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  1. SirConan

    Conway & Gardner LLC

    Main post has been updated.
  2. SirConan

    Conway & Gardner LLC

    @QueenC Thank you! The opening was awesome, we sold all of our cars except one. We are willing to keep our activity at this level all the time.
  3. SirConan

    Conway & Gardner LLC

    Important Note: Hello everyone, me and my friend Foester have been planning this project for at least three weeks. Our main goal is from bottom to the very top. This is also our motto and we will never let this project down. As I've mentioned on the main post, this project was founded not for short-term goals but long-term goals. Developing a company is not that easy as it looks, we are completely aware of that. Even though it is holiday season, we will not wait for the next year and start our project tomorrow (29.12.2018). However, only business we have right now is C&G Motors and we think it is completely enough for the first day. So I can call this a grand opening. I hope everyone supports this project so that we can level up more and more. Thank you!
  4. SirConan

    Conway & Gardner LLC


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