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  1. Even though I came in like early 2019, hella late in the OwlGaming cycle, I still had a bit of fun ngl @hook @Cookin @TenZz Sad to see this shit die, but not like it'd stay on forever
  2. "We settled fast quite well, I'd say. The big-ass building in the track could house everything, so we didn't have to worry about none of that. Of course, we had a long day ahead of us, so we decided to go for some scavenging. Kevin had word of a trailer somewhere filled with shelves we could use for storage. He led the way towards.. Vinewood Hills, surprisingly. Who the hell leaves their trailer there? Of course, it's when we found it that we realized something.." "We. Are. Rich! It had MORE than just shelves in there. We found tools, screws, more food, more storage, everything we coul
  3. Act III: For a greater tomorrow. "Today's the day it all happens. I got off my bed, grabbed my stuff and headed out. But I knew moving the stuff alone would be a pain in the ass, so I had to pass by Kevin's. I went around the shack to check what would be useful, and I ended up finding this." "A small note with a bottle of whiskey. I'd hold on to that note, case I find the guy who placed it here. Maybe give him my thanks for 'helping me settle in' and such. I drove towards Kevin's barn, and told him about the whole thing. He lent me the keys to one of his pickups, and we made our w
  4. "Well, Andre went to do his 'thing' and I was left alone once again.. come to think of it, Howard hasn't returned yet. Of course, when he returns, a whole new fucking story begins." "Two guys came, pointing their assault rifles through the window. Time to use that well-know Kam charm. It worked once again. They lowered their guns and I came out. So, where does Howard come into this? Apparently he was the one who lead the other guy with him. Turns out they were in a pinch, and they needed my car to get their supplies. They'd give me some supplies as compensation, so.. I wouldn
  5. "I ended up chatting along with the guy for a moment or so, before a rather.. panicky intervention occurred." "This guy barged in with his firearm, he was clinging to it with his dear life. I could just tell that he was surrounded by fear and panic. I did my best to defuse the situation. And it damn well worked. Soon as things calmed down, we ended up chatting a bit. Howard had to go out for some scavenging, and I was left with our new visitor. Andre was his name, and he had quite the story." "He was in the life, and look at him now. Quite the feller, he is. He ended up r
  6. Act II: The Element of Surprise "The dawn of a new day comes once again. A foggy day, at that. It's high time I'd go look for supplies, so I made my way right out. I ended up stumbling along the Flinty County Gas Station and 24/7. I parked up and went inside. "Well, Lady Luck seems to be on my side today. I've managed to scrounge me up quite the food. Spam cans, Pork N' Beans, Tomato soup.. I also found two bottles of beer. Guess I'm having a party tonight. To the celebration of my second month of survival! Ain't that something." In the evening.. "I went scavenging
  7. Apparently MTA has more people than OwlV now. See how cool this is? +1 from me.
  8. Act I END "Sitting around wasn't gonna do me any good, so I continued my search for gas, this time with Bruce alongside me. We stumbled upon the Palomino Gas Station. There was still a bit of fuel left on the fueling stations, so I filled me up some. Turns out I'd also meet someone familiar.." "Kevin fucking Simus. Turns out he was holed up in that barn of his all that time.. he ended up speaking over the radio, and look at that. Finally reunited with this coot. Turns out some of the guys are around, too. Raz, Drake.. even Yuno. Talk about familiar faces. His
  9. "Guess I ain't as lonely as I thought.. Turns out there's some other survivors in this hell with me." "As I was roaming about, looking for a gas station, I met these two. Bruce and Jimmy, quite the duo if I do say so myself. Turns out they got a group of survivors and a base of their own. Well.. a shitty base from what they told me. What better to do than give them a hand? They didn't try to rob me or kill me, so that's a start. I ended up showing them my little old shack. Finding gas would be good, but finding allies? Even better."
  10. And then came the end.. "I can't seem to remember the last time I've seen any other person except myself. It's been too long since I've seen my friends. Jeffrey, Kevin, Drake.. shit, they're either lost somewhere in this hell or even dead. One thing's certain. I'm alive.. and still in good condition. Gotta keep your chin up.. You'll make it through this. Well, at least I have a small shack I can call 'home'.. I'm surprised it's still good right after that flood happened way back when." Act I: Whole lotta gas. "I've got a steady supply of food going- at least for a while.. sandwi
  12. fuck the establishment bro, let's gooooo
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