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  1. (Rafael, circa 2018) Early Childhood: Rafael was born to Portuguese descents, Fausto and Júlia Vieyra in the Brazilian city of São Paulo on April 5, 1995. He and his parents all lived together in an inner city apartment that was slowly falling apart and was in a neighborhood that was getting more dangerous by the day. His father was often away working as a butcher while his mother stayed at home to take care of him. Due to the crime in his neighborhood, Rafael was never let outside alone unless his mother was watching him. At the age of 6, Rafael's father was stabbed and almos
  2. Vincent Fararra "Life is no joke. You only get one shot at it so don't mess it up" Vincent was born to Greta and Marco Fararra in Boston's Back Bay district on November 13, 1997, two years after his sister Lacy. His father Marco owned a pizzeria in Downtown Boston which was struggling financially because of the constant raising of taxes of small business in Boston. His mother Greta worked as a secretary for a record company. When Vincent was 6, his father had his pizzeria foreclosed because he couldn't pay the ever increasing taxes. As a result, Greta filed for divorce because s
  3. General info Full name: Dylan James Mercer Date of Birth: 19/03/1997 Age: 22 Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland Nationality: American Features Height: 6'2" Weight: 151lbs Eye color: Brown Hair color: Black Race: Caucasian Family Father - Gabriel Mercer (Age 61) Mother- Anna Mercer (Age 55) Brother- Daniel Mercer (Age 27) Notes - Likes to listen to Hip Hop, Dubstep, EDM and Trap - Is a guns right supporter - Enjoys taking walks - Is known to be frugal Backstory D
  4. Hello to all fellow OwlGaming members. My real life name is Jordan and I currently live in Queens, New York. I'm currently 16 years old and started GTA roleplay in April of last year. I have come here because I wanted to give GTA: SA roleplay since I roleplayed on GTA V a try and see how it goes. Using skills obtained from previous experience I hope to fit in and become a likable member of the community. I am excited and prepared to see what the community has to offer. -Jordan
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