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  1. That sounds familiar. Remember Mike Perry? He became real life law enforcement, came to my academy graduation as well.
  2. I have her on Facebook haha. What was your name over there?
  3. Wow man. Doing some research, one of the guys who we played with in 2013 to 2014 became a big time rapper in England. Ended up #12 on the charts for a few weeks.
  4. Valhalla was definitely interesting.. when I was there we went through four owners? Overdrive, Paulie, Jay Ruck, Yoshira. By the time Yoshira came around, shit was coming to an end and it was quite obvious for everyone. Got to the point where DMers and hackers took over the server and forums, owners and scripters were giving up because of the toxicity. I got banned and blacklisted in 2013 with a bunch of other guys and that was the end of that. It was a wicked fun and tight nit community, which was the issue, because everyone hated each other. Faction wars, for example, were both in game and out of game. If people had issues with each other in game, they had issues on TS and vice versa. That would turn into flaming and the entire community diving into one Ventrilo channel to listen in on the 15 year old wannabe gang bangers from Maryland call each other the n word and say the other is crusty. Toxic community, toxic players, so much stress on my 16 year old mind, but it was all worth it and fun lol
  5. As the title says, I'm David Ryker / Branford / Chris Yung / Neil McCauley / million other ingame names throughout my four years there. Found this site through Googling vG while looking at old videos with some of my friends from back then. Any familiar faces here? (If I break any rules mentioning the other community which I believe is dead(?) can you please just edit out the names.
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