Daniel in the stomach. The gang fled the scene shortly after, leaving Daniel and Dylan alone. Dylan called for medical assistance and Daniel was taken to the hospital where he was treated for his stab wounds. This was the final straw for Dylan's family as they couldn't risk losing another family member and so they decide to pack their bags and move to Norfolk, Virginia. Dylan continued High School in his junior and senior year until he graduated in 2015. Shortly after graduation, Dylan packed his belongings and headed all the way to Los Santos to attend University. He ended up dropping out in his 2nd year due to the amount of stress University was causing him. Dylan dreams of eventually having enough money to open his own gun store.
  4. Hello to all fellow OwlGaming members. My real life name is Jordan and I currently live in Queens, New York. I'm currently 16 years old and started GTA roleplay in April of last year. I have come here because I wanted to give GTA: SA roleplay since I roleplayed on GTA V a try and see how it goes. Using skills obtained from previous experience I hope to fit in and become a likable member of the community. I am excited and prepared to see what the community has to offer. -Jordan
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