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  1. A big disadvantage would include potential metagame i.e. someone flies over somewhere to see or even hear (depending on how the script would work in that case) something they shouldn't I say let the admins grant this permission temporarily to those who ask for the very purpose of taking RP screenshots and such
  2. David Lieberman דייויד ליברמן
  3. Lotto


    Impedes roleplay, people just wanna go on and shoot rather than roleplay
  4. We shot up your car because you were in it, we feared you would leave too soon as we had been searching around Angel Pine and Los Santos for quite some time already. You were an imminent threat to me starting from the Boobie Bungalow incident occurred until the time of your death. You admitted to aiming a loaded gun at me when I was trying to get rid of your friends, an eyewitness (Denis Davydenko or Montag) warned me that you were in fact behind me and pointing a loaded handgun at me when I was doing so. You were unmasked, I clearly saw your face. Keep in mind, I still have the use of my other arm. Like Sacred said, the streamable's audio proves there was no VC communication. We simply followed Sacred's binds when he did them. The other two in the SUV were just trying to get away it seems like, we do not know.
  5. mta bans dont transfer over to owlv
  6. Bruh crimstone in the HD universe......
  7. went over 50 today will that do?
  8. can you really blame them? one of these FT meetings should really be public or something, for transparency and to regain the trust of the community. just one
  9. maybe not death but if your char gets really hungry maybe a /ame saying something like "John Doe's stomach would grumble" or some shit like that? it would annoy people enough to actually go grab a bite to eat at some place? downside is the passive businesses that have no actual food items to give players so they wouldnt be able to actually eat
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