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  1. Title: Mr John McRiever application Full Name: John Benson McRiever Age: 26 Residential Address: Main street 8, Palomino Creek Phone Number: 596831 Role you're applying for: bartender Why should we hire you for this role? (50 words minimum limit) Because i'm really interested in this job and i'm learning really easily. I'm really positive guy and i think i can give this positive vibe to the clients and make them feel better in this place. I think i should be hired because my enthusiasm is really big and i think i'm ready to take this challenge. I can't say i'm the most experienced in this position, but i think i can be helpful enough for the staff team and the clients inside. I can Guarantee that i'm learning easily and i can be really helpful Do you've any former experience within this position? Yes, in my friend's bar.
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