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  1. First Name: Williams. Last Name: Alison. Nickname: Ali the princess. Age: 21 years. Birthdate: 05 October 1997. Place of birth: County Jefferson Hospital, Los Santos, San Andreas. Current residence: Idlewood, Los Santos. Relationship links: Father: Ahmad Williams Status: Dead - Businessman, killed by a multitude of gangs. Mother: Alice Woods Status: Dead - CEO of a company, killed by an unknown. Like: Feeling clean, Eating Rice, Africa, Felines (special mention for black panthers), boxing, redoing the h
  2. Well because there were some private PMs with my friends regarding this scene, so I couldn't share them... After what you told me, something convinced me that it was not DM But still is not a CK situation ...
  3. Thank you, this confirms every word I said
  4. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- nikkehd Character Name- Sarah Castro Date of Incident- 05/08/2019 Supervising Administrator- BusterAces Narrative- Someone scratched my Lambo so I stopped to solve the problem Then two people carrying weapons told me to throw the keys to the ground, I've done everything they said after that cops came When they saw the police they started running away, so I toke my licensed and tried to fire a bullet on one of them. After 30 minutes and without a CK app, my friend and I w
  5. Good luck ! I'm your first costumer
  6. Parrot and illegal rp ? Well, good luck guys!
  7. A new car has been added for VIPs "2019 Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII" with a special driver. We are working for your full satisfaction! 
  8. 2019-04-12 21:18:17 [English] David Jonesy says: You' got no reason to be here. 2019-04-12 21:18:28 [English] Katerine Morris says: I have reason, waiting someone. ((talking about James Reed)) And the windows were closed, so some logs won't display
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