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  1. I apologise for posting once again, but I was browsing the forums and I just noticed one thing. Yesterday Earl Irwin & Gabriel Jack pretty much inquired about who/where we bought our guns from, asked if it was Donny to which I said Yes, then said I had to instead buy the guns from them. Now I’m quite confused, granted that ICly I had no knowledge of them being part of the same group, but what was the meaning of the whole scene at this point if Roy was already buying guns from their organization? The situation was also never escalated by Roy or anyone of the Jackals against Earl and their group. It was infact Rose Cantarella and Sean Zukhov that talked Roy out of retaliation as he was taken by anger. Roy called the retaliation off and had never any plan to strike TYM, instead had a tail on him all night, was hiding for a couple of hours and then ends up being dead. I don’t see the part where Roy clearly disregarded his life other than carry weapons with him to protect himself, as explained in the main post why. TLDR: The Clifftown folks wanted Roy to buy guns from them and have business with them. However Roy has already told them he was buying guns from Donny who funny enough he wasn’t aware he was with the Clifftown people. So what was the point to escalate things that far if the business they wanted from Roy was already something they had in their pocket?
  2. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- DarkGlasses Character Name- Roy Baker Date of Incident- 05/23/2019 Supervising Administrator- QueenC Narrative- Roy had a dispute with Earl Irwin. It all roots from the fact that Earl said to Roy that The Bandidos and the Irishmen told Earl that Roy supplies them with guns. That is an IC lie because Roy does not sell guns to the Bandidos as they have their own supply and the Irishmen couldn't have told them that because if they had relationship with Earl Irwin then they'd know better and wouldn't have just killed his girlfriend in cold blood. Then they broke into his clubhouse, restrained him and forced him to watch them rob him, trash the clubhouse and then forced him to acquire weaponry and liquors from them. Roy wanted to strike immediately, but after speaking to Sean Zukhov and Rose Cantarella he decided to take a light approach instead. The Bandidos pushed for retaliation and Roy instead told them to hang fire as he'd have to discuss with Edvar (Salsa) and Craig about what's going on. Roy went back to the clubhouse alone and Edvar never showed up, he called shortly after saying he was rammed off road by Earl's guys and he said they told him that was a warning. That set Roy off and convinced him that the guys from Clifftown were not gonna stop after what happened at the Clubhouse. Roy armed up with his SMG and a bag with clothes in case he had to hide himself. Craig picked Roy up and at that point it was clear that the multiple missed appointments with Edvar were a clear sign of him being kidnapped. Another thing that set Roy off was how the Bandidos showed up at the clubhouse without anyone informing them of what was going on. That was a hint that The Bandidos were playing a dirty game to set Roy up. Eventually Roy and Craig drove to the Bandidos MC clubhouse where they saw a pickup that was awfully similiar to the one driven by Gabriel Jack. Craig tried the door which was locked, so they considered the idea to torch the door and see if anybody would come out, mainly for the purpose of rescuing Edvar who was suspected to be taken as hostage. Roy and Craig also suspected that their radio channel had been somewhat infiltrated, so they tried to see if anybody would show up to locations they were calling via radio. Eventually, the Bandidos MC opened and Roy and Craig went there. As Roy was being paranoid and at this point feared for his life, he didn't go inside fearing that the Bandidos were working with Earl Irwin and going inside perhaps meant that Earl was there too. There was no reason for Roy ICly to receive any warning from Edvar about Earl and his boys ramming Edvar off road. Followed by the fact that Roy then realised Edvar got kidnapped, he wanted to find Edvar and knowing that Clifftown was after him for some reason now has set Roy off. However, Roy was 100% certain of the betrayal of the Bandidos. However, when the Bandidos bar opened, Craig went to check and Roy went to hide in a large bush. The idea was to get Russell away for a chat to figure out what was truly going on. Roy/myself, stood in the bush for a good 4 minutes at least before being gunned down. Now as you may be able to see in a panoramic picture of the bush I've taken, it's quite hard to locate the exact position of someone standing there and manage to kill that person with an accuracy of 75%. On top of that, I am not really sure how I was even identified in that bush. If they knew straight away it was me, I am not sure why it took them 4 minutes to decide whether or not to gun me down. I do accept loss because I believe both parties should always walk away from a RP scenario with development for their character, but when something doesn't make sense it's because usually the dots do not connect with each other, if you know what I mean. A.K.A. dodgy business. As for attempting to resolve this with the supervising administrator, I was just told there was nothing she could do and I was told to make a CK appeal. Can I also just highlight this screenshot? https://imgur.com/0PKFf1j Can you tell me how does someone from a distance greater than the one between me and that bush manage to ID a person in that bush and manage to also hit him with the first few bullets he shoots, with an accuracy rate easily of 75%? I honestly can't wrap my head around it. EDIT: How a CK can be applied on a character that isn't intentionally out to kill anybody or that isn't disregarding his life (scared beyond human comprehension to the point he is carrying two guns and multiple magazines on him other than a bag of clothes) can be applied? If I was ICly planning to kill anyone, I'd be on the lookout, I wouldn't be hiding in a garage in El Corona or in a bush in Dillimore, especially when as facts at hand I am outnumbered and have been potentially betrayed by an ally faction. All Roy wanted to do was to go rescue Edvar as he knew he had been most likely kindapped. Reason Roy wanted to rescue Edvar is because they've known each other for a while and Roy had just patched over The Aryans, merging them into The Jackals. Apologies for the bad grammar and the edits, just tired and forgetting things atm. Evidence- https://imgur.com/a/cuHqLUu Method of Death- Gunshot wounds. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- Yes
  3. Bang bang bitches, the P.I.C. don’t forgive
  4. I’m very skeptical about this. Good luck either way folks.
  5. The translation is wrong btw. Crew (to describe a gang/mob/group of criminals) wouldn’t translate to “equipaggio”. The word equipaggio (which translates indeed to crew) is used when referring to a group of people boarding a ship/plane. Shame to see this thread inactive though.
  6. For a moment I thought you said “porn”
  7. Missed RPing with you man. You got this, like you always did before. Keep it up boys!
  8. I’ve been fairly busy, only had time to hop ig in the evening really (leaving aside my trips) I got a bunch of screens to post. I’ll get to work on them this weekend. Love your screenshots @Script
  9. BINGO. This proves my theory right from the shadowplay. https://gyazo.com/a22bb28da9524a1b430f0b090b622630 @Ambidextrous @eoozyDo you see how the bike behind them fell regardless of the guy braking? You guys DID NOT roleplay that and claimed there would be no bike to crash into as it would be wrapped into a post, therefore destroyed. I never claimed that, you guys did to avoid RPing hitting my bike in the collision. “Oh didn’t happen on my screen now rp that. We can’t rp what wouldn’t happen irl, the bike wouldn’t bounce off the post” lol. @eoozy you never asked me to state my injuries and you forced me to rush my rp in /b saying the guy that drove past was going to call the cops. Convenient for you guys to state my bike shattered into a post and I should have rped being dead, but not so convenient anymore when you had to pick it up and steal it. You two just pretend not to see the point I’m making because it’s quite obvious you powergamed and failed to rp accordingly lol. I’ve said my piece, I’m not bothering to file a report because it seems you two tremendously needed a deagle with half a clip and 80 bucks, so there you have it folks. Anyway this ain’t a report thread, I ranted enough. 👋
  10. How am I lying about a situation? Clearly you haven’t read what I said because I covered everything you’re debating on. And I clearly stated how I RPed the situation and the admin who was in scene reacted to my post, proving what I said was true. If my argument was stupid and unrealistic that still doesn’t explain why, if my bike would have hit a post, was picked up by you and stolen. As I stated previously, the bike would have most likely shattered in the impact since you refused to RP the hit as you said my bike would have wrapped around the post. GTA physics or not, you failed to RP the crash on your behalf when you hit my bike, RPing hitting the bike or the debris. But as I said on my post, rather than justify why you didn’t RP that, you blame the way I RPed. “Ignorance masked as knowledge.” But it was convenient for you to claim my bike would have been destroyed when it came to me RPing my injuries, not when you had to steal it though lol. Get a grip.
  11. Some people unfortunately never had a crash IRL so they wouldn't know how to RP it. I ended up hitting a post earlier while being chased IG, and rather than RP dead I RPed bouncing off and hitting the road, holding my torso (didn't know how to RP that to be honest, I struggled as I didn't want to CK unless the administrator wished me to, so I was trying to draw a line and see how I could RP that). The bike chasing me hit my bike after I fell off and didn't RP anything, yet they dictated me how I should have RPed my own injuries while they were perfectly fine. Terminators. They said I should have CKed because I hit a post at high speed and never they would have hit my bike. If realism is a thing and not an opinion, them being 1meter behind me they'd surely catch parts and debris of my bike from the impact. Unfortunately you'll always come across ignorance and people will try mask it as knowledge by trying to turn the table around with irrelevant points. Ended up allowing them to keep my 80 bucks and a deagle with half a clip or something, they refused a re-RP when asked by the admin, so that speaks volume, because they wouldn't know how to RP it probably or know they weren't in the clear. https://gyazo.com/a22bb28da9524a1b430f0b090b6226 Point is, out of 10 crashes, 8 or 9 of them involve people who can't RP them properly. Hence why they say "/b skip?" Only a few crashes are a bit of a grey area due GTA physics and lag, but despite that, what happens on screen is what you should RP, ACCORDINGLY, the rest is bullshit excuses to manipulate RP and avoid RPing something they're not good at. That's EXACTLY what they said lol goddamn it. I ran out of salt now, good night.
  12. Sorry folks, I couldn’t resist lol On a serious note, I wish you guys the best of luck :)
  13. Welcome bud, feel free to spam @Script with questions.
  14. What on earth did I just walk into?.....lol @Dougie think this is a thread for you
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