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  1. Good Gym, good RP experiences, not just gym stuff but some good fights have taken place.
  2. @AmbidextrousIt's intentional, the name is not grammatically incorrect and yes, it's old school.. I have actual Russian speakers in my discord, they advise me daily thank you very much.
  3. VOROSTOVSKAYA BRATVA Background/Origin: The Vorostovskaya Crime Syndicate was formed from a critical war between Hadi Taqtas and Jugoslevenskia Mafija in multiple Slavic countries, mainly in Russia and the Ukraine. In order to start over, and achieve financial prosperity. One of the associates moved to America, illegally. This brought a chain of crime and un-explainable immigration into little Moscow for the past month. Not much is known about the members and their habits..but it's been assumed they run Human trafficking circles, such as prostitution rings. It's assumed they control a GTA racket and multiple accusations of murder in little Moscow. Other crimes are most likely involved but not recognized. Although the bratva is fairly new, they seem to have dug into their roots and know what their doing..as they've already taken a thresh hold of San Andreas' crime rate. Crime: Vorostavskaya crime rackets are broad, complex and diverse when it comes to the opportunities and new outlooks the boss of the bratva looks into. it's assumed the Vorostavskaya run rackets such as: - Human trafficking (Prostitution) - Gun dealing - Narcotic dealing - Leading GTA racket (car theft) - Murder Members: Although not much is known who is affiliated and in the Vorostavskaya connection, but it is not recommend to be around nor contact these presumed Russians. Their have been multiple sightings in little Moscow of wealthy men meeting, in the same spots, with the same personnel. Reports claim it's the bratva's higher end members making business deals but that is doubted as there is no bold proof. Accused bridadier of Vorostavskaya Bratva on bottom right, accused Pakhan on top right, accused Byki on the right. Accused Bridadier of the Vorostavskaya Bratva on the left, and Pakhan on the right. Rank system: (unknown// for MG purposes) Much like the Svensk maffia, it's been estimated the Bridadier runs their own crew of men, dividing and splitting certain rackets between each crew. (We listed as little as possible detail to avoid any form of MG or new people swarming into our ranks, realism) (By joining the Vorostavskaya Bratva, you confirm if killed by a member/and accepted by higher ranks, your CKed)
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