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  1. That tune brings back memories. Good stuff guys ??
  2. Ok so. There was clear bias in the handling of the CK appeal. Majority agrees with me, only two people don’t. Rather than think “hey perhaps we are wrong?” they keep covering for each other with the presumption and arrogance that they are right no matter what. Not to mention the lies I’ve been told but whatever lol Basically this Anyway, I wanted to personally thank whoever supported this faction during our short and unfortunate run, the support I’ve personally received regarding the appeal caught me off guard and for that I’m extremely grateful no matt
  3. You’re ALWAYS to be held to standards m. I don’t know if you’re genuinely using drugs or if you’re joking, because you can’t be serious. You wear a staff badge and that does represent the admin team. It’s like me wearing a police uniform and shoot an unarmed civilian at point blank and then media saying the officer doesn’t represent the police because he had a personal dispute with the unarmed civilian lmfao. Dude what the hell are you talking about? That one in the picture is an BLACK AND ORANGE BIKE, there were more than one of them outside The Bandidos MC club you were trying to
  4. So if that was an unmarked police vehicle they were gonna shoot it up just because it looked suspicious or the windows were tinted? He just said he didn’t even know The Bandidos, why the fuck then would he kill them all is beyond me. Lmfao I’m done, this is retarded.
  5. You don’t know anything about The Bandidos? Why you killed them then hahaha? Edvar must have given you information about them and the bikes they were riding, the colors of their patches which were exactly the same matching description of the bike you posted. No other explanation on how you tracked them down and identified them. It looks to me that you have done something to gain an unfair advantage overall, I mean I was warned that you play dirty but damn, never expected this. Not sure how you identified them if you don’t know anything about the Bandidos as you claim. I’d like to t
  6. You must be kidding me lol. That is black and ORANGE, with a red seat. That bike with those color, there are at least 3 of them looking the same in front of the Bandidos MC in Dillimore. Have you seen any bike like that in Angel Pine or when you came to see us? No. You even went after The Bandidos and you should know full well that those colors belong to their MC as the patch on their back is bright orange and black. This is a joke honestly.
  7. I’m delusional now LOL. Then how did you know I was in the bush if you can’t see my skin through the bush due the game texture, especially if realistically talking at 2am you wouldn’t be able to anyway. Not only you found me in less than 180 seconds, but considering you just said you didn’t see any nametag and didn’t see me through the bush, how did you know I was in the bush? You said you drove up close to make sure I was in the bush which you didn’t because I haven’t heard you or your vehicle, but if you did, what have it away that I was in the bush? Surely not a bike that i
  8. Reposting this as I don’t think you saw my edit to the previous post to address these points. You also go from seeing me in a bush to then finding a bike similiar to the description you were given of my bike. Lol. My bike is BLACK with thin red lines. It’s right in front of the entrance of the Jackals MC, can’t miss it. You’d probably think that’s the bike matching the description, but you didn’t because you probably thought that bike was just all black, meaning your claim about my bike is again false just like pretty much everything else you’ve said in your defence. I really am ti
  9. No one called you names such as “mong” or told you to “fuck off”. Salsa is a trial admin and you’re a full administrator. It is your job to enforce the rules even if it’s another administrator. Thank you for confirming your metagame. My bike was left in Angel Pine, we were with Craig’s car as you can see from the screenshots he provided. Still haven’t answered my bullet points other than being vague. Thank you.
  10. @Mogsif I may add just one thing to try and steer this back on topic: @DrJoseEviIyou’re moving this topic on IC misunderstanding and accusing us of mixing. To begin with, you should have never allowed Salsa to involve himself in RP. The RP of Edvar coming to the clubhouse was set up OOCly in order to help him and his faction out from inactivity, you blaming me for mixing is like me accusing you of mixing for submitting a CK request or saying that having a faction team to handle factions is metagaming. Even Stevie Wonder can see right through your attempt to spin this around. No adv
  11. And that’s ok. How you interpreted it then, given the points I gave you before? Donny told you about us, I know about Donny and his supplies. What do you make of it then? You came across like sketchy people, asking thousands of questions andbyet I knew nothing about you. If you came for business you could have made at any point mention that Donny was a friend of yours as I said before. The wording you chose and the tone the conversation took is what got me ICly on the defensive. Acting and formulating a judgement based on what you were told is fine, but that isn’t what was going on and I think
  12. So going over what was said: (Bare with me it's late lol) You were told by Donny to come see us. " >Donny Morris informed Earl Irwin of the existence of the Jackals, being a potential group for business" You came to the club, we went in the back for a chat, you asked me if I knew Donny, I said yes and you asked me if I knew what business he was into, to which I also said yes. I then asked you if you wanted to know if I was buying supplies from him, but rather than receiving an answer from that, the topic was moved onto the territory, which Roy
  13. I got the logs/screenshot of it. Let me boot up the laptop
  14. @DrJoseEviI I reiterate this, Roy said to Earl’s face he was in business with Donny already, meaning he was already in business with you guys. How can you claim otherwise? This all kicked off because rather than discuss business and state you were with Donny, you were more incline in fucking shit up at the club and shooting people up lol. Otherwise if your intention was to really make business together, you would have said “good that’s great. Donny is a family, perhaps we can pick up from where you two left?” So please don’t make it look like I brought this upon myself because I sure as hell d
  15. You’re twisting this big time knowing what you did. You came in our bar with Salsa while Salsa was on his CLIFFTOWN character. Salsa then PMed me to OOCly test the ground for a possible merge of our factions under the jackals’s patch. We SET UP THE RP AT THE CLUB, and conveniently you used him as your inside mole. Salsa had no other reason to randomly show up st our clubhouse as he was rping with you on his Clifftown character. You (whether is you both or not, couldn’t care less at this point) took advantage of that. If this isn’t mixing then I’d like anybody else to tell me what this is. You
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