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  1. LSCFD Careers - Employment Information Employment opportunities are currently available for people seeking a rewarding career in the Los Santos County Fire Department! See our current vacancies below! FIELD OPERATIONS STAFF: Firefighters Volunteer Firefighters If you meet the requirements as listed below and want to pursue a career in the Fire Department, why not fill out an application form? LSFD CAREERS WEBSITE Application Requirements: Be at least 21 years of age Be a citizen of the United States
  2. (( Post any screenshots related to roleplay with the LSCFD ))
  3. LSCFD Wage Disclosure In accordance with S1(2) of the Sunshine Law of 2015, the Los Santos County Fire Department discloses all pay information for operational staff. *Salary figures given are calculated BEFORE any tax. *From highest rank to lowest rank. Department Ranks: Fire Chief - $150,000.00 USD (( $1,500 )) Assistant Fire Chief - $145,000.00 USD (( $1,450 )) Deputy Fire Chief - $145,000.00 USD (( $1,450 )) Battalion Chief - $140,000.00 USD (( $1,400 )) Captain - $135,000.00 USD (( $1,450 )) Lieutenant - $120,000.00 USD ((
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