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  1. i also need perms as councilman on V
  2. This is turning into a shitfest, we should give the UAT time to look at this thread, and maybe make something out of it and as foester recommended make a statement about it. Arent you on LSRP playing Deathmatch with your gangbanger friends?
  3. That's what I said minutes ago, theres a heavy distrust in the staff team, but the staff team is at fault for this one.
  4. To put it in retroperspect, the server needs alot of things done, Norm had some good points, what Remolten said was also really good, I think my Idea has some substance but I understand if it won't happen, but something should be really done, we can't continue sitting here proclaiming that everything is just right, and its just exam time or holidays.
  5. And pardon some people, not that i'm affected but it would really help.
  6. I also think what the massive problem is, which has also been shown by this thread alone, is the distrust in the Staff.
  7. Then why didn't the flood event work? why didn't the ariane grande event work? they were all short term solutions. we are still in this mess.
  8. We are getting back to the topic of events, nobody cares about events right now, they should be done sure, but they are only a short term solution.
  9. Yeah, But I still want to elaborate that some people did some shady things, so they should still be closely watched, some will fall again trust me, but some might even get fully reinstated as functioning members of the community.
  10. Call me stupid, but what if a grand pardon would happen, maybe allow them back on back on a basis if they break one more rule its back to a ban?
  11. Over the past few months, hell even years many good players have benn really run off the server.
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