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  1. You suggested at the role play scene yesterday evening (witness to this IG) that the bike would have wrapped around the post. This is correct and fair. In this forum post you are very keen to tackle realism. Which is great. With that in mind, the bike has smashed into a solid pole in excess of 60kph, this would have rendered the vehicle seriously damaged and/or disabled. Keeping in mind your fight for realism. Why did you then feel it was realistic to straddle the damaged bike and drive in excess of over 80kph down the coast line like the bike was absolutely fine. You also failed to allow the user to describe the state of the bike in a /do. Instead going in /b to tell him to hurry up the RP as police may have been called. You powergamed taking and driving an obliterated bike and failed to allow the user to RP their vehicle damage also. This isn't a report thread and I won't continue this. But let this just be a friendly word towards the right direction when it comes to double and setting of standards.
  2. What a lovely story to share. Congratulations to you both.
  3. Thank to everybody for your thoughtful and positive comments! There will be more amendments coming to the thread (section of the titles as best as I can), as I can only work with a single page at the moment. I will also post screenshots/IC blogs here too.
  4. Sullivan Automotive provides extensive vehicle parts, repairs and modifications. Open 7 days a week, we're the leading fast-fit supplier of tyres and carry stocks of over 60,000 different products from leading manufacturers including Dunlop, Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear and Continental. Established in March 2019, Sullivan Automotive™ is based in Angel Pine, Whetstone and is fully established as one of San Andreas’ premier performance and repair companies, having been servicing vehicles since the company's conception. Working out of a single large industrial unit and having our very own custom built dyno, we are fully equipped to remap virtually any vehicle for you, including cars, trucks, vans, boats, agricultural and even HGV's. Full List of Services Vehicle Repairs Vehicle Service Bodywork, Tints & Custom Wraps Tires & Pressure Monitoring Exhausts Brakes Batteries Electronics Diagnostics & ECU Clutches Air-conditioning Recharge Shock Absorbers Wheel Alignment Emissions Custom Work (Contact us) What can we offer to improve your vehicle performance? With a database covering in excess of 56,000 different ECU types and calibrations, we are sure to have something to suit your vehicle. We also house a large stock of performance modifications ranging from sport air filters, induction kits and more. Visit our industrial unit for a professional opinion. Our Values We aim to provide the best possible service to all our customers. We will: Treat your vehicle with care. Ensure your vehicle is inspected by a trained and qualified technician. Examine the vehicle with you and provide an honest appraisal of the work required. Make recommendations based on our inspections and knowledge. Provide a clear quotation of all findings, work carried out and associated charges. Inform you immediately of any complications or delays. Retain all parts removed for your inspection (upon request). Current Offers Free brake inspection If you are concerned about the performance of your brakes or would like them checked before going on a long journey please book an appointment on [PHONE NUMBER]. Our expert brake technicians will complete a free, no-obligation brake inspection. After the inspection we will provide you with a written brake report and a quote for any work which is required. Free Vehicle Safety Check Your vehicle performs at its best when it is well maintained and taken care of. It can often be tricky juggling your busy lifestyle with looking after a vehicle too! Did you know that some of the most common causes of vehicle breakdowns are caused by damaged tyres and poor performing batteries? These issues can be easily avoided with a regular inspection and other key components on your vehicle. Not sure what to look for? Don’t have the time? Allow our experienced technicians help! To give you one less thing to worry about, visit Sullivan Automotive and our trained technicians will carry out a free no-obligation vehicle safety check and get you ready for the road! Blog 11 easy ways to save fuel Why diesel cars are disappearing 6 brake problems that could spell danger on the roads
  5. Good luck all, and thank you @Dougie - You're always welcome!
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