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  1. LSIA - Job Application SECTION I - Personal Information First Name: Francis Middle Name (if applicable): N/A Last Name: Demirioe Date of Birth: January 31st, 1988 Home Address: 116 E. Main Street, Palomino Phone Number: 726575 E-Mail Address: [email protected] Are you a citizen of the United States of America? [X] YES; [ ] NO If not, are you legally allowed to work in the United States? [X] YES; [ ] NO Have you ever been a witness in a crime or been arrested for a felony? [ ] YES; [X] NO If so, please elaborate on the misdemeanors or felonies committed: ( N/A ) SECTION II - Occupation and Education Which job would you like to apply (Crew Member/Flight Instructor/Security Officer): Crew Member Do you have any past work experience? [X] YES; [ ] NO If so, state them here: Quick reaction, attention Please state all types of licenses that you possess (Driving license, weapon licenses, pilot licenses with their type ratings, etc.) : Driving license. Have you attended high school? [X] YES; [ ] NO If so, state your high school name: Montogomery high school. Have you attended College/University? [ ] YES; [X] NO If so, state their name(s): ( N/A ) SECTION III - Motivation (Minimum 80+ words) Please tell us a bit about yourself? i'm Freancis Demirioe i'm original russian, but i adopted by a american familly i born in Montogomery, i went to LS when i finish the high school i worked hard to buy a house in Palomino, i have some experience i got it from the streets because i meet alot of peoples so they taught me. Please explain in your own words why would you like to join the LSIA? i like to join the LSIA beacuse i saw it a good agency to join it and work on it, and because i love the airplants and these things. Do you possess any other certifications that it may help you joining the department? ( N/A ) Me, Freancis Demirioe, agree to always abide by the current laws and instructions, as given by authorities and FAA. I understand that my contract may get terminated if found needed by the Administration of the Los Santos International Airport. I understand and agree to that FAA may access my background information from instances such as the police and medical institutions. I confirm that all information in my application is correct and that providing false or misleading information is punishable by law and by signing below I accept the Los Santos International Airport Terms and conditions ((found here)). (( SECTION IV - OOC SECTION )) In-game username: Abodu58 Admin History (temp link from owlgaming.net): https://owlgaming.net/mta/history/eyJ1c2VyX2lkIjoxMjk0Mjh9:1gNxHo:dKEI0F8weDsc1g12jqmNims9tkY/ Hoursplayed (in account): 27
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