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  2. main post has been updated and a new paragraph has been added for the following changes: kadoyan is no longer pd
  3. shit's been changed, I'll be editing this topic and adding a new paragraph very soon
  4. Media section was added to the main post. Do you think you can survive? Two animals in one picture. Welcome on board, Spike.
  5. Thanks everyone for their good will Except you @Foester
  6. no longer pd (rip) PERSONAL INFORMATION Full Name: Samuel Kadoyan Age: 24 Place of Birth: Yerevan, Armenia Education: University of Las Venturas - Humanities and Social Sciences Department (Bachelor's Degree) Marital Status: Single Relationship: None Skin: White Scars/Tattoos: None Hair: Brown Eye Color: Dark Brown Language Proficiency: Armenian (Native), English: fluent (speaking, reading, writing) Family: - Yusuf Kadoyan (Father - RIP) - Nane Kadoyan (Mother - Alive) - Mesrob Kadoyan (Brother - Alive) - Yeter Kadoyan (Brother - Alive) June 9, June 9... the reflection of a windy Yerevan night in the skies of extraordinary colors hits the hospital window. A man was advancing from the classic sterilized cold-colored hospital corridor, while he hit a doctor. He went into Room 107 after expressing his sorrow, and he looked at Samuel for a while. Samuel was looking at the moon with his brown eyes. A newborn baby, in her mother's lap. It was also a windy night, this time on local news channels, the sandstorm that occurred during that time continues to be debated, and Samuel was on TV, listening to these guys' crap and changing the channels. A click was heard through the door. After looking at the direction of the voice, Samuel continued to watch his television, the same voice began to be heard even louder. This time he paid attention to the sound and started to descend on the stairs made of Red Velvet. When he came to the last step of the stairs, he was completely surprised to see what he saw. A red pond, a sleeping mother on the floor, and a black shadow was next to her standing there. He went to his sleeping mother with care not to step in the pond, while the tall man disappeared. As he tried to wake her mother, the red-blue lights began to appear on the windows of the house, and the officers who entered through the door with the lock broken had taken the child away from trying to wake her mother. She never woke up. Life was just going on. Go to work, come home and rest... I kept doing the same things over and over again. Isn't it everyone's job to do the same thing in other ways? That doesn't mean I don't like my job though. I just wanted a little change. I think it's all about solitude, I figured it out with Reilly. Reilly was a nice girl, at least she helped me get some new stuff out of my routine, but I decided to leave when this relationship just turned out to meet up at night and have sex. Sex every day? Seriously? I feel like I hear you say it. We met the day I decided, and he decided to leave me. In fact, freedom is a good feeling, and there will be no regrets for you when you get shot. What could be better than that? I was witnessing all kinds of events. I was beginning to change when I saw the kind of things every man didn't want to see; sensuality, the feeling of looking at life in pale color, and more... I was breathing with a cigarette, eliminating my thirst with a glass of whiskey. I don't really have a bad feeling about it, so I'm not going to get into that “my life is fucked up.” Looks like the universe is giving me that kind of signal. “You were alone and you will always be alone, Sam, so fuck off!” he was saying. You're right, universe, that's what I am. Five square feet in my room, I check my mails sitting on a wooden table. Am I happy? Of course, yes. These events may be extremely awkward to you, but I'm like that, I know now that no woman will accept me like this, and I don't care. I'm beginning to realize that the American dream is really a dream. As the days passed, the disorder began to affect my work. It was becoming more aggressive and changing my attitude towards civilians. I had been under pressure before, so I was more determined to fix myself. RETIRED LEO Reason for departure: career change, hah! I thought I'd never leave PD though, but this is exactly life. Who knows what happens next? Being a Law Enforcement Officer played a great role in my life, especially for developing my personality. There were only two ways for me, either continue with your current job, or just an unusual transfer to a company, as an acting CEO. Does that make any sense though, I am still too young. These rapid career changes affected me of course, even badly. I am no longer a peacekeeper, now I am to prepare myself for my new career with the following motto: "Never look back, always forward." MEDIA Do you think you can survive? Two animals in one picture. Welcome on board, Spike.
  7. Name: maninblue Bid: IMMA INCREASE MY BID THEN WHO THE HELL OUTBIDS ME?? 22,000
  8. Main post has been updated.
  9. @QueenC Thank you! The opening was awesome, we sold all of our cars except one. We are willing to keep our activity at this level all the time.
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