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  1. LSCFD Careers - Employment Information Employment opportunities are currently available for people seeking a rewarding career in the Los Santos County Fire Department! See our current vacancies below! FIELD OPERATIONS STAFF: Firefighters Volunteer Firefighters If you meet the requirements as listed below and want to pursue a career in the Fire Department, why not fill out an application form? LSFD CAREERS WEBSITE Application Requirements: Be at least 21 years of age Be a citizen of the United States Be a high school graduate Not have been convicted of any felony, or received a dishonourable discharge from any of the Armed Forces of the United States Be of good moral character Must pass the C-PAT exam Have passed a background check Possess a valid drivers license Not have used or taken any illicit drugs in the past Has not been denied in the last 2 weeks ((No admin record in the last month)) Recruitment Process: Application submission to the Human Resources Team (Criminal record, character checks, references) Denied, or invited for an interview Medical & fitness tests, and final criminal record checks Conditional offer for employment upon completion of an LSCFD Academy LSCFD Academy Department induction Station & shift assignment
  2. (( Post any screenshots related to roleplay with the LSCFD ))
  3. LSCFD Wage Disclosure In accordance with S1(2) of the Sunshine Law of 2015, the Los Santos County Fire Department discloses all pay information for operational staff. *Salary figures given are calculated BEFORE any tax. *From highest rank to lowest rank. Department Ranks: Fire Chief - $150,000.00 USD (( $1,500 )) Assistant Fire Chief - $145,000.00 USD (( $1,450 )) Deputy Fire Chief - $145,000.00 USD (( $1,450 )) Battalion Chief - $140,000.00 USD (( $1,400 )) Captain - $135,000.00 USD (( $1,450 )) Lieutenant - $120,000.00 USD (( $1,200 )) Firefighter IV - $90,000.00 USD (( $900 )) Firefighter III - $85,000.00 USD (( $850 )) Firefighter II - $80,000.00 USD (( $800 )) Firefighter I - $65,000.00 USD (( $650 )) Candidate - $25,000.00 USD (( $250 )) *Hazard Pay is calculated six monthly and paid twice per year during the 6th and 12th month. *Hazard Pay may vary upon an individual depending on operational input and performance. Hazard Pay: Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) - $7,500.00 USD Air Operations Unit (AOU) - $5,750.00 USD *Divisional Bonuses are calculated on a six monthly period and paid twice per year during the 6th and 12th month. *Divisional Bonuses may vary upon an individual depending on performance and input. Divisional Bonus Pay: Human Resources Team (HR) - $4,850.00 USD Internal Affairs Unit (IA) - $3,200.00 USD Public Information Unit (PIU) - $3,200.00 USD *Paid leave is calculated at salary /365 = one day, i.e. a Firefighter III salaried at $85,000.00 USD per year divided by 365 would be $232.87 USD daily. One week's leave paid would be $1,630.09 USD before tax.
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