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  1. (( Sorry mate, u can't take his bid after its finished. See: Auction end times are final. Auctioneers may not extend their auction time beyond what has been already established upon creation of the auction. However, it is understood that extraneous situations occur, in which case permission may be granted to extend an auction on a case by case basis It's a sell it to me job or imma' have to get an admin @dawid1000 ))
  2. Buy it off me 15k, Grey
  3. Name : Grey Bid : 10,500$
  4. Dream Car Giveaways What we offer: Dream Car Giveaways (DCG) is the forefront of making peoples dreams, realities. Have you ever wanted to own that performance car, but never had the cash? We offer an affordable chance at these dreams. Sure, we cost more than the lottery, but with us you have a better odds at winning. Our giveaways are usually limited to under 100 entries, with each person only being allowed 5 entries, giving everyone a fair chance. Previous Competition Winners: Terms and Conditions: Raffle Entry Form: https://goo.gl/forms/73j1sLNM3wB4YR4K3 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Raffles are shown below Raffle 1: 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Final Edition Pictures: Mileage: 2000 Max Speed (km/h): 217 Price per ticket: $650 Maximum Entries: 80 End Date: When all entries are sold
  5. Fez

    DCS Permissions

    Hi, Please can someone give me perms for DCS. @Chaotropy Thanks.

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