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  1. So you just gonna hop ona nigga thread to talk bogus ona cat?
  2. Sell some shit, go rob someone.
  3. Little error right there was supposed to be the price.
  4. [------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] DrippWaves Is Now Open We Provide The Things Below! [-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] Bahamas Apartments Garage #1 Prices -Dreadlock Styling [30$] -Ducktail [25$] -Mohawk Styling [15$] -Crew Cut Styles [15$] -Undercut Fades [15$] [-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] We are also hiring barbers must have the requirements below. -Must have your certificate in Hair Styling ((Also must be up-to-date)) You receive your money via your clients at your barber stall.
  5. You gay nigga.

  6. They need to fill in them "arrests" to look all bravo etc. and thanks, man. 💯
  7. Updated with some roleplay screens.
  8. Roleplay Screens and stories will be coming soon!
  9. Lit back story, on that street shit.
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