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  1. Name : Yesus Bid : 6,500 - BUYOUT Contact Information : 805889 C/S
  2. Esteban Barrueco was born almost at the borders of the U.S. within the mexican gulf - Reason that made him speak so fluently english. Esteban didn't have an happy and regular childhood, instead his father whom had an unhappy marriage was involved in drug-substances comsumption, and alchohol comsumption. Esteban Father wasn't mentally sane : He would slap Esteban whenever he would like to, but his mother didn't know all of this. One day when E's Father was committing another physical abuse on him, the mother entered the room, witnessing E' with horrible bruises on the face. The mother eventually took E' in his custody renting an apartment far away from the father house. One day unfortunately the mother got a call: It was the father, Esteban could hear the voice of his father screaming and insulting his mother. The mother so scared, took the best flight for a far far american state, where she grew him up without the abuse of the father. - - - - - LOS SANTOS - - - - - - - Esteban grew up, but was heavily influenced by gangs Hip-Hop and stereotypical gangster stuff in LS. one day at Idlewood an unknown individual came near him and asked him if he would do some "GangsterShit" Esteban without hesitation had already accepted it, he got welcomed in what now he calls "HOOD", He got introduced to his first gun, car theft and robbery.
  3. Wanna tell you what happened this night? When i got arrested? *Esteban Barrueco says* - "Sure." So i went to Stacks, clearly high and this nigga called police for me being high! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another RP Scenario where the duo starts vandalizing the car of an unknown person in their territory - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. This stuff looks so patriotic, the classic military man in Iraq, good job though!
  5. Now i can tell my friends i know to do skins when really, i don't even know how to photoshop.
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