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  1. Back after my break since I got burned out, made a small update for you boys.
  2. I have no clue where to put this, so I‘ll put it here, how do you guys do spoilers and actually show thumbnails of videos and such? Is it because I am using my phone for the forums or do I have to enter in some command because they aren‘t any buttons for these things? Thanks in Advance
  3. Speaking of Rims; I got myself some new black rims from another mechanic so it‘s alright:
  4. Little Update coming in, gonna add a new Reference Pic soon
  5. A mechanic, a biker and a good friend Biography Name: Jackie Sickle Gender: Male Age: 36 Years old Race: Caucasian Nationality: American Place Of Birth: Las Venturas, San Andreas, North America Height: 185 cm (6'1 ft) Weight: 90 kg (198 lbs) Career: Aesthetics Mechanic Voice: Jackie‘s Voice Backstory Jackie Sickle was born in 1982 in Las Venturas. His early life was rather average, he went to school, got a few enemies and friends, the usual. Though slowly Jackie got interested in Motorcycles, making cars look good and also low level crime, like not obeying traffic laws and such. At the Age of 16, he started studying Aesthetics Tuning of Cars, Motorcycles and eventually even boats and helicopters. And before he knew it, he got a good paying job at a local job shop and everything was going in Jackie‘s way. Eventually love crossed his path as he met his future wife Nina. They had lots of fun together and were a good couple. At the age of 23, he married Nina. And they happily lived a good life... Until 6 Years later, their Relationship went downhill, things weren‘t looking good... and one day Jackie found Nina... with another man. He confronted her, and got divorced. 6 Years later; Jackie got over the divorce, got a good amount of cash from his job, but Las Venturas... really started getting on his nerves, as Crime increased in Las Venturas, and his Chopshop got robbed several times, Jackie took the money and moved to Los Santos.
  6. Added Tyler‘s Family, a new Journal Entry and his Voice
  7. Smh, just make a Lesbian Male Character lmao.
  8. Alright; added you. I just typed in Unknown Woman because I never asked for your name
  9. Added a little Friends and Foes Section. If your character has RP'ed with Tyler before, feel free to ask me if I can add them. If you have a Reference Picture for your character (A picture showing how they look), feel free to add that to your post too.
  10. Theme Song A young Man from Liberty City looking for a fresh start in San Andreas Journal 26th December, 2018 “Shit hit the fan, my life‘s been upside down for the last couple of weeks, dealing with the wrong people really got me fucked didn‘t it? All I wanted was a good life, not this. I might just have to get outta here n‘ shit... Damnit, all because of those dipshits in the Cartel.“ was written into Tyler‘s Journal, after a bad misunderstanding with the Columbian Cartel in Liberty City he is forced to leave his old life in his hometown behind if he wants to life a normal and long life. Easier said than done... The constant pressure of the Cartel wanting his head and the millions of places to go delaying his decision immensely, he finally decided to head to San Andreas in March 2019, maybe there he will lead a good life... 25th April, 2019 “I‘m finally in San Andreas, and shit, it‘s nice here. Got a little crib at Grove St., finally got my driver‘s license, got a nice car; Shit‘s been going great. The music here‘s straight fire aswell, way better than fuckin‘ Head Radio and Lips 106. This city really suits me. I‘m just hoping that Troy‘s doin‘ good in Anywhere City.“ 2nd May, 2019 “Can‘t believe it, my brother Troy flew over to LS! Got him from the hospital and we hung out a little. He still looks like some thug you‘d find in LC, gotta get my nigga geared up with some new clothes.“ 4th May, 2019 “Well shit, I just woke up in the hospital from a Car Crash, and fucking Troy apparently took me when I was out cold and 'kidnapped' me. Thank god he was fucking stopped and I was brought into the hospital, damn.“ 13th May, 2019 “So Troy was released from the pen and shit. I‘m gonna forgive him this time, we hung out a bit and this nigga really wanna try to hold up some place somewhere, don‘t know if I should help him but he asked me to drop him off at Angle Pine for a bit, saying he‘ll call me later, weird.“ 20th May, 2019 “I just got my whip pimped up, fine spoiler n‘ shit, can‘t recognise my old ride no more, looks fucking sick, still no Word from Troy.“ 5th August, 2019 "They took my crib n' ride. I got no choice but to gang up with a nigga and try to get outta this rock bottom. And still... no word from Troy. I wonder what the fool's doin' out there so long." Biography Name: Tyler Clint Gender: Male Age: 22 Years Old Race: Afro-American Height: 161 cm Weight: 63 kg Voice Occupation: Part-Time RS Haul Employee Address: 2369 Grove St. N/A Car: Red Honda Prelude '97 N/A Homies and Bitches [Unknown Woman] Neutral @Nachtfalke „Hey, thanks for showing me that dealership, probably wouldn’t have found it so fast without you.“ Cairo Lee JR a.k.a CJ Homie "One of my homies, he's a cool nigga and helped me send a message to 'em racist nazis down in the city. I owe him one, like a wise man once said "You can't get outta Rock Bottom without another Nigga helpin' you out", and he's the nigga helpin' me out right now. (Ask me to add your character here if Tyler knows them. Reference Pictures would be appreciated)
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