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  1. jmars

    The Market Crew

    L&A, bankboss is taking over w/ a different thread since i dont have the time
  2. i think you're making up excuses for your dead faction tbh jk this is a lovely faction, take it far
  3. Username: jaakko Comment: what fucking shoes
  4. Username: KarlKW Comment: my commissioner
  5. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Savings What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Banking What is the suggestion?- An interest-bearing deposit account which increases through paychecks (hourly), there's no banking faction available at the moment so it has to be utilized through a script. I would personally start up a faction specifically for that, but I am currently occupied with a faction and I have no financial support whatsoever. I went through the archives and found this: https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/57680-bricks-savings-and-loans-llc/ - the faction had no replies after a while and shut down. Alternatively, if someone is open to creating a banking faction alongside me (and has financial aid to make on), please send a PM my way. What are the advantages?- It would increase the server activity as people would stay for their savings paycheck, it would also decrease the use of script jobs (which would aid the role-play scene in general) and help people start new factions (legal ones, mostly) as there's no system in place that financially aids new factions. This is an alternative to a scripted loan system which may be abused easily. What are the disadvantages?- People abusing the script by AFKing and earning paychecks. (this is punishable anyway, right?) Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- No. How would you go about implementing this idea?- shrug
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