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  1. Everything is possible in Russia, bribe right people and you will get all of your criminal record archieves erased. We should remember that the Russian Federation is one of the most corrupt places in the world.
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  3. If anyone's interested in participating in Roleplay around Las Colinas, Hate Avenue, hit me up.



    1. Ambidextrous


      Added you on discord.

  4. Hate Avenue Skinheads Hate Avenue Skinheads is a new and unorganized Caucasian and Hispanic street gang formed and located in Las Colinas area. Las Colinas is a lower class area in the East of Los Santos. The area has always been a lower class area, usually filled with Hispanic gangs, white supremacy gangs, and low-income families. The gang is almost entirely Caucasian but there are some members who have Hispanic roots. Their top priority is to become one of the most ruthless and most violent white supremacist gangs in the US. The gang has no ties to Aryan Brotherhood (AB) or Public Enemy Number 1 (PEN1). Hate Avenue Skinhead criminal activities consist of narcotics sales, identity theft, weapon sales, burglaries, and armed robberies. The gang uses the 'Locals Only' lifestyle and mentality. Despite being a gang revolving around white power, the surrounding area of Las Colinas has developed members of the gang's speech, dress, and lifestyle to that of many Hispanic gangs. OOC Information Hate Avenue Skinheads is a faction based on the realistic portrayal of white supremacy skinheads. Hate Avenue Skinheads is not a part of 'Public Enemy Number 1' nor a sub-faction to any other white supremacy organization. Hate Avenue Skinheads is independent and is following its own rules. We expect activity from our members but don't expect to become initiated in this faction in a couple of days because that isn't going to happen. Upon joining the faction you agree to an invisible contract between you and the leaders that you can character killed at any point they feel necessary. LOCALS ONLY!
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