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  1. That aint how she is though is it.. her background is her background.. to be truthful with you.. IRL i <deleted message>, and i didn't give a flying <beep>,. its possible to kill someone no emotion.. to the person watching it can be hidden. but to the character itself it is in mind, ill never forget the day i did that. and ill also never forget the day i stabbed my friends sister with a dart in the leg.. But i don't give a <beep> she shouldn't run her mouth.. on top of that if you living in such a ghetto lifestyle where people dying left right and center almost all the time its a regular thing you become immune to feeling of such and it's just another life lost, at first your emotion may be there but after a while of you seeing it after a while of it happening over and over it becomes natural, boring and normal, that is where she gets it from Too many people crying over this character, because she's meant to be hard? it's her background doesn't technically mean shes going to be like that always, people live grow and learn and adjust.. and if you haven't already met her in-game you would notice. i personally don't care anymore about foul comments claiming Powergame, Deathmatch, Metagame, <beeping> Rambo shit This is my <beeping> character and this is how she is if you don't like it don't post your crappy ass comments, why not focus on your own character, and actually look and think of the effort one person has tried and attempted to put into something that they aren't even good at. I'll have all of you know i have never broken the rules and i do not intend to break the rules and i do not powergame, metagame, deathmatch whatever, everything i roleplay is accordingly to the rules, and i take a lot of time and thought on the outcome as if it were real life. unlike some people I've already met, simply getting up 5 seconds after been tazered, walking away no injuries from crashing a motorbike, or been stabbed in the knee with a knife and walks away like terminator? pfft... I literally can't be bothered with foul comments anymore, so if you have nothing nice to say keep your mouth shut and you opinion to yourself. and for those who do like the character and have met and enjoyed the story, i appreciate all of your support and i will try keep updating this story, hopefully it will be good. Rant over ~ AMN ~TRIGGERED~
  2. Had some nice interactions with him IC, learnt a thing or two have got some screenshots of a little boxing fight, [FUN], i look forward to this actually going somewhere would be nice.
  3. some people are too criticizing... Kinda makes me feel like giving up on the whole background type of crap..but i have patients.
  4. Because she feels more at home.. thats always been her way of life.
  5. Bump *updated* And edited parts in which people seemed to have an issue with, but i will still be updating and editing for the full story. and all will make sense.
  6. it's imagination. besides, 75% of people dont even /look anytway, it aint powergame at all because im constantly updating it in-game. and i dont exactly act out alot of bad shit, leave your poor comments to yourself.. im only tryin here.. as for powergame.. i havent done any of such.
  7. We've already met but not by name.
  8. Meaning she hides her body language.. emotions that she feels she would try to hide them.. Flirting and stuff she's be blank... you wouldnt be able to tel lif she was flirting or not.. Happy and sad... you wouldnt tell as she'd have a "poker face" the "unpredictable" part was just added afterwards, as a reminder to myself. as I have to try stay In character fully with RED when roleplaying, also lettign others know that she is a unpredictable person.. one minute she is fine the next she could be pissed off and do something rediculous. BUT saying that.. that's her background not her new start.. i have yet to update this but i really have been busy with alot of stuff irl. and in other games,. since moving to SA.. she'd met a few people who have kept her in check.. helping her adjust to the new area and atmosphere as it's not as busy and violent as Liberty City was... She's already been through alot of shit. :L
  9. I will once i finish a brief backstory on a second character XD.
  10. it's my first ever time making a story as well. i hope it turns out good when i decided to finish it, thanks for the Kudos
  11. There are years missing in this, that i have yet to fill out when i have the time to really go into it, this is just a quick brief pretty much.
  12. Name: Rho Raffaella Nickname: RED Height: 170.688cm / 5'6" Weight: 134.482lbs / 61kg Born: Liberty City Family: None. Hair Color: Black Hair style: Long Facial Features: Dark Brown eyes, Long Eyelashes, Normal eyebrows, Big lips with natural lipstick, Natural nose, Natural Jaw, No facial hair, Physical Features: Athletic body type, Preferred Accessories: Silver dog tags or Silver chain, Ankle bracelet with a sentimental charm, Ear stud, 9ct gold sovereign. Favorite Color: RED. Picture Example: Little background: RED* Very unpredictable character, has a short temper, very hard headed and strong minded. Will do anything she can to get what she wants. With her wide range of contacts she is more powerful than she looks. She got the nickname RED because back in liberty city she used to have blackouts, and always woke up covered in blood, people would tell stories that she'd go violent as and cause fights all the time not caring who or what, there were more rumors she'd killed multiple people but have yet to be proven. She also loves the color red. The gang she was close with back in LC were very well known and feared, the leader had deals with the local police keeping them straight and untouchable. There were a lot of Drugs, Violence and Intoxication involved with RED. She may look sweet and Innocent, but behind that poker face, there is a devil waiting to be unleashed, like a dog with a command. She uses her looks to reel people in, and then her brains to destroy them, Manipulating and controlling what she can.. She's a very dangerous but healthy and physically fit character, she tries to stay in shape the best she can. There were also a rumor she cut some guys dick off and put it in a blender as he watched and bled to death all because he was cheating on her best friend with some dumb ass hoe. The short story: Update #1: Update #2: Update #3: Reminders: The Gym+ The Meet with the Russians+ The Artillery Deals+ The Death of the Asian+ The Death of Marcus+ The Death of Smelly old hobo+ The Accident that caused memory loss+ The Findings of Her best-friends bodies+ The Russian Language+ The Meet with the italians+ The Jailtime for a borrowed car, including a dildo+
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