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  1. If someone is interested in approaching the faction, I suggest taking a look at this:
  2. Nguyen Quality Meats requires an apprentice butcher to work in our butcher shop located in Market. No experience needed, an exciting position for someone keen & willing to learn. The applicant needs to process a positive attitude towards customer service and must be well presented. Contact information: (555)-547-511 or [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  3. Nguyen Quality Meats is Market's own quality butcher shop, we specialize in fine quality and specialty meat & poultry, our goal is to create a neighborhood butchery where you would want to stay and visit. We believe in only delivering the best quality products to our clients. Period. Address: Beverly Avenue, Market. Opening date: TBA Contact info: (555)-547-511 or [email protected] ((Forum PM)) Retail butcher required, no experience required. Contact us for more information.
  4. The Market Crew is a loose coalition formed predominantly of lower-class American thugs of Vietnamese descent, homed at the Market area. The daily routine of the crew consists of various illegal activities such as loan-sharking, robbery, extortion and drug dealing, shadowed by their legal fronts. The crew resorts to recruiting juvenile and female members to become involved in petty crimes, they're relatively unnoticed and not given any attention from the law enforcement or media. The Market Crew is still an uprising crew, trying to come up with new business strategies. The Vietnamese gangs are the most mobile of all compared to other street gangs. These first and now second-generation cast-offs from their home country show the severe form of tendencies frequently associated to all Asian organizations. They are mobile and confidential. They are secretive, loyal, and very difficult to penetrate. The age range is broad but concentrated at the lower ages. Most of them are male (with a few, vicious copycat girls’ groups reported). Vietnamese gangs show less versatility in crime patterns than most, with an emphasis on a few property crimes. The offenses reported again and again are extortion of Vietnamese shops and ‘home invasions’ of Vietnamese families. These latter are robberies undertaken when the family is home (rather than burglaries of empty homes) because so many families distrust banks and hide their cash at home. Home invasions often include violence or threats of violence to women and children to force them to reveal stashes of money. - OOC - Upon associating yourself with the crew on a criminal level, you automatically agree to a CK clause being applied on your character. This can only be executed by the leaders of the faction. - Our roleplay heavily depends on passive RP, if you're joining for the action, don't. - Don't hesitate to send a PM my way for any questions. Credits: @mfk for making the logo and helping with the thread to be updated
  5. Steve Nguyen is a middle-aged Vietnamese American criminal who is known to be involved with a street crew which he co-leads with Justin "Shed" Minh in the Market area, where he also operates a small butcher shop that he recently took over from his father. Nguyen is considered to be a late-bloomer in his line of work, having started his criminal career in his late twenties by doing petty crimes, initially under the supervision of his uncle Benjamin Pham. He earned Pham's trust in no time due to his eagerness and ability to learn quickly. Years later, he was asked to lead a handful of men in Market alongside Minh, who had been working alongside him under Pham - their crew mainly profits from drug dealing, extortion and car theft. Important links: (To be updated)
  6. People would constantly give low ratings to staff members just because things didn't go their way, I don't think it would be useful.
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